Menifee Tea Party Tax Day Protest

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  1. More info on the rally at 1-877-382-4746. Looks like there will be some good speakers.

  2. Well, I can see I can eliminate this blog on my to read list. I certainly want nothing to do with people this ignorant about American history and How Things Work. Good luck!

  3. Are you going to be burning some crosses

  4. I look forward to attending. It is great to have a rally in Menifee and I hope there will be many more before elections in November. Let's throw everyone in office out and enact terms limits on the House and Senate.

  5. Come on people, lets get together and remember the good old days, when real Americans would own slaves, and where women knew their places, and when welfare was for the corporations, not for the poor. Let us go back to the time of lynching black people, when the rich dictated the rules of society, when the poor and middle class knew their place, and when employees had no rights. You know, the perfect tea party dream

  6. A march from a community center, down a city street, to a community park? Aren't these three things that tax dollars pay for?

  7. Thomas - I expect you to be carrying the largest anti-Obama sign of all. He provides welfare for the corporations, keeps promising more and more welfare programs out there to make slaves out of the needy and uneducated. Then let's not forget how he panders to the unions like no other before- you know the unions - those guys who take money from hard working Americans, and uses that money how THEY want to use it - not how the worker wants them to spend it. Yep - that's right - hope and change = tyranny and socialism

  8. "A march from a community center, down a city street, to a community park?"

    Classic! Most in attendance collect Social Security and Medicare too.

    And by the way, if you live in Menifee, you probably don't make tons of dough. After all's said and done, how much in taxes do you actually pay? Do you know? My guess is not very much.

  9. The free market is and always has been a myth. Obama gave the corporations money, Bush gave the corporations money. What is ironic is that the teabaggers use publicly funded resources everyday, yet still you complain about the government providing it. Schools, hospitals, fire, police, teachers, Marine Corp, Army, etc... are all examples of that horrible government funding that teabaggers hate. Tea baggers base their whole premise on illusions and myth. Work hard and you will succeed, all others will fall by the wayside, when in reality we know that for many the deck is stacked against them from the start. Yeah I know Obama is increasing government spending, but where were all of you teabaggers when your Bush was saddling the nation with a horrendous amount of debt over a war that he started. Where were you when Saint Reagan increased government spending by 3 times and raised taxes 6 seperate times in his term as President. Spare me the Socialist talk, because if you actually believe what we are seeing is socialism, then you need to refresh yoursel on the true meaning of Socialism. Communism has never existed so spare me the communism argument. When almost half of America is either uninsured or underinsured, that isn't a slight issue, that is an absolute travesty. Teabaggers can wrap themselves up in flags and preach about the founding fathers, the Constitution, and other things you truly don't understand, and I hope and support you expressing your 1st Amendment rights on the 15th. Besides, it gives the rest of the community an oportunity to see what teabaggers really are.

  10. "Classic! Most in attendance collect Social Security and Medicare too."

    I don't and by the time I do, the government will have probably printed enough money to make it worthless.

    You are right about one thing though, I don't make tons of dough. Having said that, nearly ALL taxes come out the pocket of some working stiff. You see, taxes trickle down too.

    However, none of this stuff is germane to the one fundamental question that we must each ask ourselves... Specifically, do I have enough courage to live as a free man or woman?

    It's an important question because every responsibility that we give to government means another sacrifice of the freedom to allocate our own resources in our individual pursuits of happiness.

    President Obama described our Constitution accurately when he said that the bill of rights is essentially a set of negative liberties that basically describes what government may not do to you. He further goes on to acknowledge that our constitution does not describe what government must do for for you.

    During the past century, government has gradually assumed an increasing role in assuming the responsibility in providing FOR it's citizens. It has wiggled, contorted, and twisted the constitution to get this accomplished. As are result we are less free than our fathers and we're in a nearly non-recoverable economic mess. And as government assumes more responsibility, we further enslave our children.

    The Tea Party is about putting a stop to this downward spiral. Its not about a particular issue. Its more about adhering to the constitutional processes that allow us to make amendments. Its about removing the influence of special interests. Its about having a means to pay for programs and initiates.

  11. "..but where were all of you teabaggers when your Bush was saddling the nation with a horrendous amount of debt.."

    You must have missed his approval ratings. They sunk.

    However, that's neither here nor there.

    This is indeed about the Constitution of the United State and the very unalienable rights defined therein.

    Also know that many of us have more than a passing knowledge of our history and our Constitution. Further, many of us have a solid foundation of knowledge with respect to Communism, Socialism and Progressivism. Clearly your own individual interpretation of the available facts is different than ours. That's find and well. However, please do not infer that we're ignorant because we take a different view through the prism.

    Finally, we're not "teabaggers". That is an offensive and derogatory label manufactured by left leaning media types. While many of us eschew political labels, almost all of us would prefer to be called something a tad more respectful.

  12. Why the hate? You don't even know me, yet you feel the need to use a vile word like teabagger to portray me and my opinions. Should I call you a scumbag for your opinions? I think we all have a right to our opinions and our freedom to express them.
    I don't mind paying taxes. You don't know how much I pay in taxes. What gives you the right to spew your opinions against me because I choose to stand up and speak for mine? Oh wait. Has that right been taken away as well?
    Tea party people do not believe in slavery, lynching or anything similar anymore than you do. That's just ridiculous. And any problems that were caused at any Tea Party functions have been caused by someone who came there to be disruptive.
    I know quite a bit of history having been a teacher and I read constantly. How can you just assume you know everything and have all the answers?
    I happen to believe that my country is being sold out to socialism. Socialism hasn't worked in any country in which it has been tried.
    Yes, on the 15th I will be standing with other Tea Party Patriots because I, unlike you, have not drunk the Kool-aid.

  13. Believe it or not, the Tea party participants are individuals who come for all kinds of reasons. Something they feel in their heart or in their gut is wrong, wrong in the country and wrong in the leadership.

    You could argue that they could have rallied against many of the Bush policies, or Clinton policies... they certainly see corruption in every nook and cranny of government, but you can't argue that they don't know their history or that they are racist or have some ulterior motive. Any tea party participant who was soft on the constitution before last February, isn't now.

    Society and roaring 20's prosperity lulled the country into a comfortable numb. The tea party participants know that as a generation, we abused the sacrifices and forgot the lessons our parents taught us. The generation that rose up from the ashes of the Great Depression and WWII would never be cavalier with their mortgage or their jobs or their savings. We knew that, we grew up with those values, and we forgot. The generation that rose up from the ashes of the Great Depression weren't saved by social security or the New Deal. They made it through by their own determination.

    That's what the tea party is about. It's not a revolution as much as it is a Rennasaince of sorts. A calling on Americans to remember what it means to be American and free and self reliant and proud.

  14. To Anonymous March 30, 2010 2:27 PM -
    You are wrong about the tea party and you are wrong about Obama. It's not our fault that SS or Medicare exists. Had you asked we would have had an alternative to take care of the tired and the poor.

    Obama is wrong in his misrepresentation of the Constitution. It was designed, quite on purpose, to be a negative -- to be more than just a suggestion or deterrent -- to prevent flawed humans in the name of government or the public good who are in power for a limited amount of time, to take advantage of that power.

    The authors of the constitution were familiar with the frailty of humans and so they designed the laws to protect individual citizens from those who would abuse their power, while they were in power. I think it was a brilliant document and I'm sorry that you have so little knowledge of it's intent and it's genious.

    But our founders also knew that we could blow it if we elected greedy and covetous people to office. Liars and the like are really irritating, but they are downright dangerous if you put them in charge of your money.

    I don't know if you know this, but our national debt is unsustainable. It's no longer possible to see the day when we are out of debt. And the really scary part is, we are in debt to people who don't like us. You see around you how much compassion there is for homeowners in trouble when there is no Mr. Bailey or even evil Mr. Potter... now there are only dozens of pieces of paper with promises from you to some share holder in Stockholm. I don't care who'd responsible for this mess. I blame myself for not caring enough to pay attention as it was happening and I blame our elected officials for not warning us.

    You may not see a reason to join now, but don't let it be about race or party or anything like that. This is about the future direction of our country, perhaps it's very existence. Can you read this number... 12,673,574,666,987, do you know that's 41K per citizen? How will you pay that back if you don't stop spending first?

  15. "And by the way, if you live in Menifee, you probably don't make tons of dough. After all's said and done, how much in taxes do you actually pay? Do you know? My guess is not very much."

    No I personally don't make a ton of money, but that is because that is how I have chosen to take my personal income from my business - on the other side of the coin - I employ 3 other people FULL TIME (they make more than I do - and they pay taxes as well) and my company pays more than I care to think about - so not only do I offer a service, but I offer employment and, especially in the state of California, I pay an exorberant amount of corporate taxes - so once again, your assumptions have lost out to facts.... and on that note -
    I am too young to collect social security or medi care and I do not plan to use it in the future because I don't believe in taking it and I know it won't be there when it is my turn to collect. My son broke his leg a week and half ago. Because I carry only catastrophic insurance on our family of 8, I am a self pay for samll health care costs such as this (if you can call $2,500 a small cost, which, BTW, the new reform bill does NOTHING to reduce the cost of healthcare- just the qaulity of it). The hospital asked me how much we made last year - I told them and they told me we qualified for Medi-cal. I told them I did not want the medi-cal - that I would pay the whole bill within a few months. They argued and argued until I finally won and went home with a great big green cast on his leg and a payment plan. So don't tell me that I take advantage of "government programs". FDR ruined this Country with his ideology and programs. I am happy to pay into Social Security now -as I look at it is giving MY parents the money that they are owed by this government endorsed ponzi scheme, but I absolutely do not want my children to pay into it - I have made other arrangements for myself - how dare the government think that they can manage my money better than I can. What a farce. They should all sit in jail next to Bernie Madoff if they support this racket.

  16. Yeah FDR ruined the nation, yeah sure, and Reagan was a Hero, Clinton was moral and Bush was a "wartime" president.

    You miss the main point, if you cannot afford insurance for 8 then it is one of two things, the system is broken and needs to be fixed, and /or you contribute to our nations problems because you had more kids than you can afford. Health insurance is not a luxory, nor should it be.

    As for the "teabaggers", the name fits you guys perfectly. It wasn't the liberal left that coined the term it was the teabaggers themselves along with Farce news. The only issue was that most of you were too ignorant to actually know what the connotation of the word meant. Don't blame the left blame yourselves for your ignorance. Just as all Liberals are Socialists, all teabaggers are well... teabaggers. Deal with it. By the way the Boston Tea Party dealt with taxation without representation. You may not like your Reps, but you have representation

    In a year or two, when the old and the young start to feel the effects of healthcare reform, and the attitude about it changes, then what will you harp on? Who will you blame for the countries ills?

    12,673,574,666,987 is a lot of money, and it incrued over the last 70 years, with the biggest jumps in the deficit being during Republican presidents. So spare me the we are doing what we feel is right garbage. You don't like having a Democrat with Left leaning beliefs, just as Democrats hate Bush for his neoconservative beliefs. The country is not going to hell in a handbasket. Your party lost, you can recover and rebuild or you can spread lies and bs and be seen as the "fringe". It is tyranny. Obama and the Dems won, because the people wanted it. You can agree or disagree, but that is liberty. That is the way freedom works. You won't always like what is happening, but it isn't tyranny.

  17. To March 31, 2010 8:16 AM:

    "Obama and the Dems won".

    When do the people win?

  18. Far-called, our navies melt away;
    On dune and headland sinks the fire:
    Lo, all our pomp of yesterday
    Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!

    --Rudyard Kipling

  19. The People won the day Bush and the Repubs left office.

  20. Quote from Anonymous 3-31 8:16AM "By the way the Boston Tea Party dealt with taxation without representation. You may not like your Reps, but you have representation "

    The representatives have increasingly represented money... not the people.

    Another Quote from Anonymous 3-31 8:16AM "As for the "teabaggers", the name fits you guys perfectly."

    I am always amazed when the representatives of the leftist choir for civility play in the gutter. Nice.

    Yet another quote from Anonymous 3-31 8:16AM "Don't blame the left blame yourselves for your ignorance."

    Try to use proper punctuation. It'll make your inferences about being smarter than the rest of us a little more credible.

    Oh yeah... interest on money does not "incrue", it accrues. That might be a another detail that you may wish to pay attention to if you wish to have your claims of a superior intellect taken seriously.

    In fact, if I were you, I would rework your last paragraph in its entirety. Calling it a "word salad" is an insult to vegetables.

