Our New Elected Officials

Today, I am not a Republican, not a Democrat, but an American. Today, it is time to put the negativity of politics aside, and come together as a nation, the greatest nation on the face of the earth, and work together to heal the wounds of this country. Let us all put aside the painful words and gestures of partisanship and trust our leaders who have all been put in place by our fair democratic system. Let us all forgive our neighbors, our friends, and ourselves for the hurtful things we said, and move forward to work from here on this, our country, our state and our hometown.

What I am asking is for us to forget the campaign and remember, we are all Americans.

God Bless America, God Bless California and God Bless Menifee!


  1. I agree with you Tina. It's time to move on, support our new president and hope for the best. But I have a feeling some people won't be able to do it. It will fun to watch this post. America is Beautiful!

  2. yes its time to start anew..been a rough last few years..with lots of tears ..lets give the new president our support..i feel something good is about to happen..hope 62 million people are not wrong

  3. It is time for a change and that is the way we see America, not a land of the priviledge but for those who work hard and are willing to accept others even though they may be different. The election showed that young and not so young want and desire a change. It was not in just a few states but through out this country. I too will look within myself and see what I can do better towards and with my fellow American. Truly America is beautiful for All of us.

  4. Time to move to Canada.

  5. The only good news is that Prop 8 passed.

  6. It is a sad sad day given the fact that 62 million americans have elected someone based almost exclusively on how well he speaks. We now have a man in charge of our country that has little to no experience in leadership and has absolutely no experience in serving our country. He has yet to prove himself in anything he has done and now we will have to wait and see while he trains on the job. Glad he wasn't just given a surgeons credentials based solely on talking about it. I would not want to be his patient. Oops, our entire country is now a guinea pig.
    The only good side, if there is any, is that he is still just a puppet and congress will still make all the decisions. Oops, congress is still a majority of democrats so we are still in the same situation as we have been for years.

  7. e him a year. Lets see if the media will be as hard on him as they were on Bush. At least his does not have a fillibuster proof house and senate. Us republicans still have a voice and I wont call him my prez but I will ask you in 4 years if your happy. As my 12 yo says can't wait till 2012. BTW notice how us republicans take it we don't run around saying he cheated or it was stolen.

  8. The only person who has experience to be president is the ex-presidents. We all go to job interviews to get a job we have no experience in. Come on...We get trained and we have experience..

    This is supposed to be a positive forum and you guys can't stop spilling hate.

  9. Move to Canada then..bye bye

  10. This country is marketing and sound byte based. If it goes over 15 seconds people start to hear blah blah blah. But I do love this country, no violence and a peaceful transition. Oh well, see you in four more years. I need a break from this election stuff!

    Steve I.

    P.S. I wonder what Gilligan and the Skipper would do?

  11. Last night was the happiest I've been in quite some time. I felt like I loved my country again, my people again, and I will back my president in his decisions because I know his intentions are good. Yes, he speaks well, Yes, he has vision, and Yes, I and many others will follow our new leader through a new era. Stop hating because you didn't get things your way. We tried that for 8 years. We've got someone that is fit for the job and I know those that aren't ignorant feel the excitement in the air. The united states of america is back on track...damn this feels good! The ME attitude is being destroyed and it's time to help each other out again! Good times! Matt

  12. So anonymous at 8:06am is that a threat or promise to move to Canada? Because really we don't need anyone else bringing this country down further!

  13. I might as well just start giving my hard earned money to my neighbors, so that if they don't make what I do, they can now. After all we don' deserve to have more than the next person according to Obama and Biden

  14. To the person who said @10:34am I might as well just start giving my hard earned money to my neighbor.

    This socialism excuse is BS. If you or your parents accept or rely on SOCIAL security, then your a socialist. If you are hoping to get Medicare-> then your a socialist also. The Free market had made healthcare unaffordable to most.

    I recommend all those who are anti "socialism" denounce social security and don't accept medicare health insurance.

    Its funny how all the Christians who are usually anti Darwin when it comes to human origins, believe in the social Darwinism. They believe in survival of the fittest and don't want to help the "less fortunate" unless they get a tax write off. Jesus was clearly a SOCIALIST! he was anti- establishment, told us to feed the hungry, visit the sick and clothe the naked. That sounds like a SOCIALIST to me...


  15. You know, I am thrilled that Obama won the election, but as a true American, I would welcome McCain also. Change is inevitable and needed. If you are truly a citizen who want to help our country, stop hating on our President-Elect and do what you can to assist him and pray for him. Our nation is in a crisis, so let's do our part and help Obama better our situation. If you really want to move to Canada or get out of the best nation in the world, BYE!!! I'm sticking put and will help in any way that I can. I hate all this Republican this and Democrate that - We're all Americans first, aren't we?

  16. To the person who stated: "It is a sad sad day given the fact that 62 million americans have elected someone based almost exclusively on how well he speaks."

    I state: It is sadder that Americans voted for someone like Bush who sounds like an idiot when he speaks! Bush has been the joke of the world. Also- its sadder that people did not vote for him due to his higher melanin content in his skin. Get a grip!

    Obama had 63,924,256 votes, almost 2 million votes more than Bush's 62,040,610 votes in 2004, 13 million more than Bush's 2000 election where Bush had 50,456,002 votes.

    As a matter of fact! Obama had more votes than any other US President ever! Democracy at work yet there are unpatriotic Americans who don't want Democracy ! Perhaps you should move to Iran, not Canada.

    Let me say it again! Barack Obama had more votes than any other President in the history of the United States Of America!!!!

  17. Wasn't this post supposed to be about moving on??? Get over it people! What's done is done. The past is just that...in the PAST! Let's all just be the best Americans we can be and hope for the best future.

    ps...Who ever said the only good news is that prop 8 passed is ignorant. Ok sorry, had to get that in! (No worries the Supreme Court will overturn it for being unconstitutional.)

    God Bless America!

  18. "Time to move to Canada"

    Guess what...

    Canada doesn't agree with you either.

    Now what?

  19. "Time to move to Canada"??

    Your not going to like it there-they have most of the things Obama stands for-Health Care, legal gay marriage, and many other 'SOCIALIZED' programs....

    Instead of being pessimistic be open to change and wait to see what the next four years have to offer!

  20. Hello???

    So, now, simply voicing your opinion or sadness, if you don't agree with some people by saying you feel like moving to Canada because Barack Obama and friends got elected is called "hate"?

    According to your philosophy, that expressing a desire to leave the country because your candidate didn't win includes the following people. According to you, these people are full of hate:

    Heidi Klum
    Susan Sarandon (I think she said the same thing about Bush, but she's still here?)
    Stephen Baldwin
    Michael Stipe
    Tina Fey

    Here's the source:

    I suppose I'll be called a hate-monger as well because I made this list of Obama supporters who also, not merely expressed a desire to, but a made a statement that they would leave the country if McCain was elected. In Tina Fey's case, she said she was leaving the planet, which to me, if taken at face value, says that she's either going to become an Astronaut or commit suicide.

    This is a pretty great country where people are allowed to express opposition to leaders and not be hanged, shot or imprisoned for it, but I guess assassinating someone's character is fair game?

    Anyway, It is time to see what Obama will do. My question is, will he do what he said he would do? Or, more appropriately, which PART of what he said he would do will he do? Will America be attacked or tested as Biden said? Truth be known, it very well may be a good time to leave the country, if there was a better country somewhere to go.

    Interesting times.

  21. chattycathy - On the one hand you remind everyone to be positive, and move on and "be the best Americans we can be", and then turn around and do exactly what you've just condemned. What do they call that where you come from? Go back and read your post and tell me you'd approve of that if I said it. Is that the best American you can be?

