Free Christian Rock Concert Tonight in Menifee

Well, it's more than just "rock", also ska, rap, metal, etc., all with a Christian theme...

hills youth center menifee


  1. Taken from G.W.P.'s My Space page:

    God Will Punish's members are all Christians, simply wanting to show the truth that has changed their lives. They are hoping to prove that true Christianity doesn't consist of the negative stereotypes of the “money-hungry” Tele-evangelists or a condemning fool, but to show love and to educate people of a lord and savior who loves them and how to seek a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. They will never discriminate due to differing opinions.

    So they named their group GOD WILL PUNISH!?!

  2. Matt is a good guy and the band is good as well, I have known them for years. Check them out, they ROCK!