  21. To AskMeike -

    You may wish to reread my post. Obama is quite correct when he says that the bill of rights is a set of negative liberties.

    Further, he is spot on when he says that the constitution does not describe what the government must do for you.

    My making note of these facts is by no means an endorsement of the President's position when he calls the constitution flawed. Rather it is to make what I believe is a rather substantial point. Specifically, that even the head cheerleader for government reform recognizes the he does not have constitutional authority to enact those reforms.

    Finally, with respect to your point about my being wrong about the Tea Party...

    I think I'm on spot on there as well. The tea party is not a single issue movement. Rather its a movement about fiscal responsibility and about limiting government interference and activity to the boundaries defined by our constitution.

    Finally, I might add that your numbers on the national debt are very generous as they do not include our unfunded Social Security and Medicare liabilities. Were those be included, each and every American would owe well in excess of $100,000.00.

  22. The Dems are the people. The GOP is big business.

  23. Anonymous March 31, 2010 1:58 PM - I understood exactly what you said about the constitution and what you and Obama mean by it. He calls the constitution flawed because it lists more 'Do not and shall not, then DO. That sir, is the sheer genius of the constitution.

    It isn't just words on a piece of paper, it is what gave people courage and a desire to immigrate here.

    "It will not be denied that power is of an encroaching nature and that it ought to be effectually restrained from passing the limits assigned to it." - James Madison

    When that 'power' forms an alliance with money then corruption and greed take over men's souls. I could stay passive if a man were just stupid or misdirected or even wrong on policies, but when we have the WH making 'deals' with congress on how make stuff happen, then we have a different kind of drunk in power and scores of minions ready to take the bait. That's a bad combination. Add that to flawed human nature and the nature of power and there's no limit to the encrouchment.

    You may be fine with the debt, I'm not. I would be the first to sign away any rights to public help for myself if it could get my kids off the hook. They're just starting out and it's too much. I had a good run, and I wasn't vigilant enough or courageous enough to step up earlier. But I'll step up now.

    We didn't get rid of slavery, it's in the hearts of men. We've just switched focus. If you are able bodied and employed and earning under $100K, then you've just been plugged into the machine and it will suck the spirit right out you. You are now indebted beyond your ability to pay. Don't think it's an unsecured loan.

    If we want the spending to stop so we can stop and figure out how to pay down that debt then you have to stop the people in power. The more go on welfare and unemployment, homeless and dependent on the state, the harder it will be to go through withdrawl.

  24. AskMeike,

    You're arguing with me about the constitution when it is clear that I agree with you.

    In fact, Obama's interpretation is the same as yours. What I am pointing out to you (with no success), is that his OPINION of the constitution is that it is flawed, while your opinion (and mine) is that it is not.

    Finally, I have not said, nor have I inferred, that the national debt is fine with me. In fact, what I pointed out to you, is that the national debt is much worse than it appears when you account for unfunded liabilities.


  25. The people win, by having violent prisoners released from jail early to victimize us? Thank you for that.

  26. To Anonymous @1:44p 3/31/10

    Now I don't usually defend others on this blog, but I must admit that while the previous poster did not adhere to grammatical perfection, you did not represent yourself in an overtly logical, nor intelligent fashion either. You criticize grammar, yet you do not actually deal with the facts that were given.

    The debt has been enormous for years, with Reagan being responsible for the single largest expansion of debt in history. Where were all of the "patriots" then?

    When Bush was adding to the debt with a pointless war in Iraq, where were the teabaggers?

    The debt increased by approx. 3.4% last year. By comparison the amount of corporate welfare, assistance, etc... amounted to approx. 3.4% of government spending.

    Most teabaggers are over 50, registered Republicans, and are either getting Medicare and or Social Security. In other words, you want the government to assist "YOU", not "THEM"

    As stated at least once previously, the term "teabagger" was coined not by the left, but by teabaggers themselves, along with the honest journalists at Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc... It isn't crude to refer to teabaggers as thus, just ironic. Nothing more.

    Before you attack people on grammar and spelling, you may want to review your comments and deal with the issues at hand. By insulting, rather than analyzing you denegrate your own argument. The poster never once, alluded or infered that he/she was more intelligent than you were. It seems to be more an issue with your paranoia, than with the posters "elitism".