  22. California is so twisted. The electorate votes to protect animals by passing Prop 2 but continue to not protect babies (and children that have babies) by voting no on Prop 4.

    Precincts reporting: ~ 95.0%
    1A: High-speed rail Yes 52.2% No 47.8%
    2: Farm animals Yes 63.2% No 36.8%
    3: Children’s hospitals Yes 54.7% No 45.3%
    4: Abortion notification Yes 47.6% No 52.4%
    5: Drug offenses Yes 40.2% No 59.8%
    6: Criminal justice Yes 30.5% No 69.5%
    7: Renewable energy Yes 35.1% No 64.9%
    8: Gay marriage ban Yes 52.0% No 48.0%
    9: Victims’ rights Yes 53.2% No 46.8%
    10: Alternative fuels Yes 40.1% No 59.9%
    11: Redistricting Yes 50.5% No 49.5%
    12: Loans for veterans Yes 63.4% No 36.6%

  23. I too am an American. I am a conservative American who is extremely disappointed with the Bush Administration and the formerly Republican controlled Congress. If not for the conservative leaning U.S. Supreme Court, I'd truly go nuts. Yes, I yearn for a return to the Reagan years.

    The Republicans blew a great opportunity to advance the conservative ideology for America for the last 8 years and lay a great foundation for years to come. Alas, the party of Lincoln (which paved the way for Obama to be elected 142 years later), the party of Teddy Roosevelt, and the party of the great Ronald Reagan has failed to articulate to the American people what true conservatives believe in and failed to govern to it's own ideology. Oh by the way, did I mention that this is same party that approved the Civil Rights Amendment in the 60's when Congress was controlled by the conservative Republicans? LBJ had nothing to do with it other than get credit for signing it into law.

    Conservatives are generally characterized by the adherence to limited government, public morality and free enterprise. Some specific examples would be the following principles:

    * Checking any changes on our traditions
    *A strong national defense
    *Return of prayer in school
    *The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, as long as such possession does not threaten national security
    *Economic allocative efficiency (as opposed to popular equity)
    *Stronger law enforcement and anti-crime laws, including the death penalty
    *Parents, rather than school teachers, educating children about sex
    *Choice in education
    *Private medical care and retirement plans
    *Weakening or cancellation of failed social support programs
    *Prohibition of abortion
    *Opposition to same-sex marriage licenses and homosexuals
    *Support of laws against pornography
    *Generally opposed to the United Nations
    *Support enforcement of current laws regarding immigration
    *Support tightening of border security
    *Respect for our military... past and present
    *Low taxes, especially in upper income brackets
    *Opening foreign markets to U.S. products
    *Less power for the federal government and more for local and state governments

    (Quick question for you: how many of you have grandparents or parents that are Democrats yet still believe in these principles...? Just think about that one for awhile as I continue.)

    Because of my foregoing belief system and the 'tradition' of American conservatism, I too am willing to give Barrack Hussein Obama his just due as our newly elected President. However, he scares me to tears in what he believes in and he now owes the extreme far left wing of the Demoractic Party for helping him win the White House. Therefore, if he governs from the far left he will not, repeat not, be re-elected in 2012. America remains a 'center-right' country as evidenced by the Popular Vote in the last three elections (2000, 2004 and 2008). Say what you want about Bill Clinton's character and morality, at least he governed from the center (with the exception of increased taxes).

    Readers, for me, as an American, the scariest thing about Obama is his views on the Constitution. One of many things that the press did not 'share' with America are Obama's teachings at the University of Chicago. Folks, this is a man who spoke about CHANGING the Constitution through the judicial system (Stench from the Bench). Yes, judicial precedence. Herein lies the trouble of America for decades beyond an Obama Presidency. For the first time we will have an extreme progressive liberal appointing up to 3 U.S. Supreme Court Justices and upwards of 80 other federal justices at various levels. The only saving grace is this: the conservatives in the Senate still have fillibustering numbers and it is the Senate that 'confirms' or 'denies' Federal Justice Appointments under the Constitution.

