Living Spaces Furniture Grand Opening

Living Spaces Furniture, located on the corner of Antelope and Newport, east of the 215, will be opening their doors for the first time tomorrow, November 11th, Veterans Day.

Living Spaces has been a leader in their communities philathropically, recently furnishing 17 homes in Orange County for Habitat for Humanity. Many of those homes were for retired and active military.

They offer same day delivery, no interest financing, and contemporary furniture selection in this enormous location. For many Menifee residents, this should be good news, as we are a growing city and need all of shopping options we can get. Shopping locally means tax dollars stay local, and that benefits all of us.

Just in time to do some redecorating before the relatives come for a holiday visit, the opening of Living Spaces is a welcome sight.


  1. What Menifee really needed was a 24/hour fitness or an LA fitness. But...whatever!

  2. I agree. A furniture store, really?

  3. Or a movie theater... or a bowling alley... something to do besides eat and shop!

  4. Someone BESIDE me needs to write to the theatre companies and tell them what a great opportunity it would be to build across the street from the new shopping area on Haun/Newport :\

  5. It's not necessarily a great opportunity. Movie theater business is suffering right now due to competition from Netflix and Red Box.