Menifee Tea Party - Tax Revolt

Tea Parties are taking place all over the USA this April 15th as a show of revolt against the massive spending the federal government has em...

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tea party tax revoltTea Parties are taking place all over the USA this April 15th as a show of revolt against the massive spending the federal government has embarked on.

Menifee is having one too.

It's being organized through Facebook, so if you have a Facebook account, you can sign up for it here...

Jackie Stuart, who's organizing this thing, will be watching this Facebook group to see how many people join in on it. If there's less than 200 people by April 15th, she'll move it to Temecula and join with them.

The Tea Party will be a bunch of people standing along Newport Rd, between Evans Rd and Bradley Rd, holding signs. She's asking people to make signs that read any of the following, "Signs should display sayings like: Give Me Liberty, Not debt! Don’t Tax Me Bro! Don’t Stimulate, Liberate! Read My Lipstick-No New Bailouts!"

I'd like to see a sign that says, "Give me some too!"

Personally, I think it's a good idea to have a tax revolt. You can't be a free man if you're deeper in debt to Uncle Sam. But it's nothing new; the Libertarian Party have been holding nationwide tax revolts on April 15 every year since the 1970s. What's taken conservatives so long to get with the program?


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  1. Good greif, we should have had a revolt when Geo took us into a unnessecary war where we lost 4000+ American lives. You guys had the last eight years to do things your way and look what happened. Your out!

  2. You are absolutely correct! I am all for the tax revolt but lets revolt against sending more troops to Afghanistan...enough is enough...American lives and billions of US dollar gone. Tea party and Tax revolt... come on people.. wake up.

  3. How ironic... a tax revolt lining city streets... built with taxpayer money.

  4. Yeah, and how many of those protestors will put their money where their mouth is and not pay their taxes this year?

  5. I agree with the points posted by the blogger on 4/4/09 at 11:13 a.m. Remember, Democratic President Clinton left office with a budget surplus and Republican George Bush with the assistance of the Republican controlled U.S. Congress created an economic mess over eight years that President Obama and the Democratic Congress are trying to correct. Thus far, after nearly 2.5 months of the Obama Presidency, the stock market has made its biggest gains since 1933. Are the protesters going to rail against the strengthening economy after eight years of Republican control?

  6. What country do you live in? Our economy is the worst it's been in years. Our job loss is the worst it's been in years. Our taxes are the highest it's been in years and our freedom is being taken away bit by bit forcing us closer and closer to socialism. Obama and his congress needs to re-read the constitution.

  7. Your freedom is being taken away as we get closer to socialism? How about when our freedom was taken away with the hilariously named Patriot Act?

  8. To the bloggers on 4/4/09 at 10:52 p.m. and 4/5/09 at 12:28 a.m., have you read the news over the past two weeks? Surely, you know that President Clinton left office with a budget surplus and President Bush left office with a record budget deficit. Of course, there are still job losses as a result of the Bush Administration mishandling of the economy. However, the stock market has made the biggest increases since 1933. This fact was stated in the press only a couple of days ago.

    For both of you, please read instead of name calling. It took President Roosevelt, a democrat to implement policies to keep the Depressiion from getting worse and the collapse of the United States from years of Republican controll of the government and the failed economic theory of laissez faire.

    The same situation is true today. It will take the same type of measures to keep the severe economic downturn from going into a 1930s type of Depression.

  9. "Your freedom is being taken away as we get closer to socialism? How about when our freedom was taken away with the hilariously named Patriot Act?"

    I completely agree. I never said Bush didn't have a hand in this. Don't put words in my mouth. This isn't about parties. People and politicians need to get over that and go back to following the Constitution.

  10. After President Hubert Hoover, a Republican, didn't establish economic policies after the 1929 economic crash but relied on Laissiez Faire philosophy to let the economy correct itself. The economy didn't correct itself. So, Hoover finally decided to draw up plans for government intervention but it was too late. He was not relected due to the deepening depression.

    President Roosevelt was elected such as Obama was elected to do something about the economy. Roosevelt immediately tackled the economy under the cries of socialism and communism hurled at him by the Republicans. It can be argued that Roosevelt kept the country from economic collapse and perhaps from Fascism.