    So, while you are all revelling about the first black president, let me just conclude with this. When the honeymoon is over, you need to start looking past his race and truly analyze for yourselves what this man believes in. If he does not govern in the 'center', mark my words, he will be thrown out in 2012.

    There. That wasn't too bad now was it? Thanks for letting me share with you today boys and girls.

  24. President Bush has taken away more freedoms than any other president in history. He has dismantled our Constitution to his interpretation. So please, don't sit here and tell me about being scared of Obama destroying our Constitution.

    Let the man prove himself instead of bashing him before he is even inaugurated.

  25. Its not going to matter anyway, he will be just like Jimmy Carter, drive the country into the ground and be gone in four years. How can you expect someone with NO leadership experience and NO plan other than "its time for change" to have success.

  26. What is wrong with the NO on Prop 8 supporters. YOU LOST get over it, for the second time California voters have expessed their opinion, but now they are still filing lawsuits and staging protests. If it was right then it would have been Adam and Steve.

  27. To Anonymous of 7:53 am, November 6:

    Your reply to my conservative post is ignorant. How did Bush change the Constitution? Why don't you educate all of us with your keen intellect on this matter. Let us see if you can defend your claim.

  28. I'm a firm believer in respecting the position. All loyalty and respect should be given our new president when he takes office.

    Our new president may be exactly what the country needs right now, like Hoover and Roosevelt during the depression. But read your history books folks if you want to see what mistakes we shouldn't repeat.

    I also think that presidential debates should follow the same debate rules that school debate teams do. It's such a silly exercise of rhetoric if there are no rules to a debate. It's not the eloquence that should matter, but whether a valid rebuttal was presented.

    I also don't like that online contributions can't be traced because the Address Verification system on one candidates site was turned off. No other candidate felt the need to do that, no sound business does that. I can't think of one honorable, prudent or efficient reason to do that. I think we need to bring more honor and accountability to our election process. It may have been a smart way to raise money, but if foreign money came in, then all those foreign contributors know it was corrupt even if we don't care.

    Any fraud or corruption should be ousted and prosecuted, not swept under the table. I hate that between the media and the voter fraud the whole election is now tainted.

  29. Well lets see......
    First.....White Men were the only ones allowed to vote -then-
    Black men were given that priviledge!!!
    It took over 100-years for WOMEN to
    finally be given this right!
    We've had White Men as President
    Now we've elected a Black (?) President........My undying hope,wish,and prayer is before I die we elect WOMAN President....let's not take 100 years for this to happen!!!!

  30. He is actually half white and half black. But I agree a woman should be next like Hilary.

  31. To Anonymous who posted "most votes than any other president" on 05 Nov @ 1945 (7:45 PM civilian time) - Don't have A Corn man.

    Hey everyone, get over it and change what you can change around you for the better. Support our new leaders.


  32. Regarding the poster November 06, 2008 8:24 AM: Your reply to my conservative post is ignorant. How did Bush change the Constitution? Why don't you educate all of us with your keen intellect on this matter. Let us see if you can defend your claim."

    If you want to name call that is find and shows your intellect. But here are some brief freedoms taken away by the Bush government in the name of fear..

    Some of the fundamental changes to Americans' legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA so-called Patriot Act following the terror attacks:

    * FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigation.

    * FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records requests.

    * FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.

    * RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.

    * FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

    * RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

    * RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

  33. Talk about not knowing your history..... the Patriot Act is nothing more than putting in the same measures that were in place during World War II. As far as I'm concerned, they aren't stringent enough to help combat the Global War on Terrorism.

  34. Keep the Govenrment out of my business!

    Until another attack occurs and then we can say, Where the Hell were you?

  35. The GOP was in complete control of congress and the administration after the 2000 election. By 2006, the electorate had become disenchanted enough to return congress to the Democrats. By giving the presidency and even more congressional seats to Democrats in this election, voters have shown that they continue to lose faith in the GOP.

