Menifee Election Results - November 2010

Here are the results of the November 2, 2010 election results for Menifee City Council and the Ballot Measures. These are the totals as of ...

Here are the results of the November 2, 2010 election results for Menifee City Council and the Ballot Measures.

These are the totals as of November 3, 11:20am.

City Council Races...

City of Menifee - Member, City Council, Dist 2
6/6 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
THOMAS FUHRMAN 1,318 60.60%
SCOTT A. MANN 857 39.40%
Total 2,175 100.00%

City of Menifee - Member, City Council, Dist 4
10/10 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
CAROL ''RED'' SULLIVAN 1,001 26.64%
ANNE E. PICA 969 25.79%
JOHN DENVER 1,787 47.56%
Total 3,757 100.00%

With 100% of the precincts reporting for District 2 and District 4 races, Fuhrman easily defeated Mann, while Denver easily defeated Sullivan and Pica.

Note that both Mann and Denver were elected in 2008 under an "at-large" election system. While now in 2010, they had to run under a district election system.

In the case of Mann, he was the 4th highest vote getter in 2008. But here in 2010, having to run under a district system, he was easily defeated. And in the case of Denver, back in 2008 he was the 5th highest vote getter, but just barely won by a mere 45 votes over Dean Deines. Yet in 2010, Denver easily trounces his rivals under a district voting system.

So it goes to show what a profound difference results between At-Large and District elections.

Ballot Measures...

Y - Menifee Approp. Limit
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 10,697 70.93%
NO 4,385 29.07%
Total 15,082 100.00%

Z - Menifee Council Service
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 13,165 81.70%
NO 2,948 18.30%
Total 16,113 100.00%

AA - Menifee Council by District
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 11,697 73.81%
NO 4,151 26.19%
Total 15,848 100.00%

BB - Menifee Mayor's Term
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
FOUR (4) YEARS 7,137 43.88%
TWO (2) YEARS 9,129 56.12%
Total 16,266 100.00%

CC - Menifee Mayor's Salary
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
$8,000 YEAR 9,028 56.36%
$10,000 YEAR 6,991 43.64%
Total 16,019 100.00%

DD - Menifee At Large Election
74/74 100.00%
Vote Count Percent
YES 11,434 71.02%
NO 4,665 28.98%
Total 16,099 100.00%

NOTE: regarding Measures AA and DD, both are competing against each other. Whichever gets the highest vote total in favor of will trump the other. After 100% precincts reporting, Measure AA has defeated Measure DD by a vote of 11,697 to 11,434.


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  1. All the Votes cast for Both yes on AA & DD on the same Ballot should be thrown out it was Too Confusing!

  2. Over 40% of the voters voted for competing measures… This speaks volumes about the average voter we have.

  3. Just shows the sneaky council had up their sleeves, to go around getting around the "system without petition. You just don't get! Maybe you will listen to the people you are supposed to serve, not to be pro business. The Menifee Chamber is behind all of this. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

  4. Congratulations, Tom Fuhrman !!

  5. I am in agreement with Wayne. Nothing but "Political Shenanigans". Should we not require or expect more from our elected officials? It was not made clear to the citizens that a "yes" vote to AA means a "NO" vote to DD, and would cancel out the yes vote. I say let's redo the vote!

  6. Amen Niko !

  7. Hold On Anonymous ! I'm on the Board of Directors of The Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce we are a Non Profit supporting Small Business in our City and have Nothing to Gain by AA or DD ! We have 340 Members and Growing. A large amount of our Members are family run Businesses and Home Baised Businesses, We are looking for Ambassadors and volunteers ! Come get involved in your chamber.

  8. Why was the verbiage on Measures AA and DD so confusing? Just read the dang material and the newspapers every once in a while. Why must the "system" force-feed info to the American voter? How about some civic responsibility. Don't need a college degree to make sense of simple ballot initiatives. Where has our country gone?

  9. Who wants to be associated with the Chamber of Commerce whose roof organization, the US Chamber of Commerce, sees fit to align itself with the ACLU to sue the City of Hazelton in PA. Hazelto wanted, and still does, to rid itself of the illegal immigration pest that has invaded their town. I heard not a peep from anyone to condemn the US chamber's deplorable actions.

  10. Unfortunately,we are not told how much time the Mayor is paid for so as to be able to have a feel for an hourly/weekly/ monthly/yearly compensation. I voted for 10,000 because I feel that is little money for real work. But I don't know whether that is for part time or full time a.s.o. Where can I find all compensations for Mayor, council, and city employees?

  11. I am glad Mann is out but Denver still received money from land developers which means more homes built without any new roads first. We don't need these developers owning our city. We need to improve our roads now and the hell with more new homes being built, esp. since we already have so many empty ones because of foreclosures. Let's watch Denver and make sure he keeps OUR interest at hand, not his.

  12. Measure BB - 2 year term limit for the Mayor.

    A two year term limit will impact the Mayor elect from effectively moving the City forward because their focus will be redirected from their civic duties to run for re-election every 18-20 months in their term.

  13. I am so disheartened to see that Scott Mann was voted out. I have never seen a more disciplined, smart and conscientious council member. It is only due to his diligence that the spending discrepancies came to light months ago. Mann was a wonderful councilperson and a very organized, hardworking person. Menifee has lost a valued watchdog and a genuine, genuine asset. Thank you Scott for all you have done.



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