  11. Worst economy in years, two wars that have been mismanaged, funding for infrastructure is 30 years behind, stem cell research was delayed, gays continue to have their civil rights spit on, and half of all Americans lack health insurance, etc...yet all the cons can complain about is tax increases? Have you ever stopped to THINK about how we got here. 30 years of faulty conservative ideology and nobody calling our politicians on it. Yes Clinton left us in a very good place, but he also chose to neglect many issues that could have helped us aleviate the present day hardships. We have to spend now, because we have failed to spend in the past, except on wars, corporate welfare, international "aid", etc...
    Feel free to stand on a street corner looking like a moron. It is your right and you should always be willing to step forth and speak your mind. If the thinking people of America had stepped up 9 years ago, we wouldn't be in this mess. But we are, so what are we to do. Tax cuts have never, I repeat NEVER, created stimulus. Not 70 years ago, not now. I am willing to pay more in taxes if I leave your children and my children a better country to live in. Yes our children will probably pay more in taxes, but if we can contain the party of no, from creating any more damage, our children will have a country they can be proud of. By the way, the constant use of the word "socialism" only makes the said individuals look naive and idiotic. Our nation needs to balance the right of corporations to make money honestly, while providing the services our society needs to become stronger. The free market isn't what made this country strong. It was the middle class, the working class. The blood, sweat and tears of those whose lives did not center on the stock market, but on their own daily jobs. Teachers, construction workers, bricklayers, cops, small business owners, etc... When America turned it's back on the working class, they turned their back on those who made this country what it is. We have made this mess, now it is time to bite the bullet, take our medicine, and deal with the pain. It won't result in socialism, but the priorities of America are changing. The tax hating, government hating, Reagan worshiping conservative is a thing of the past. Feel free to stand on a street corner with your signs. You are doing it for yourself. Not your country or anyone else. Just yourself.

  12. To the previous poster "Amen to that"!!

  13. Most of you posters have just enough propaganda to justify your positions. The facts, however, are that over the last 6 months the government has decided to spend more money that we have since the founding of the Republic COMBINED. Obama and Congress (sans Republican support, BTW) has increased the deficit more in the last 8 weeks than GWB did over the last 8 years, as if that wasn't bad enough.

    Again, this isn't about political parties, but we should have our facts straight. Bush and the GOP have their share of blame, and they spent too much and squandered their time in power, but from what I see on U-Tube, it was Barney Frank and his friends saying that Fanny and Freddie were not in need of more regulation at a time when GOP was calling for more. It's on video, there's no denying it. Blaming the GOP and cheering for Democrats is just ignorant.

    The purpose of the "Tax Revolt" is basically because we believe the State and Federal governments need to stop spending money, especially in a economic downturn, and start cutting spending. Our taxes just went up dramatically in California, and we are spending money at the federal level at an astronomical rate. TRILLIONS of dollars. It's irresponsible and immoral, and it's very similar to the way things went when the Roman Empire collapsed.

    If you love your freedom, stand up and take control of your Government, before the Government takes control of you through excessive taxes. They will own you otherwise.

  14. Anonymous, April 06, 2009 10:42 PM:

    Your post is so filled with inaccuracies, I can't even pick one to challenge you on. OK, wait, here's one:

    "The free market isn't what made this country strong. It was the middle class, the working class."

    Can you tell me, please, in which vacuous environment the middle class, the working class made this country great? We, the middle class, do our work in a Free Market, Capitalist Society.

    If there is no Free Market, you work for the Government. The government itself produces NOTHING. Government takes money from the FREE Market, through taxes. It doesn't produce wealth. The markets CREATE wealth, businesses produce products, people are employed by businesses, and receive their wealth from their work, they take their earned income home and spend it on products so that companies who sell the products can make more to sell and employ more people.

    Clinton left a budget 'surplus' only because the GOP congress made him. That was part of their Contract With America - a balanced budget.

    After 9/11, the market tanked, and ever since then had been gradually recovering until last spring when banks started failing. They started failing because of corruption and government mismanagement - Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the gang. Do some research... Check U-Tube, the video is there for all to see, or ignore as the case may be.

    This is just a sample of the folly you put forth as a post. I would not even comment on it, except that I'm afraid many who are posting in this thread may believe your smoke and mirrors rant.

    You seem to lack basic facts about how our economy works, and the nature of the free market system that has made America the greatest country on the planet. You should also get a little education on forms of government. Socialism is synonymous with "Total Government Control" and is on the same side of the spectrum as Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Dictatorships and Oligarchies.

    Forms Of Government


  15. Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous
    Do your mom's mind that you're still living in their basements?