    Republicans did this to themselves. Had they shown some backbone and not blindly followed Bush, maybe they’d still be in power.

  36. Jeff-

    You are right, my post was a bit hypocrytical! It was supposed to be funny. I do want everyone to move ahead and be the best American that they can be, myself included. I am just disappointed at the discrimination that is still present in our country. I could go on and on about Prop 8 but I won't. We'll see what happens with it.

    My wish is that each person no matter what color their skin is, or what ever their sexual orientation is will have equal rights. Love is Love. And if this is the Jeff that posts many religious arguments, please don't lecture me on your Christian beliefs. I am also a Christian but I think that I have a more contemporary depiction of the bible.(That's an entirely different blog all together!) lol

  37. OMG, you people voted FOR discrimination. Do u realize you live in a state that banned inter-racial marriages some years ago, and discriminated on people's right to own property, base on race. And I'm sure somebody claimed that inter-racial relationships was not what the Bible intended for, but do u feel the same way today? The reasons I have heard many people give for why they voted yes on 8 is religion. Reminder: The Founding Fathers specifically seperated church and state, meaning laws were NOT to be based on religious reasons. Utah, the great financer of yes on 8 propaganda, until recently didn't care how many wifes a man had, despite national laws, thats hippocracy. My motto in life has been, if I don't like it, I wont do it. Dont like gay marriage - don't marry someone of the same sex, and if you think it's wrong, teach your children that too. People don't have a problem with teaching their kids racism at home, despite school's efforts otherwise, why is gay marriage any different.
    An as for prop 2 and 4, they are not similar, but banning abuse of already born children, which I belive is already a law, would be symilar to prop 2. Prop 4 is about a woman's control over own body. For all u pro-life ppl, how bout you cared as much for the thousands of kids in foster-care as you did about those yet to be born?
    You think Obama is going to be micro-managing your life? If you live out here chances are you are not in those 5% who might face increse in taxes. It's amazing that the people who claim they are for less government control, seem to have no problem with governing over most personal aspects of life, wheather I carry a pregnacy to terms or who I might marry. Again, if you dont like it - Dont do. but dont impose your views on others through unfair laws!!!!!!!

  38. This country has many things that are unfair.

    Why do I have to wear a seatbelt?
    Why do I have to pay for a high speed rail, which I will never use?
    Why can’t I smoke marijuana?

    Oh, because we live in a "Democracy" and the majority tells me what I can and cannot do.

  39. I agree with the poster that said, "For all u pro-life ppl, how bout you cared as much for the thousands of kids in foster-care as you did about those yet to be born?" November 06, 2008 10:23 PM

    Riverside County alone has over 2,000 kids that need to be adopted. Anyone interested???

    These are the kids that need help and a family that loves them and provides a good, safe home for them.

    What about these kids that are left to be in the foster care system that is so disorganized, dysfunctional with social workers that do not do their jobs and keep kids in danger.

  40. Wow, the attacks we're sharing on here REALLY speak of our character. I didn't vote Obama, but he IS our upcoming President and needs to be given a chance to prove himself as a leader. We in Menifee maybe didn't get the ones elected of whom we voted for with our new council, but we now have a council that seems to be a strong, good one that deserves our support. Resign to go with the flow until proven otherwise.

  41. Peramaria.......YOU ROCK !!!

  42. So here is MY two cents on prop 8. California voters decided that this one particular group of people do not coincide with tradtional marriage beliefs, so we took there rights to be married away completely. So maybe we should do the same for divorced people. Divorce is not part of ANY tradtional marriage and ALL religions do not believe in divorce. And maybe we should make sure our children are not taught about divorce because if we dont talk about it then it doesnt exist...right???? I mean if we can seperate one group of people and take thier rights because it does NOT support tradition then lets just apply it across the board. Divorce does NOT support traditional marriage so if you have previously been divorced and are now remarried you are living in sin and are not living according to traditional marriage so why should you have the right to be RE married either?If you expect Homosexuals to fight the urge to be gay and try to live a straight life then i think we should expect everyone to put forth the same effort in thier marriage. If the voters can do it to one group of people who is to say what is next.
    I would agree with this before i would ever agree with prop 8.
    I would have thought by now, after all of the civil rights movements throughout history, we as Americans would realize what equal rights mean and that they apply to EVERYONE EQUALLY.