    One more thing for everyone to possibly debate: The intention of our forefathers was to have the Constitution amended/updated every 4-8 years. Should we still be looking at the Constitution as a "solid" document, or should we adapt it to our times, like the forefathers intended us to?

  27. Response to Jacob,

    The poster's elitism was on display. Again I will quote him. He said, "Don't blame the left blame yourselves for your ignorance." Indeed, a thoughtful read of his/her post does show that he was condescending and derisive. I have no use for that. Nor do I have any use for the red necked racist inferences posted elsewhere in this thread.

    For that reason my response to the poster was not intended to be a constructive discussion or debate. That particular poster forfeited an expectation of civility when he purposefully poisoned the well.

    About the word 'teabagger': Who came up with it first is not important. What is important the people that the term is directed towards find it offensive. Requests to stop have been and continued to be ignored by nearly everyone on the left. This particular refusal by the left to engage us courteously make any request for civility a joke.

    Enough of me ranting about personal pet peeves. I will address the more substantive parts of your post in another message.

  28. Boo hoo,

    you teabaggers have the nerve to call the left communists, socialists, etc... then you want to complain about being called a teabagger? Hilarious.

    As for the previous poster being "elitist", that is garbage. Read the post. If you feel talked down to, you are sensitive.

  29. Response to Jacob -

    THE DEBT -

    You're right about the out of control spending. You are equally correct when you point out that we were relatively silent when previous Presidents contributed to this fiasco. We were asleep. It's truly been a team effort.

    However, sniveling about the past won't get us any closer to correcting the problem we have right now. Pressing the current President and Congress might. If it doesn't we're free to elect another one.

  30. Response to Boo Hoo -

    Well, SOME on the left are socialists and communists. That's a demonstrable fact. We have their words and it is reasonable to label them as such.

    Indeed, while many on the left ARE NOT socialists or communists, many do in fact support programs and policies that are more consistent with the tenets of socialism and communism than they are with the constitutional government established by the founders. It is therefore reasonable to label those ideas appropriately as well.

    That said, there are half decent people who think that Communism and/or socialism are good approaches. In other words, the communist and socialist labels are not disrespectful slurs. They simply reflect the observer's perceptions.

    Having said that, I do concede that the socialist and communist labels have been misapplied in the recent public debate. I personally try not to do that.

    However, unlike communism and socialism, the term "teabagger" is a disrespectful. It is because everyone who uses it is fully aware of its offensive meaning and are also aware that the targets of this label take sincere offense.

    The civil discourse that the left is calling for demands that such intentionally offensive labels be discarded. Civil discourse also demands that hyped up charges of racism and redneck ignorance also find their way to the trash heap.

    Nah.. the calls for civil discourse by the left are hypocritical political ploys designed to neutralize the most powerful civil movement in recent history. Just recently, leaders like Rangel and Waters hit the airwaves with charges of racism.

  31. It's amazing to me how quickly people are willing to allow this administration to essentially eradicate their rights! Also, it's quite interesting that leftists automatically assume all people who live Menifee are poor. I live in Menifee and make a pretty decent living, paying quite a bit in taxes. Regardless of income, it is nice to see such hard working individuals, from all walks of life, come together for this important purpose. Thank you Tea Partiers! True patriots.

  32. To the person above who replied to Shellie, I think it is very obvious that you missed the point of that coversation. For you to accuse her of having too many kids is wrong. The point is, YOU sir, are not paying for her kids. Instead of taking the easy way out and applying for Medi-Cal, she instead chose to pay out-of-pocket for her child's medical. Is that not a freedom which an individual or family should have? She didn't feel the entitlement that so many Americans feel (that the government, and by extension, other Americans, should pay for her family). Why should she be mandated to have a certain type of health insurance? Oh, by the way, did she ever say she couldn't afford insurance for her family? I must have missed that part.

  33. And some on the right are fascists and hatemongers. Not all, of course, but unfortunately for conservatives many of those who speak publicly are. Listen people, there is nothing socialist going on in America. Yes you have you fringe, but they are on both ends of the political spectrum.

    Yes, teabagger is crude, but it is well deserved. Don't expect civility when teabaggers have used racists, hate-filled rhetoric over the last year and a half. The term is well desreved and if it bothers you, tough. If taking care of all members of society, rich and poor annoys you, I am sorry. If you want to adhere to a fictionalized concept of capitalism, feel free. Teabaggers are not patriots. They are citizens, no more no less. The teabaggers have created a hostile environment that many extremists on the left are now reacting too. If you play with fire, and you taunt people, and call them nazi's, communists, etc... you are going to complain about being called a teabagger? Every conservative seems to think they have a cakewalk in the run up to November. It could not be farther from the truth. Yes there will be change; yes democrats will take a hit, but republicans may take an even bigger hit. There is anger at democrats and all incumbents, put polls show NO increase in support for republicans. The country's view of republicans is worse now than it was when Obama was elected. Teabaggers are a reactionary group, reflective of the continuing gap between haves and havenots, white and minority, rich and poor. In the long run, there is no doubt that the teabaggers will be a larger detriment to this nation, let alone the republican party, and in the future will be looked at with the same disdain that other fringe groups are seen with.

  34. No one is going to have health care mandated to them. It is a figure of the teabaggers imagination. If you have 8 kids, you have too many, whether you can afford them or not, but I forgot teabaggers don't care about anything other than themselves.

    Yes, you should pay for the healthcare provided to those who need it. What makes this country strong is not the ability to make millions while others suffer. What makes America great is the fact that real Americans care about all Americans. Real patriots care about all of their fellow countrymen and women. By the nature of the teabagger movement, it isn't patriotic, nor is it a reflection of "real " Americans. They are idealogues who have a distinct view of what an American looks like, and the changing parameters of this nation are too much for you to bear.

  35. "What makes America great is the fact that real Americans care about all Americans."

    If this is true, couldn't non-profits or charities provide health care to those who can't afford?

  36. "if you have 8 kids, you have too many" what are we China?


    You claim that no one will have health care mandated to them. You are partially correct. Indeed, no one will be required to see a doctor. You can die in the street if you so choose.

    You will however be forced to purchase health insurance. I invite you to get familiar with our new law.

    - All people will be required to purchase health insurance or they will be subject to a fine. In other words, a person will no longer have the choice to forgo the purchase of expensive health insurance in order to pay for their kid's college. The decision will already be made for you. You will be required to purchase health insurance. You will have a reduced ability to use your property in a manner that is consistent with your personal priorities and values. No matter how noble the intent, that sir represents a loss of freedom.

    - The health insurance purchased will need to meet a set of minimum standards. In other words, you will be forced to purchase coverages that have no practical value.

    These sir is not a figments of my imagination. These are demonstrable facts.

  38. well - by the standards of the last two posters - we can see what a socialistic/communistic world they would LOVE to live in. Mandating how many kids I can have (Communist China) and those who HAVE must pay for those who DON'T (Socialism/Communism)- Back in college I was a looney liberal and I thought socialism was wonderful (until I actually had to work for my money and support myself)even then, I didn't want to change America - I wanted to live in England - but working there and living part time solved that REALLY quick - it was oppressive to the entreprenurial spirit. So suffice to say - you don't like it here - if we are such a bad Country - why don't you leave and go to a country where these socialistic and communistic ideals are working out so you can feel good about supporting someone else - or others can take care of you - ooops, that's right - there is no place because IT DOESN'T WORK. And since those of you that support this health care takeover like bumperstickers and platitudes so well - here's one for you: Why socialism doesn't work: Pretty soon you run out of others people money"



    In two short paragraphs you made the case for the Tea Party protests. Highly paid political commentators and pundits have not been able to do what you just did in showing how utterly bankrupt the ideology of the far left is.

    Eight kids is too many? We should be *required* to be charitable? Unbelievable. We taxpayers need to get a refund on your education. We got robbed. You managed to get through school while remaining clueless about liberty.

    And YOU rant about tea party protesters being ideologues?

  40. Oh - BTW - I said I hd a family of 8 - not 8 children - I know that the whole being married BEFORE I had my kids and still being married might have thrown your liberal mindset - you need to pay attention. So far everything that you have tried to retort, in your haste to make a point - you haven't paid attention to what was said - you've just spewed ridiculous statements - but then does this really shock any of us?


    To begin with, those fanciful lies that you've heard about fascism being an extreme component of the right, were just that: lies. At cursory review of fascist regimes in recent world history amply proves that fascism is socialism run amok.

    Secondly, it's nice to see you recognize that "teabagger" is a crude label. However it is disconcerting to see you justify your own lack of respect and incivility with a bile filled screed.

    Finally, I would be very interested if you're able to do what no other politician, pundit or media person has been able to do. I would be interested to see if you can show me any of those racist remarks on tape.

    Can you? Brietbart will pay you a hundred grand if you can.

  42. It is great to see the paranoid right reveal themselves. Riverside county seems to attract those with a twisted sense of morality. What is amazing is that many here on these posts are walking, talking spokeholes for the fox news/Brietbart psychotic right. Brietbart will never have to give out any money, because the only people who listen to him or pay attention to his sites are the same psychotic righties that were spewing the racist filth in the first place. If you were not paying attention and you did not see the numerous videos, audio recordings, etc... of the teabaggers mouthing off and spewing hate then you are as blind as you are ignorant. When you teabaggers have the courage to protest in the inner city, the low income areas, where people have truly struggled for years, regardless of race, color, etc... then come back and talk about the courage and patriotism you have. When you have to look those that suffer in the face and you can spout your idiocy with a clean conscience then you can talk. Until then you are the spoiled white, upper middle class, elitists that you are. Most teabaggers are babyboomers, have social security, have health insurance, many through Medicare and are absolute hypocrites.

    Many of the posters on this blog are the reason that most Americans look at teabaggers for what they are. Fringe extremists no different than the leftist extremists of the sixties, except with a false sense of moral superiority. Have a family of 8. Grandmas, grandpas, adopted children, I really don't care. I don't know you, but I couldn't sleep at night if I thought that any of the 8 of you were dying because you lacked health insurance, that many here seem to think is a privledge. 1200 for a broken limb is cheap. You were lucky. A neighbor had to have emergency surgery to have a tumor removed from his brain. The tumor had been lying dormant for years. His doctors told him it could have been hiding for the last twenty years. His insurance company promptly dropped him, due to the tumor being a "pre-existing condition". My family and all who knew him gave what we could afford, but the cost was immense, pushing past 100 grand. They lost their home, their jobs and their lives. And for what? So the insurance company could pull a bigger profit? If you truly believe that health care is a privilege and not the right of every american citizen than you are not moral, and you border on inhuman. Someone stated that we are being forced to buy insurance under the new plan. No, what we will get is the equivalent of a tax ride off for on certain amount of our health care every year. If you choose not to buy health insurance, then you will not give the tax credit. Why? Because in the end, if you fall to a catastrophic medical condition and you lack insurance, the tax payer ends up paying the bill anyway. In a socialist nation the government would have taken control of the insurance industry and created one government run agency. That is not what happened. Insurance companies can compete and will make profits, but they will no longer be able to make the profits off of the lives of those who need them the most. The bill isn't perfect, but it is a step into the right direction. Teabaggers don't like reality. They live in an imaginary world where they are the majority, the poor are all lazy, minority, etc... and that large business/corporations can be trusted. They also live in a world of misaligned interpretation of the Constitution, patriotism, and what America should be.
    Teabaggers have a twisted view of morals and what is right and I have no hesitation in saying that those who call themselves teabaggers/tea partiers or whatever moniker you prefer, truly lack the moral integrity that Americans take pride in. There isn't one of you, conservative or liberal, that I would want to see suffer, because you couldn't afford to seek the best medical care that this country has to offer. After all, how moral would I be if I accepted that.

  43. Wait. Aren't you liberals supposed to be tolerant and well, liberal. You're the only ones name calling and whining. It's kind of like grade school. You guys sure are cranky. Who messed in your rice crispies?

  44. To Anonymous April 02, 2010 9:23 P.M.

    Check out the new tax laws under the new health care plan. You will only be able to deduct that amount which exceeds 10% of your total income. That is up from 7.5% for this past 2009 tax year. So your "tax ride off" statement, and I think you meant to say tax right off, is incorrect.

    Your assumptions about who we are is totally off base but that is not a surprise. Most people do what you did. They make assumptions without investigating both sides to try and determine the facts. Talking and debateing politics is like arguing about religion. Most people, not all, have their minds made up and you are not going to change them. That does not mean we should give up. There is always hope that some will wake up before it is too late.

    You are right, you will see who we are in November. We are the silent majority who worked all ours lives to make the world a better place for our children. We fought in wars around the world to defend our country and to prevent wars on our own soil. We are private business owners, teachers, police officers, firefighters, blue collar, white collar, rich, middle class, and yes even the poor. We are self motivators and problem solvers and we don't feel we are owed or entitled. We have a vision about how our country should be governed. We do not want to be governed by those who feel they know what is best for us or because they have a once in a life time chance to enact everything on their wish list. We are people who never protested anything before and find it strange to do so now, but we do it because we fear for our country. We want others to know they are not alone and we do not care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, white, black, brown or pink. If you think the country is going in the wrong direction come join us April 15th.


  45. Correction on the last post. It should be "write off" not right off. Hey it is late, what can I say!


  46. Reply to Anon 4-2-20 9:23P

    You said, "Teabaggers have a twisted view of morals"

    THIS from a person who had the audacity to tell a woman that she shouldn't have eight kids?

    You might as well quit while you're ahead. You already lost this debate when you broadcast your morally bankrupt opinions to the world.

  47. Let the teabaggers march. The teabagging movement is the single greatest motivation that the democratic voters have had to actually get out and vote in November. Teabaggers claim to be a silent majority, but they are not. They are an enthusiastic minority made up of middle-aged people who harken for the days of their youth. As long as the teabaggers stay civil and keep the racist signs and effigies of hanging black individuals away let them go. Let them blow off some steam. If you think their angina is kicking up now, wait until their hopes of a big win in November are crushed, they may not survive. The biggest factor in every election since Clinton is the so-called youth vote, ages 18-30. They are the true silent majority. When they vote, they usually determine the winner(s). Voters 18-25 are predominately against the teabagger agenda, and while the democrats will lose seats, the crushing victory that all of the teabaggers predict will not come.
    Let the teabaggers have their time in the sun. They do not need the left, commies, minorities, young people, or anyone else making fools of them. They do a pretty good job of it themselves. Republican and Democrat, spend Sunday with family and friends, put politics off to the side and have a Happy Easter.

  48. Get a JOB and pay for your own Health Insurance!

  49. It's funny to watch the fear and loathing of the Liberal Left for honest Americans who love their country. Believe it or not, Bush and Obama have more in common than you can imagine. In my opinion, 'Teabagger' should be an honorific. Such people understand that the America we read about in our history books is in serious jeopardy thanks to the manufactured left/right dichotomy the press has foisted on us.

  50. How funny, the right love their country, the left are the enemy. Typical ideological garbage. Many on the right want to turn the clocks back to an imaginary "free" past and those on the left acknowledge the weaknesses of our great nation yet are too timid to lay the truth out their and step on some ideological toes, right or left. Bush and Obama are politicians, and have alot in common, but Bush was a bad president not because of a political slant on my part(I voted for him in 2000), but because of the lack of leadership and insight when we needed it most. When things were positive, Bush would smile and act like he knew what he was doing, when times were bad, well he would just ignore it and hope things got better. Obama has delusions of grandeur, but at least he is attempting to move are nation forward, whether you like it or not. People believe Obama will fail, not because they have proof, but because his ideology is not theirs. Only time will tell. Let the teabaggers march on the 15th, but spare me the "real honest Americans" garbage. You are no more a patriot or less a patriot than those on the left.

  51. The Just In Time Skydivers will be dropping in on the Tea Party according to an ad in Sunday's Press Enterprise.


    The above link shows what it is all about.

  53. 7 Lessons for Teabaggers Part 1:

    1. President Obama Cut Your Taxes
    As in April 2009, the Tea Baggers continue to display their fundamental misunderstanding of U.S. history and the American Revolution. Apparently, the right-wing zealots are outraged by no taxation with representation.
    As promised, Barack Obama in the stimulus package delivered on his pledge of tax relief for 95% of American households. Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) didn't only jump start gross domestic product and refill empty state coffers in the second quarter of 2009. As Nate Silver thoroughly documented, "Obama has cut taxes for 98.6% of working households."
    Nevertheless, raging Tea Baggers spouting Republican Tax Day lies took to the streets not to thank the President, but to blame him for the tax cuts they received

  54. I'm ending comments on this thread. No one is saying anything new, just a bunch of right-versus-left squabbling, and the left trying to engage in race-baiting.