  16. Jeff, before you attack others for their lack of knowledge, you may want to understand what you are actually talking about. No , socialism doesn't equate to total governmental control. You should have learned that in day one of your government classes. Communism has never existed. It was a term used by politicians and fear-mongers to create havoc in the US and around the world. The weak of mind fell for it, and still do. Fascism, totalitarianism, etc... have existed and still do, but neither are the same as Socialism.Yes we are going to spend money, lots of it in fact, but W spent money on fake wars and corporate welfare. The middle class got nothing. Oh by the way, when the middle class is strong, the economy is strong. They are interrelated. The US is not, nor have we ever been pure Capitalist. We also have never had a truly free market. The government has been subsidizing businesses, big and small for years, That my friend isn't the free market. As for Clinton and the GOP, most of the policies that led to the budget surplus were passed, BEFORE the GOP gained control in the house. The GOP did very little to affect the surplus in a positive way. To be fair though, Clinton opened doors for corporations to move their jobs to cheaper foreign lands, and his policies led to todays housing crisis, with W's help. You are right about government mismanagement leading to the current financial crisis. The government knocked down every single safety net and regulation and gave the corporate bankers the freedom to do whatever they wanted to, free from regulation. Reagan, Bush I and II, and Clinton were all responsible. You are right, I hope people see through all the smoke and mirrors. Especially the ones you put up. h

  17. No tax cut has ever created stimulus, or bettered our lives, or strengthened our nation militarily or socially, yet some of you people think that tax cuts are a solution. A solution to what. All I hear from many conservatives are the same rhetorical argument that they have spouted for years, with nothing but negative results on our nation to show for it. The conservatives aren't starting a revolution, you missed the revolution. The election results on Nov.4, and the continuing high approval marks for our President show that individuals, intellectuals, blue collar workers, etc... already started the revolution. A revolution against the antiquated ideals that Republicans have spouted with no actual results to show for it. Over 50% of Americans lack health insurance, the average pay for the middle class has stayed stagnant for the last thirty years, while the upper 2% has seen their income grow by 800%. We are fighting two wars that have made our nation more vulnerable, and have cost over 4000 good Americans their lives. I think the two party system is important, but if conservatives continue the same rhetoric that many people have stated on these blogs, then the sooner modern conservatism is crushed and destroyed, the sooner a new, relevant, and socially responsible conservatism can grow.

  18. We'll be joining up with the Temecula Tea Party at the duck pond-11:00 am to 1:00pm.
    Bring your signs!

  19. So are you protestingthe fact that most, if not all, of the people who show up today are having their taxes lowered through Obama's plan? Or are you protesting the fact that even with the raising of taxes on the rich, they will still pay less than when Reagan left office. Are you bitter that our previous administration spent over a trillion dollars on two wothless wars and you didn't speak up. We also won't get anything back for that trillion+, except for 4,000+ dead heroes. We have taxation with representation, we are no more socialistic now than we were under Bush, the rich will stay rich, poor will stay poor. What exactly are you protesting again?

  20. Fox News, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich. You don't get more grassroot than that.

  21. This isn't about Bush vs. Obama. When are you people going to realize that? Both of them have made huge mistakes and many of us were voicing our opinions by emailing and calling our congress members and the White House. How do you know what we did or didn't do? But in the past 3 months things have gotten Much faster than anyone could believe. More and more people are realizing that our freedoms are being stripped away and that our gov't is NOT following the Constitution. The spending is out of control, the tax hikes to pay for that spending is out of control. The gov't forcing states and companies to take these bailouts is out of control. That is what we are protesting.

    And let me just say we had a turn out of around 1500-2000 people yesterday, normal everyday Americans. You can't get more grass roots than that.

  22. What is funny is that nothing of what you stated is true, other than things are bad now. Most, if not all, of those who were at the tea parties are going to see their taxes lowered. The upper 2% will see their taxes increased, but they will still be lower than they were when Reagan left office. In fact, they are being "raised" to pre Bush tax cut level. A 3% increase on the upper 2% of Americans does not equate to tyranny. My argument, other than the fact that most of the teabaggers have no idea what they are actually protesting other than right wing conspiracy theories and faulty economics, is where the hell were all of you when bush was spending a trillion+ on unjustified wars and tax cuts for the upper 2%. Where were all of you? Why do you only protest when a politician decides to do things that will help the middle class and poor. When the rich, corporations, etc... benefit none of you seem to find your voice, but when a someone enters the office, decides to attempt to tackle the true problems in America, ignorance wins out and all people can do is claim "communism", "fascism", "socialism", etc... Some of you may have protested when the previous administration spent money like it was growing on trees, but most didn't. A spare me the "it wasn't about Republican vs Democrat" garbage. That was exactly what it was about. Republicans can spend money hand over fist, as long as they tell you they are for small government and lower taxes. Obama isn't a savior, a hero, or anything else some may think. He is a man who is attempting to tackle the issues that wear away the fabric of our nation: poverty, unemployment, corporate greed, health insurance, etc... The Boston Tea party was not about paying taxes. It was about taxation without representation. You have taxation with representation. You may not like the representative, but that is the nature of the political beast. Fox News, Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, and their respective organizations created the "tea parties" filling people's heads with continuous rhetoric. All of this while the Republicans in Washington contribute absolutely nothing. No new ideas. No relevant or realistic ideas. Just the same old Reagan era dreams/lies. Republicans used to be a party that could be respected and I truly believe that the small percentage of Repubs that showed yesterday are the psychotic fringe element. Republicans need to go back to the drawing board and recreate the party. I support your rights to protest, but the tea party didn't make you guys look like patriots or revolutionaries. It made you look extremist and irrelevant, which is sad considering the history of the party pre Reagan.

  23. 900-1000 "normal everyday" citizens showed up yesterday. What was even more telling though was the millions of "normal everyday " citizens who didn't show up and thought all of you were wrong. In 1773, 46% of the population of Boston showed. Less than 1% of the local population showed yesterday. That was the true protest.

  24. Around the country there were around 1 million people who protested. And personally, I don't care if you think I'm wrong, or crazy. I did something that I felt was right and I don't need you or anyone else to justify what I did.

    I think both parties need to be rebuilt but how does having a peaceful protest make us look like extremists?

    Personally, I don't know any tea party that was created because of Fox News, Newt Gingrich or anyone else. I think you've been watching a little too much of CNN.
    This was brought on by people who are fed up with the gov't both PAST and PRESENT. For me personally this has nothing to do with repubs vs dems, you can believe me or not. This has to do with our country going down hill.

    Obama has spent more then Bush, he's created bigger gov't control. Where are all the dems who were so up in arms over Bush's spending and big gov't policies?

  25. 1.The government has grown more under the last three Republican presidents than they did with the last three democratic presidents. The federal deficits have climbed higher under Republicans than Democrats. Obama has spent/will spend a trillion dollars investing in health care, infrastructure, etc... But the key is that the are investments. They will return tax dollars so the trillion dollars will be paid off through the investments (job creation, tax money, etc..)created through the said investment. The trillion dollars spent by bush cannot be recouped. It was/will be a trillion dollars lost, and as stated by a previous poster, the only thing we will get back for it are the lost lives of 4500+ soliders who desrved better than what the Bush admin gave them.
    2. Why do I think the tea parties made the "protesters look like extremists? Here is a small example of the various messages being sent at various tea parties:

    "Tax payers are the Jews to Obama's ovens".
    "Homey don't play that".
    " Obama was not bowing, he was sucking jewels".
    "Obama's plan: White Slavery"
    " Out tax dollars given to Hamas to kill Christians, Jews and Americans. Thanks Mr. O".
    "Obama, What you talkin bout Willis?"
    " Obama loves baby killing".
    "Barack Obama, the new face of Hitler".
    -A picture of a black figure resembeling Obama slitting the throat of Uncle Sam.
    " Barack Obama: where was he really born?"
    "Real Americans only bow before God".
    "Obama= Hitler".
    "Speak for yourself Obama, we are a Christian nation".
    "Obama. Socialist pig".
    While most didn't lower themselves to the complete stupidity of the people above, the fact that protesters around the US thought things like the statements above were acceptable, and nobody stopped these wack jobs makes all of the protestors look extremist, whether they actually are or not.

    Spending isn't bad, unless the money is wasted. Bush wasted money, Obama is attempting to fix thirty years of bad leadership and it will cost money, alot of money. But ten years from now, are nation will be a stronger nation, nationally, internationally, economically, and socially.

    -Fox news advertised tea parties over 200 times in ten days.
    -When interviewing participants, many stated that they heard about the tea parties through Fox News.
    - The two biggest contributors to the tea parties were neo-con organizations run by Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey.

    You may not have realized it, but all of the above had their hands all over the tea parties.

    You can claim all you want that it wasn't about political parties, but it was. Nobody was upset over the massive spending of the Bush administration. Nobody acknowledged that the vast majority of people at the party would see their taxes cut. Nobody acknowledged the fact that the upper 2% of Americans would see their taxes raised to the level they were at under Clinton, which is still lower than they were when Reagan left office.

    The tea parties were all about political parties. All you have to do is open your euyes and pay attention. You'll see it.

    I will support any American protesting, whether it is anti-war or protesting unfair policies. But the outright ignorance, venom, and at times racist viewpoints of some protesters were downright embarassing.

  26. Oh so you are generalizing a huge group of people because of a few people with bad signs? Well that definitely proves your point then. I'd like to see pics of these signs. I saw coverage of many of these tea parties and didn't see signs like that at any. I did see a few anti-Obama sings at the Temecula tea party and a few at other tea parties but nothing like the ones you posted, although I do like the "Speak for yourself Obama, we are a Christian nation" and some of the others of that sort. That doesn't make someone stupid though, just because you don't feel the same.

    You know, you keep throwing Fox News out there but it seems to me you get most of your news from CNN and MSNBC. Because those were the only channels I saw that promoted all the negatives of the tea party. They tried to make them out to be anti-Obama or racist. Sorry, that's not how it really was. And I know because I was there.

  27. I watch Fox, msnbc, cnn, bbc, and others. I read George Will, Paul Krugman and others of various political beliefs. I actually try to be informed. The truth is usually in the middle, but all of the above sources can hav relevant and interesting arguments, whether I agree or not. Yes the signs I spoke of are stupid and ignorant, and if you haven't seen them then you are not opening your eyes and doing your research. I made it very clear that I didn't believe that these were the norm of the protesters, what I said was that those protesters and the lack of action by those who allowed those ignorant statements to represent them, made all of the protesters look bad. By the way the "...we are a Christian nation" sign was not stupid for it's endorsement of Christianity, it is because the statement is factually false, yet it's blindly believed by many. That is what is stupid, or blatantly ignorant. Anti-Obama signs are expected, but comparisons to Hitler, et al are just plain idiotic. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, etc... are not what made the protesters look ignorant and racist. It was SOME of the protesters that made all of the protesters look racist and ignorant. The tea parties weren't in the vein of the original tea party. It was groups of individuals who lost power they held for eight years and now feel as though what they believe is under attack, which it is. The Republicans are taking the brunt of criticism, most deserved, some not. Add the lack of action by any Republican in Washington, and you have a party is disarry. Republicans have a tremondous amount of fear running through them now, just as Democrats had a tremendous amount of fear about the country during the last eight years. Fear was the underlying factor on Wed., not any actual understanding of what is happening and why it is happening.

  28. Well I think we're going to have to agree to disagree because the way you feel about Repubs and how you perceive them is exactly how I perceive dems. I think they are the ones who are scared. But I do agree with you that the republican party is in disarray, as is the democratic party. Both parties suck, imo. We need to throw them both out.

    I agree that the signs comparing Obama are stupid, yet those same things were said about Bush so it is done by people in both parties. One is NOT better than they other and their are ignorant people in both parties. There were worse things said about Bush during his eight years, were those things okay then?
    I do not need to open my eyes to anything. You don't know me, and you don't know what I believe, what I research or what news I watch. You are generalizing me just as you are generalizing everyone at the tea parties. Sad. I don't think I'm the one that needs to open my eyes.

    IMO, there is proof that we are a Christian nation and that we were founded on it. But that is a whole other argument and I really don't care to argue it with you. I can believe what I'd like to believe based on research I've done and you can believe what you'd like to believe.

    Like I said, we'll just have to agree to disagree. That's the beauty of this country. We have that least for now.

  29. Our forefathers being christian doesn't mean we were created under christian values. Jefferson, Franklin, Paine and Adams all believed in God. None believed in religion. All thought that religion and all of it's "Voodoo" was used to control individuals. Jefferson and Paine in particular, stated exlicitly the importance of seperating religion and government.
    You are absolutly right about protests during Bush's era. Bush deserved every ounce of criticism lobbed at him, but comparing Bush to Hitler, which was done on a regular basis by some anarchist groups was an unfair analogy. Both sides can be guilty of it, but it is unacceptable either way. Nobody assumed anything about you, YOU generalized, I responded too it. If you dislike Democrats so be it. If you are wealthy, it would be expected. If you are middle cl