    So theres my thoughts.... I dont want here ant religious nonsense back. If your religion teaches you intolerance then im not intrested in your religious views. Homosexuality is a fact of life no law is going to change that and no matter what, your children will eventually know about it.Perhaps there is a better way to go about teaching YOUR children about what you feel is traditional marriage, Like being a good Spouse and Parent. Children learn by example in the home. Start there before you start messing in others lives.

    Have a good day Menifee...


  43. My thoughts on Prop 8 and other 'civil liberty' matters.

    Our country is made up of men and women with diverse religious, socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic peoples from all over the world.

    Once granted citizenship, each is allowed to vote.

    While "church and state" are not to be co-mingled officially... to ask someone to vote against their conscience and personal religious and or cultural ethnic beliefs is to ask them to go agains who they are.

    We have all had plenty of time to digest the issues surrounding the proposed legality of 'gay marriage'.

    The matter was legitimately placed on the ballot as a constitutional amendment issue.

    People went to the polls in California in record numbers.

    A clear, though not huge, majority of those voting exercised their right to 'vote their conscience' and as a result the constitution ban on gay marriage passed.

    What is noteworthy is that the percentage was so close. This will demonstrate to all that the ranks are closing.

    I think it is fair to say that those who voted in favor of 8 did so because of their personal, religious, ethnic, and or cultural beliefs.

    That means that there were 48% of voting Californians (almost half) who did not operate from the same world view as the others.

    We are currently a nation split by world view, in my opinion.

    Those of us who are older, and were raised with some fundamental religious teaching cannot square the 'gay movement' or 'gay marriage' with our Bible, and our beliefs.

    There is a growing number of people who do not look to the bible and fundamental religious teaching for their guidance but instead go with the "if it does not hurt anyone, it should be legal". In other words they have no real moral compass except what they believe.

    That is scary when it comes to "the life of a nation". When the majority changes, and those with little or no religious training, or committment become the majority, I wonder what will become of any 'traditional' values which govern how some people vote?

    The very freedom that America advertises could eventually be her ruin.

  44. Do people really believe marriage should be open to everyone?

  45. To Anonymous, at November 07, 2008 12:32 PM

    Did you know that convicted peophiles can still marry and have children. Matter of fact people sitting in prison convicted of awful crimes still have the right to get married while serving there sentence. Just ask Scott Peterson.He has a whole fan club.If we are going to take anyones right to get married we should start where it counts.

  46. Sandy,

    You hit a home run!

    Great post!

  47. Everyone keeps referring to "Traditional Values"

    Those are YOUR traditional values.

    Your values are different from those of your parents, their parents, and generations before. Think of when slavery was OK and inter-racial couples were condemned. Those were the "traditional Values" of that time and those generations.

    "Traditional" is a relative term that we too freely use. What you actually mean to say is, "How I grew up understanding things."

    The previous generation and those to come don't give a rat's you know what about your "Traditional Values." Your values or your "Traditional Religious Values" are YOURS and therefore do not serve as the fundamental yardstick for everyone else.

    Prop 8 will eventually be overturned (probably with a future prop)because it is fundamentally wrong regardless of what you or I think about gay marriage.

    It may take a few more years of new voters whose "Traditional Values" are different from what you perceive as the absolute truth and what you and your religious beliefs tell you.

    It becomes a troubling issue when folks use the Bible as their means of justifying law.

