Menifee Wildcats Win the Purestats Sports Group Tournament

Doug Otterson of the Menifee Wildcats Baseball Club reports that the team won the Purestats Sports Group baseball tournament last Sunday, June 14.

They are in the 11 and under division.

Menifee Wildcats baseball
Congrats to Brett Virgil, Andy Otterson, Ryan Hudkins, Trevor Forster, Nate Raia, Joey Lively, Noah Rosa, Connor Gillette, Brandon Castaneda, Andrew Ramos, Mario Arroyo.

Mario Arroyo was the team MVP with 3 base hits, 2 doubles and a home run. Mario's batting average for the tournament was .750.


  1. "I am the squirrel, coo coo ca choo!!!" - Orna-Mental Cat Fish Cloth.

  2. GO GANGREEN!!!!

  3. Hey, way to add something supportive and/or informative to the conversation guys ;)

    Congrats kids, I saw on the tournament site you went undefeated. Is there a homepage for this team so we can some updated info? I like to watch some of the local travel teams when I can, good competitive baseball!

  4. "Cats of the wild, dear sporting elves, many avenues of thanks to your good efforts in a diamond that does not shine. However, the resting of laurels is one effort to avoid, continue forth with continued presence and carry a big stick. The effervescence of youth is short lived, know now that old age shall cover your frame, even if the shining light in your soul is fierce and bright as ever. Trudge forth with joy!"

    - Orna-Mental Catfish Cloth

  5. Awesome job team!!!!

    Dave F.

  6. Great group of boys, proud of you!!! KEEP IT UP!!! GO GANGREEN!!!