Santa's Workshop Comes To Menifee

Santa came early this year to the children of Menifee, California. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and all their volunteer helpers shared toys with over 1,000 kids and their families in the 3rd Annual event, located at Quail Valley Elementary School.

Each child was privileged to get 2 toys each, thanks to the generous donations by Menifee residents and businesses. The Menifee community really came together to help make sure those families in Menifee who had a need were assisted. Some of the volunteers included people from The Menifee Fire Department, Menifee Valley Commnity Cupboard, MPV Trophies, Interact Club of Paloma Valley High School, Kiwanis Club, Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce,, the Paloma Valley Football team and many others.

Financial sponsors who helped make this event possible included Waste Management, Menifee Plumbing by Falco & Sons, Miller Jones, Union Bank of California, Rotary International, The United Way and Money Matters. Over 2,000 toys were donated by Menifee Residents over the last 6 months, they were collected at various locations throughout the city, including local churches, businesses and Ryland Oasis. Menifee Wilderness Lakes and their visitors donated over $3,500 in toys, according to Dorothy Wolons, of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Many more people and businesses were involved in this community event. City Council member John Denver played Santa Claus while his beautiful wife was Mrs. Claus- they were gracious to spend their entire Saturday bringing joy to the children of Menifee. Any left over toys will be saved for next year.


  1. What a great event and I'm glad our city puts this on!! God bless the people who help volunteer and donate!!

  2. Yes, some great articles coming from Eric; thank you; appears you have become Steve's right hand man and a good one! Community interest is what has grown Menifee24/7 and we have some great people here in our new city. Nice to see heartwarming articles this time of year; let's hope it remains the other times. Needy people are "24/7".