    We should vote for what's right not simply what we feel is right for us.

  48. To anonymous November 07, 2008 2:10 PM
    You say, "We should vote for what's right not simply what we feel is right for us."

    I did vote for what is right. Yes on 8.

  49. To Anonymous, at November 07, 2008 2:33 PM

    So you would agree then that divorced people should not be able to get re married as well right??? same principal. If you are coming from a religious stand point, divorce is not acceptable either, you know till death do you part and all that. Would you take away a divorced persons rights to get re married because divorce is not a traditional belief and morally is unacceptable? Or is it that you can bend the rules and your morals for some people???? Just not Homosexuals. Lets call it what it really is here. Everybody is a sinner and everybody has done SOMETHING that isnt morally acceptable but we arent taking away EVERYONES rights, just homosexuals so let just say the truth...... its called discrimination..... there is no way around it. Religion preaches discrimination, or at least thats what your peddling here.

  50. To Anonymous, at November 07, 2008 3:01 PM

    Are you saying EVERYONE should have the right to marry?

  51. Prop 8 will eventually be overturned (probably with a future prop) because it is fundamentally wrong regardless of what you or I think about gay marriage.

    It may take a few more years of new voters whose "Traditional Values" are different from what you perceive as the absolute truth and what you and your religious beliefs tell you.

    That’s how I see it, too. Traditional values supported by very religious people once included slavery, women without a vote, blacks sitting on the back of the bus, prohibition of interracial mingling/marriage, keeping blacks out of schools (e..g., Alabama - George Wallace) and too many other examples to mention.

    The closeness of the Prop 8 vote is encouraging. Almost enough people have determined that the current “separate but equal” model isn’t right. It won’t be long before gay marriage will be as common as blacks sitting in the front of the bus and women casting votes.

  52. Anonymous, at November 07, 2008 3:40 PM

    Currently EVERYONE ... over the age over 18 has the right to be married to unrelated people except for homosexuals. If convicted felons can get married while serving time i would say thats everyone........
    funny that society accepts that convicted murders and pedophiles still can exercise thier rights to get married but not homosexuals who really could probably teach a few straight people about commitment.

  53. Why discriminate against people who are related to one another? Is it wrong for them to be married?

  54. Hey, a couple of my cousins are pretty cute....hmmmm! something to consider???

  55. Race and gender understanding still has a long ways to go in this country, especially in a City like Menifee. Voting is your legal right to express how you feel about a certain issue or persons. They are done in booths and is your own private concern. I am happy with the National, State and local results. My reason is I saw more people who never voted before turn out in record numbers, Congrads to all that participated this year you are a part of a historic event.

  56. I find it interesting how much "Christian" bashing is out there right now over Prop 8. The fact of the matter is we all have our ideologies...regardless of whether they are founded in our religious beliefs, conservative political beliefs, or liberal political beliefs. WE WENT TO THE POLLS AND VOTED. The result are what they are. Conservatives are just going to have to get over their disappointment at Obama, and Liberals should realize that the majority of voters in California choose to not change the definition of marriage; thats the way things are. Opponents of prop 8 can call supporters bigots, but perhaps they simply do not understand why people supported the measure. I supported prop 8, and I am not a bigot. I have, however, seen more religious bigotry from opponents of prop 8 since its passing. Those with the "religion of liberalism" need to quit trying to shove it down everyone elses thoats.

  57. I did not vote for Obama, but he deserves time to prove to the American people just what he can do. He surely KNOWS that EVERYTHING that happens to the country during his reign falls on him just as it did for every president. Lord knows Bush got enough bashing during the election. Not a place I would desire to be. So Obama has my prayers and I wish him well. I would respect him more if he announced himself as the heir of both races: Half White and Half Black. Yet all we hear is "the first black president". Not exactly so. He's our first biracial president. He owes his mother's side of the family that honor, but we never hear about his WHITE relatives. This alone makes me distrust him.


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