Menifee Union School Evacuation Plan

Just found this little story about how a firefighter redesigned the evacuation plan for Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary, and is adjusting it f...

Just found this little story about how a firefighter redesigned the evacuation plan for Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary, and is adjusting it for all schools. The story was published in the Kentucky Post Newspaper of all places...
Keith Velotta, of Menifee, Calif. is proof that PTA dads can do more than barbecue. He is using his expertise as a Garden Grove fire captain to make Menifee schools safer.

Velotta revamped the emergency evacuation plan for Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School, where he served as PTA president three years ago. The former plan was designed by a teacher, not someone experienced in emergency evacuations, Velotta said.

Now, in his capacity as Menifee PTA Council's executive vice president of leadership and training, Velotta is tweaking the Callie Kirkpatrick plan for each of the district's school sites. When done, there will be a consistent emergency action plan throughout Menifee Union School District.


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  1. Awesome !!! This parent appreciates this !!!
    Did you know there is a Menifee in Kentucky too?

  2. Great job Keith! This shows that more community members need to get involved to keep our schools strong. We can not rely on the state or feds to educate our kids. Education begins at home and on a local level.

    This reminds me of an old saying- " If a person relies on the gov't to give them everything they need, that gov't will also have the power to take away everything we have"..

  3. Probably one of those internet browsing journalists...LOL.
    Menifee County Kentucky.

  4. Let's see if the complainers can find a way to bash and argue over this acticle. I bet they can!

  5. I hope it includes a school take- over event like the one that happened in Russia. Sometimes we don't want to think about those things. But, we should be aware and plan for these types of emergencies, as well.
    I'm speaking as the mom of four and Mimi of six, and as a retired teacher.

  6. I think this is great - however I hope they use it. I drove past there (CKE) within 5 minutes of both of the last good-sized earthquakes and saw NO evacuations - just kids playing on the playground. Why practice if you arent going to use it.

  7. Your last post is completely inaccurate. During the Chino Hills earthquake, every school in Menifee evacuated except one.

    Get your facts straight before your TRY to stir the pot!

  8. and we've got our argument! Great job, I knew you guys could do it!

  9. First off my post is not inaccurate. I know TONS of kids that go there and in when I drove by there after BOTH quakes the kids were playing. Maybe they evacuated late on #2 (after 5 minutes) - but in #1 - they did NOT evacuate. Neither did Bell Mountain which I know because my neighbor is a teacher there and we discussed it. Im not trying to stir the pot nor argue, however as a parent of a child in these schools, I feel it is important to practice in ALL scenarios. Think and say what you want - the truth is the truth.

  10. And for the record - I think Keith is awesome, does an incredible job and the article was great. i was just stating an observation

  11. This makes me feel good having my family in the Menifee schools while I am deployed in the Middle East.



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