Menifee School Budget Thoughts

A few thoughts about Menifee Union's finances... Class Size Reduction The Californian published an editorial from the San Jose Mercur...

A few thoughts about Menifee Union's finances...

Class Size Reduction

The Californian published an editorial from the San Jose Mercury News about education cuts affecting class size reduction...
Small classes are popular with parents and teachers for good reason. ... But in many districts, the state subsidy doesn't cover costs. And schools that exceed the 20-student cap by even a fraction of a student over the year face penalties. ...
Does this mean if Menifee Union eliminates class size reduction, will it face penalties? How much are those penalties?

Intra-District Transfer Fees

Intra-District transfers are those where a student transfers from one school to another within the same district.

I'm wondering if Menifee Union can raise some money from this. Allow all students to transfer to whatever school they want, but stay within the district, except parents pay a fee. For example if your son lives within the boundaries of Oak Meadows Elementary, but you'd like him to attend Ridgemoor, then pay an "intra-district transfer fee".

This allows Menifee Union to leverage the value of its California Distinguished Schools, as well as the value of its best teachers, and attract extra funds from Menifee's more financially-comfortable families.

I don't know if there's already such a fee.

Development Study Fees

The Press Enterprise ran an article a week ago saying that Menifee Union had to pay a $114,000 refund to Pardee Homes...

The refund represented home building permit fees. Pardee Homes was going to build a bunch of homes within the district. They had to pay these fees to compensate the district for taking on several more students.

But since these homes are no longer being built, it makes sense that the district has to give this money back. This money was put into the district's facility fund, which can't be used to pay for teachers and operating costs, so it's not necessarily a big loss anyways.

But maybe the district should instead assess a "development study fee". For every proposed housing development, the district has to determine what kind of impact that development will create, in terms of more students, bus routes, crossing guards, and redrawing school boundaries. That's what this fee would pay for, and it's goes into a general fund, and is non-refundable.

The home developer passes that fee on to the home buyers, or is part of the risk it absorbs for proposing a new development.

This may even apply to commercial developments in terms of traffic congestion.

Maybe the district already assesses such a fee, I don't know.


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