Blue Ribbon Committee on Governance Structure

It didn't take City Hall very long to publish some documents on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Governance Structure. This is the committe...

It didn't take City Hall very long to publish some documents on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Governance Structure. This is the committee that will decide how the city will govern itself in the future, and among other things, decide if the results of Measure G should be thrown out.

The application to become a committee member can be downloaded from the City's website at this link...

Here's the city's official announcement of the Blue Ribbon Committee...
City Council announces release of Committee Applications for formation of Blue Ribbon Committee on governance structure for City

The City of Menifee announced that a Blue Ribbon Committee will be formed to provide input to the City Council by reviewing, researching and discussing the options of governance for the future of the City of Menifee. This committee will be comprised of nine residents of the city. The applications will be accepted through February 20th and the committee will begin to meet in Mid March.

Those interested in submitting an application for this committee should contact City Hall at 951-672-6777 or go on the City’s website at to download the committee application and further description of the committee structure and purpose.

And here is the city's guidelines on who can apply, and how they pick committee members...
If you are considering applying for a position on the Blue Ribbon Committee on Governance Structure of the City of Menifee please see the following information regarding the purpose and set up of the committee.

Purpose: To provide input to the City Council by reviewing, researching and discussing the options of governance for the future of the City of Menifee.

Committee Members: The committee will be comprised of nine residents of the city. Any resident at least 18 years of age may submit an application.

Committee Selection Process: Following the application deadline the Ad Hoc Committee, along with the City Manager or designated representative will meet and review the applications and select nine members to serve on the committee. Applicants may be interviewed either in person or by telephone.

Committee Duties/Functions: The committee members will select among themselves a Chair, Vice-chair and a secretary. All meetings will be subject to Brown Act requirements and will be properly noticed. Members will conduct themselves in accordance with all City policies.

Public Participation: Committee members will be required to attend numerous meetings. All meetings will be open to the public. Public input is encouraged and there will be opportunities throughout the committee process for public participation.


Application process – Feb. 9 and closes Feb. 20
Selection process – Ad Hoc Committee meets to review applications and conducts interviews Feb. 21 – Feb. 27
City Council ratifies appointments – March 3
Committee Schedule –beginning Mid-March and ending prior the City Council meeting on May 19.
The committee should target at least 8 meetings and may meet on a weekly basis.

Please submit your application to Kathy Bennett at the City. The application may be faxed to 951-679-3843 or emailed to You may call City Hall with questions or clarifications if necessary. Thank you for your interest in the City and this important matter.


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  1. This is such a sham! Darcy Kuenzi and Fred Tywman get to pick 9 people to decide the fate of something we have already voted on. Of course they are going to pick people that side with them. Why don't we just save the money and let Kuenzi have her way? It looks like she is going to do what SHE wants to no matter what, despite what the voters want. This is horrible representation.

    Why bother to vote if the results are just going to overturned by higher-up people(city council members in this case) that don't like the outcome.

  2. I support the establishment of a Blue Ribbon Commission to look at the pros and cons of District v. At Large. The four council members showed courage to face down a political pressure group that consists of many No Cityhood supporters and leaders. This group no more speak for the community than they did when the No Cityhood was defeated by a landslide (nearly 62% yes and 38% no).

    Lets have a comprehensive study of how we shall elect our council members. I personally don't like the idea that I can only vote for one council member and do not have a say on the other four.

  3. GET RID OF THE OLD SUN CITY CRY BABIES! They were the ones who were against city hood as a whole...

  4. To February 05, 2009 8:32 PM,

    I personally don't like having Darci Kuenzi as a Council Member, so should we have a Committee to see who does?

  5. To anonymous Feb 5, 8:32pm,
    You are missing the point, the four council members did not show any courage, because there was no controversy until the council made it one. All the people are saying is just because the vote did not go the way they wanted it to does not give the council the right to change it, especially at a cost to us. There was no public outcry, just one person came forward and of course the council members! When I say people its not just the Sun City no on cityhood people either. I do not live in Sun City and I am very much for cityhood, I also voted for at large. But I'm very much against what the council is doing because it totally ignores the election results. I may not like the results of any given election but too bad, I have to live with it. So should they. The mayor is the only one who showed real courage. Despite being the only one he did the right thing.

  6. To the Anonymous blogger posting at 12:13 on 2/6/09,

    I didn't miss the point. The actions of 4 persons advocating for Districts were out of line. They wagged their fingers, taunted the city council members, threaten them with recall if the council proceeded to adopt a blue ribbon commission. If you were at the City Council meeting, you would have been embrassed at the actions of these individuals. Their antics have been their modus operandi on other issues as well. They were the same ones that spearheaded the "No Cityhood" efforts that went into flames on June 3, 2008 by a 62% to 38% margin. These four inviduals, of course, should be able to pursue their points at any council meeting without continuously threatening the City Council.

  7. This is like the bad HOA meetings. Same ole whackos show up because they like to hear themselves talk. Geesh. Put a sock in it. Wait til next election. Has anyone had their district be neglected?

  8. The idea to consider re-voting this issue did not come from a groundswell of voter dissatisfaction. It appears to have come about from members of the City Council.

    I can understand their motivation: district boundaries likely will result in some council members living in