Were You Informed When You Voted on Measure G?

The Californian published an editorial in last Sunday's newspaper regarding city council districts in Menifee, taking the position that...

The Californian published an editorial in last Sunday's newspaper regarding city council districts in Menifee, taking the position that the council would do well listen to the will of the people...
Yet that is precisely what the 3-month-young council is doing in asserting that the same voters who gave the go-ahead to creating a city and chose the first council did not understand what they were doing when they decided they wanted future councils elected by districts.
Now that our mayor has asserted his opinion that he doesn't believe we cast an informed vote, and that he wants us to prove it a second time, I just want to go on record and tell our Mayor that "I voted for districts, and I knew what I was doing!"

If you had cast a ballot last June on Measure G, the districting measure, whether you supported districts, or supported at large, I want to know if...
  1. You made an informed choice when casting your vote, or

  2. You didn't know what you're doing, and just picked whatever sounded good.
Click on "Post a Comment" below, and let's see if our Mayor is correct in his assertion...


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  1. I knew exactly what I was doing when I voted. I think it's an insult for the mayor or anyone else to think we blindly voted for something we did not research. The council is wasting our time and money on this issue. The people have spoken!!

  2. I knew what I was voting for when I voted for Districts.

  3. I like the idea of voting again after the public sees the results of their ignorant vote in action.

    Maybe we should go to a semi-annual election for every president, senator, congressman, state and federal just them all honest? Those corrupt buffoons should have to face the public with their jobs on the line more than once every even-numbered year (2,4,6). I guess that's what they call impeachment, but it would be so much easier if it was automatic via short terms.

    We can call it the "short-term-correction-and-counter-stupidity" vote. Maybe that's too long. :) I'm just kidding anyway.

    I knew what I was voting for also, just for the record.

  4. I was aware of how I voted.

    But, I guess it doesn't matter much when the courts, or a city council, can make your opinion disappear.

  5. Jeff, you have a good point. Although, in today's microwave world where things happen so fast, and politicians create a legacy of wrong choices the public is grieved to endure until the next inauguration, perhaps we can enable a system that allows the impeachment of any government official or policy at any time, for any reason, by the gathering of a dissenting minority so long as they claim ignorance to the official or policy in question. Everything would be tied up in litigation indefinitely and our government would be able to do nothing except defend itself against suit.

    In all sincerity, the system as it is has served us (relatively) well thus far. The issue of districts v. at large is done and over. Merits and drawbacks exist for both sides of the argument. Leave it as is until the next regular election. Then, at that time attach a time clause to make it stick.

    I knew what I was voting for, and anyone who says I didn't can lick my shoe.

  6. I voted for districts and was quite aware of what I was doing. I voted this because I didn't want any one area, such as the the core area or even the family area to be more or less represented than any other area.

    I also voted for different people than those who won the election, so maybe we should vote for the city council members again just to make sure everyone made an informed vote. I am offended that those that were elected are questioning the will of the people who elected them.

  7. Enfranchisement is a very important issue. A vote on different types of district and at large needs to be throughly discussed. Let's have a civilize debate on what is best for the City of Menifee.

    Those that are trying to sway the City Council's decision through threats of recall of the City Council are trying to thwart the decision making process of the City Council.

    I value my vote and I really want to have the best system that will be fairest for myself and the greatest number of voters Let's explore all options.

    In responding to those that raise the issue of money to finance an election, I say that residents of the City of Menifee shouldn't be trapped by those that are penny wise and pound foolish who are pursuing their positions for districts.

    Those that are discouraging debate may be afraid that when light is shown on the pros and cons of districts versus At Large that possibly the At Large system may have more justification than Districts. If those that feel that Districts are more justified then the values of districts may become more apparent in further examination. What is the fear of a thorough debate?

    To shut off this debate will only encourage a political action by at least half of the community to have another consideration -- One way or another. Let's have the discussion now and be done with this issue.

  8. For the record, I was informed of the pros and cons of districts only because I researched the issue and compared other cities prior to voting.

    I voted at large and am willing to accept either one if it is the will of the people.

    However, I will say that each time I asked someone if they were voting for or against districts, they said they had no idea what that meant.

    I know that City Council is probably the last individuals you should ask the opinion of because dividing into districts will most likely out one or more council members when it is time for re-election.

    So what do you do? Perhaps the council should conduct a survey (either online or by mail) to determine, "What is the will of the people?" Then we should all suck it up and accept the results.

  9. 4Menifee:

    Scott Mann actually did conduct his own personal survey of about 60 residents throughout the city on what their preference is, either district, or at-large.

    This survey was done back in October, well after the cityhood vote, and after the district issue had been brought up several times. The idea behind the survey is that by that time, people had been exposed to more discussion on districts versus at-large.

    He presented the findings at a city council meeting, and while it was a meeting that I attended, I never got around to posting the recap here on 247.

    But here are his findings...

