My State Tax Refund is WHAT?

I have been hearing this ugly rumor that I am getting an I.O.U. from the State of California instead of my tax refund. Come to find out, thi...

I have been hearing this ugly rumor that I am getting an I.O.U. from the State of California instead of my tax refund. Come to find out, this is true! How did we let our economy get to such a state as to not be able to pay our bills, one of which is paying tax refunds to the good citizens who grace our state!?! We live and work here, paying our taxes without question, (at least most of us do) and now we are facing one of our hardest economic years WITHOUT our state refunds in hand.


You are a citizen, like me, and you have a voice, which counts. Have you contacted your local and state representatives with your opinion? Have you voiced your dismay and concern? I have, and I will continue to do so until something happens to recitify this situation. But I am one - yes, one voice. You are too! Together we are two, twenty, two hundred, two thousand. Raise your voice, and make it count!

Scott Mann is headed to Sacramento for the Republican Spring Convention on February 20th thru the 22nd. He is our local leader, and should take your voice with him on this journey. Let him know your thoughts! He will certainly be hearing mine!

Go Get 'Em Scott!!

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  1. If one of us owed additional taxes above and beyond what our employer withheld, and we chose to send an I.O.U., the Franchise Tax Board would be knocking on our door asking for "their" money. Sure, they would gladly let us set up a payment plan, but they would also promptly charge us interest for the privilege of being able to make payments.

    The only thing that makes the whole process a little easier to stomach is the fact that, according to the FTB, some of us may actually be entitled to interest. Interest will depend on the length of the delay.

  2. While I agree that the FTB and IRS would be imposing penalties for anyone who owns them money and wants to give it in IOU form, I ask just how is the State supposed to make up money in the budget?

    State workers are being forced to take days off without pay, offices are closed and the consumer gets the shaft.

    That in a nutshell seems to be most people's thought process. But take a look at the other side. Once the economy gets tough, changes have to be made. We as consumers spend less and try to save more. We eat out less, shop less and buy less large ticket items. It is called trying to survive, which we all are doing based on the current economic state.

    So, recently the State of California has announced "changes" in the way they do business. State workers are suing the Governor, the Governor is suing state workers and everyone thinks they do not have to give up a piece of the pie. So how exactly do you save money if there are not changes made? I work in a government position and would gladly take a couple of days off if it meant saving jobs. I can wait on my FTB tax refund because I do not depend on it to survive.

    Simply, my thought here is concessions will have to be made to fix the budget. Our unemployment rate is near 10%. Let's try some of these items instead of further lay-offs which will only add more insult to injury.

  3. I am not worry...I will soon be stimulated. The money that we paid in taxes is coming back in bushels. A new dawn is here!

  4. We can pass out the same kool-aid they are drinking in Sacramento and Washington DC or like our county supervisors are doing, we can file a law suit.

    Me...I'm going to the gun show and renting 'Patriot'. Maybe Braveheart or WWII movies, anything to remember the country we used to be.

  5. From a Sacramento Bee article earlier this week:

    " Counties in California say they've had enough – and they aren't going to take it anymore.

    In what amounts to a Boston Tea Party-style revolt against the state Capitol, they're threatening to withhold money."

    Riverside county went a step further and is suing to NOT provide the services they are mandated to provide...unless they get the state funds to provide them.

    I don't really think any of this will help. No offense, but 'lawyering' seems to be the only occupation not affected these days. Let's stop sending lawyers to make laws and plan budgets.

    Everyone in Sacramento wants to play the 'blame' game instead of acting like good stewards with our resources. The cry to increase Californians' taxes to bail out politicians who have spent the state into an $8 billion hole is really too much don't you think? Regardless of your politics, reason should prevail. If we can't afford it...stop doing it.

    I don't want more lawyers paid to fight this in the courts. We need to fight this with our dollars now, by not giving them more money..and introducing yourself to your elected reps so you can make sure you have the right representation!

  6. First of all, there's nothing good about getting a tax refund. It only means that you've been paying too much money.

    I'd advise everyone to ask your employer for a new W2 (or is it W4?) form. Then increase your number of dependents so that the government takes out less taxes from your paychecks. You want to achieve a balance where at the end of the year, you barely owe them.

  7. Sacramento has been screwing us for the last 30 years and now that you are getting an IOU for, what, $200 you are up in arms about it. Wake up! If it takes an IOU for a couple of hundred dollars to get you up in arms wait until Washington D.C. really screws you over. But, by then it will be too late.

  8. Many people already knew about this in Jan. They received I.O.U.'s. And, there are many who will scream about it in March because t