Bell Mountain Middle School Vandalism

I received the following message from Lisa Ibison , a local photographer, regarding a break-in at Bell Mountain Middle School... Hi Steve,...

I received the following message from Lisa Ibison, a local photographer, regarding a break-in at Bell Mountain Middle School...

Hi Steve,

Was hoping you could post something about this, maybe it will help to catch these scum!

Bell Mountain Middle School was broken into Wednesday night. The thieves were there for about 45 mintues [from about 11:30pm to 12:15am]. They broke into the E Wing classrooms which are the portable ones.. They broke all of the windows and stole equipment.

The Sherrifs were there today taking pictures and dusting for prints. It is very unfortunate not only did they break into the school/vandalise it, they stole expensive equipment and then today the staff and students had to deal with. The staff was cleaning up and making arrangements for all of those teachers to relocate their classrooms.

Update Mar 27, 2009: I edited the above mail to remove the items stolen and descriptions of the criminals, at the request of the school district, which apparently came at the request of the Sheriff.

However, there is now a "Wanted" poster, which you can download here...


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  1. There must not be any type of alarm system? That is sorta odd. I know those portables usually have them.
    It would be interesting to know if it did and if so why were they able to rummage for 45 minutes?

  2. IF they did have an alarm it was obviously not turned on.
    Chances are this is directly related to the previous post and involved illegals in our country.

  3. This is horrible. I pray they find who did this. This is so sad for the students and teachers.

  4. Folks, one racist remark will begat more racist remarks, don't even go there.

  5. Of course there was an alarm! But the alarm company didn't dispate the police, for what ever reason. So now, the great alarm company gets to front the bill for new windows that were broke and lasers that were stolen!

  6. To the moron who blamed it on illegals, get a life, havent u seen some of the trash in menifee, they come in all colors, american born and not. You're an idiot!

    And until our country gets hard on crime this kind of stuff will keep happening. They and all the rest of the thugs need to be executed.

  7. Who's the idiot? You don't have to be American born to not be an illegal. There are numerous nationalities(including white) that are illegal.
    Steve, how do you classify the word Illegal as Racist. I think you might want to rethink things before you type.

  8. To the above commenter, I am not referring to the comment regarding illegals. I am referring to another comment that I deleted.

  9. And no personal attacks either...

  10. Sounds like a great idea Sheriff!

    I edited the above mail to remove the items stolen and descriptions of the criminals, at the request of the school district, which apparently came at the request of the Sheriff.

  11. What good does it do if the description of the subjects is removed. I noticed there is absolutely no description of the subjects in the wanted flyer either.
    This is ridiculous that the Sheriff would request the description of the subjects be removed. I've never heard of such a thing when trying to catch someone. Basically it's "Wanted - some people that we know what they look like but we will not tell you so you just guess, stole some bikes and computer equipment from the school". So if you see someone riding a bike or using a computer that they cannot provide a receipt to you then call the Sheriffs.
    Come on Riverside Sherrifs, get a clue, you need to allow information of the subjects and post their pictures so if someone recognizes them they can report them and get this crime solved.

  12. I'd like to know who the alarm company is that provides the service to this school. Does anyone know?
    I hope it's not the same company that I have for my home.

  13. I live near Freedom Crest school. That alarm goes from time to time. Usually it's set off by kids playing around. The police never come unless someone calls about the alarm blaring.

  14. Like so many other posts and posters on this blog... so much for trying to help out by getting the info out! Too much vitriol...(noun - a "bitterly abusive feeling or expression").

    With respect to 'releasing' certain info... it is a strategy to not release info in an effort to ensure that any tips that may come through are not 'tainted' by someone who reads it in a newspaper, hears it on a radio, reads it on a blog or claims to have been an eye witness.

    Steve - Thanks for posting the info to help the district and law enforcement. It is truly appreciated.



  15. Another feather in the cap of the wonderful MSJC PD... Break-in happens next door (within their one mile radius) and they don't seem to notice. They were probably either eating stolen ice cream or harassing soccer moms.

  16. Is there any kind of neighborhood watch in the Menifee Lakes area?

  17. I can't believe the constant hypocrasy about the MSJC police. First they are criticized for patroling areas off of the campus and then when something happens, off of campus, and they are not there they are criticized for not being off of the campus. Make up your minds should they step foot off of MSJC campus or not, you can't have it both ways.

  18. To the person that asked about the Menifee Lakes neighborhood watch. There is none. It depends on each development within Menifee Lakes. I believe that the developments that have their own seperate association on top of the menifee lakes association have it.
    They used to have a patrol that supposedly went around all of the menifee lakes properties but that was cut a while ago. Either way it didnt do any good to have the rent a cops patroling the area....they never caught who was tagging up the walls near the golf course.

  19. Anonymous