    60 people surveyed
    43 people responded
    34 supported at large
    6 supported by district
    3 supported from district

    60 people is hardly a representative sample, but the fact that an overwhelming number of respondents support at-large, suggests that a second vote could easily overturn Measure G.

  10. I knew what I was voting for, and I stand behind it. It is very insulting that our mayor would question the same people who elected him.

  11. I knew what I was voting for... perhaps the current city council all realize they live in the same neighborhoods and one or more of them would lose their seats in a DISTRCIT city.

  12. I knew what I was voting for...I support districts. I grew up in a city that was divided into districts, my parents and I liked it that way because our neightborhood had a voice.

    Menifee is such a diverse city (rural, tracts, "senior core", etc) that it only makes sense that the people of Menifee knew that by voting for districts that their neighborhood would still have a voice.

  13. FTR: I DID NOT REALIZE EXACTLY WHAT I WAS VOTING FOR! I voted for districts, but would now vote for at-large. For one who feels 'he' has never made a mistake to project that some voters are ignorant, unlearned, or careless is narrow-minded. Is it just because you're nervous that your vote may be overturned by newly-informed voters? To comfort your mind; I am college educated, a retired professional, and have the humility to know when I was wrong..AND secure enough to admit it. Jeff, your pompous attempt at 'kidding' is silly; grow up. How many 'new cityhood' events have you been a part of in your life...or have you not ever had to realize you made a mistake?? You must be one smart man! This is my first new-cityhood participation and I'm learning like lots of others just how critical my vote is on EVERY measure...I won't be 'uninformed' again; BUT please don't insinuate 'stupid'!

  14. I voted for DISTRICT...and I believed the majority of the people here in our great city voted the same....Please stop wasting our money and honor the will of the people and move on.

  15. I truly resent those who insult my inteligence by saying that I didn't know what I was doing when I voted for districts. Our new city is made up of diverse areas. I've lived in 2 of them -Sun City for over 20 years, and Romoland for the past year and a half. I truly feel that each area needs to have its own voice on the council. If not, then I'm concerned that the needs of some of the areas will be overlooked or even ignored in favor of the larger communities.
    Is it even legal for the council to hold another election just because they don't agree with election results, or because they don't "believe" that voters understood what they were doing when they voted?

  16. I voted for 'districts'.

    The only reason I would object to another vote would be if I thought I wouldn't get my way.

    If a new vote results in 'at-large', isn't that the people's voice?

    I think the folks that don't want another vote are those that feel threatened that 'districts' would not win.

    So your argument that the public has spoken is really no good when you are arguing against allowing the public to speak (yes, for a second time). Are you saying that nothing can ever be voted on again because it already had been?

    There could be an arguement that changing things after the first vote is a transparent attempt of council members trying to keep their posts. Maybe it is. But even so, council members only get to vote once just like the rest of us.

    I see no harm in voting again. 'District' supporters, like me, are simply afraid the results may be different. But the argument,in itself, holds no water.

    I think the reslts will turn out the same! People understand that 'Districts' are a safer bet because everyone will feel represented. 'At-large' could make us more vulnerable to a special interest group. Such a group may attempt to stack the council in their favor.

  17. While I voted for districts, I'll accept the will of the people if a second vote is made.

    However, if we're going to embrace this idea that revotes should be conducted on the basis that people have had more time to think things over, then shouldn't we also revote for city council candidates, now that voters have had a chance to see who they really are?

  18. I agree Steve, If I'm going to vote again I want to vote for new council members and the issue of "districts vs "at large".

  19. to Anonymous, at January 21, 2009 10:09 AM:

    bitter much?

  20. It sounds to me as if the coucil members realize that they won't be re-elected if they leave things as they are. The people have spoken, quit whining about it and accept the fact that you won't get to play politician any more.

    My main question though is if this is how they act for this issue are they going to react the same way for every issue that they don't like? i.e. We don't agree with the majority of the voters so we are just going to ignore the results or say that the voters were ignorant of the facts.

  21. I voted 'Yes' on Measure F, the question of Menifee incorporation, and now I realize I made a terrible mistake. Can we have a re-vote on Measure F too while we're at it for all of us who now want to go back to being unincorporated?

  22. Bottom line: whether or not voters were informed and voted responsibly, the vote has happened, and to call for a special vote for reasons of voter ignorance or whatever undermines our whole election system. Voter apathy, vote manipulation, vote fraud is a huge problem with our system, but diminishing the confidence of every vote isn't the way to fix the system.

  23. Why would you want to go back to being unincorporated?

  24. By the way, thank you to the city council members. I know that your intentions are good and you are working to make Menifee a great place.

    Try to ignore the bulk of the stuff you hear here. Not everyone in Menifee subscribes to personal agends theories or whatever it is they seem to complain about.

    Good luck and thanks for the hard work.

  25. To the person who posted at January 21, 2009 6:32 PM

    I'm a resident of Menifee and I do not have a personal agenda. I just want my vote and everyone else's to be heard.

    If your so proud of the council why don't you post your name.