Alcohol at Wheatfield Park

A reader submitted this videotape still of folks drinking beer at Wheatfield Park...

Alcohol at Wheatfield Park
Here's what the reader wrote...

I observed a group of about 8 men after a softball game on Tuesday the 28th of October at about 9pm or so sitting on and along the parking lot sidewalk with beer cans strewn all over the place. I photographed the cans, and the group.

The point is they were unashamedly getting drunk. If you divide the empties by the number of men, it wound up being about 5 beers per man at the time I showed up.

They got rowdy, pushed and shoved me a little, but mostly verbal harrassment.

I called the sheriff, but the men left of course before he arrived.

The Deputy said that consuming alcoholic beverages in a public park is illegal and that offenders would be cited.

However last night I was informed by Menifee Master Association Board members that it was 'legal' to drink alcoholic beverages at ValleyWide Parks.

I did a little research and found that in the Fall 2006 ValleyWide brochure it reminds folks that neither smoking nor alcohol are permitted in their parks.
I haven't looked it up specifically in Riverside County or California, but I believe that consuming alcohol outside of private confines is already illegal; it's pretty much that way across the USA.

Where's the MSJC Police when you need them?


  1. When I first began playing adult softball at Wheat in 2000, it was common place to have adults drinking in the parking lot before and after games. I stopped playing in 2004 and it was still the same.

    Problem is that there never was law enforcement near. What is needed is simple. Law enforcement needs to do some occasional foot patrols of the parking lot. Not every night, just enough to let everyone know they are there.

  2. Perhaps MSJC officers were online picking out their next cruiser. Your tax dollars at work.

  3. perhaps those people who enjoy the park might just be drunks who play softball and not softball players who get drunk. there is a difference.
    take it home first, perhaps a DUI while leaving the park will help them make their house payment...LOL

  4. Wait... I thought you all wanted the MSJC Police to stay on campus, now you want them in the park?


  5. We want the one honorable officer left to patrol the area. The liar of a Chief can stay far away. The Corporal can stay far away as he may want to have an on duty sexual affair in the park (not out of the question, see the link). The other officer is afraid of his own shadow so he certainly will not walk into a dark area by himself and he is a documented liar as well. See the attached link to see what is going on at MSJCPD.

  6. The author of this Post must be that nut case "Don Harris". He is the only one I know who goes around Menifee with his camera in hand, looking for things to capture that he believes are law breakers.
    It's like the old saying "The loudest voice in the choir is that of the reformed whore".

  7. True, I do want them to stay on campus. That was another sarcasm of mine.

  8. Has anyone seen Super Troopers? I saw it the other night on Comedy Central and for some reason it totally reminded me of MSJC "Police." The only difference was that I grew to like the characters in the movie.

  9. The Sheriff needs to be sitting just outside the park and pull these men over for alcohol tests. