Yard Sale Dos and Don'ts

Well Menifee, another weekend is upon us. And we are all bound to see those Yard Sale signs in our neighborhoods. Being an avid "Yard S...

Well Menifee, another weekend is upon us. And we are all bound to see those Yard Sale signs in our neighborhoods. Being an avid "Yard Saler", I wanted to share a few dos and don'ts about yard saling with you.

  1. Post signs with LARGE arrows, date and words, "Yard Sale". That is all that is needed. Please remove all signs when sale is over.
  2. Price your items, if possible. This cuts down on questions, or missed opportunities. Many customers hate to ask for a price.
  3. Have your Yard Sale on a Saturday, or Saturday/Sunday. Friday sales cut down on customers, because so many people work. When customers see that Saturday is your second day, they tend to avoid the sale, with the thinking, "All of the good stuff is gone."
  4. Be friendly, but not overwhelming. No one likes a pushy salesman.
  5. Have plenty of change.

As a customer, here are some tips too. . .

  1. Don't offer the Yard Sale Host 10 cents for a $10 item. It is highly insulting. Bartering is fine, but in reality, offering less than 75% is just plain rude.
  2. Do not let your children run rampant at the yard sale. So many children break items, and then the parent just walks away. This is not a playground, these are someone'e items out of someone's home. Be respectful.
  3. Carry plenty of change with you. This is something that can be used as a bartering tool down the road.
  4. Don't litter the neighborhood. The neighbors hate this!
  5. Park properly, and drive safely. Often there are many children at yard sales, and no one wants a child to get hurt.
  6. Speak in the language of the person hosting the yard sale. Be that English or Spanish, don't expect to come to someone else's home and speak your language. Remember, you are on their property.
  7. Be polite and courteous. It will get you Brownie Points with the Yard Sale Host.

Just my two cents worth. Happy Yard Saling!!!


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  1. Hi Tina! Glad to see you blogging again. I picked up a copy of your book and found it inspiring.
    Don't visit too many yard sales these days, but will keep your thoughts in mind :)
    You should do a blog on the Menifee elite, or should I say sociopaths, that still don't comprehend the hands free cell phone law. Driving around here talking and texting like they own the place. Comical!!

  2. Can I add a couple more?
    sellers; please be honest about the condition of an item. don't sell broken items as working and rob the customer.
    buyers; don't shoplift from a yardsale. really, how cheap some people can be. I've had more people try to hide extra items and steal them or try to steal them. Just buy it or live without it. have some honor.

  3. thank you. That was helpful.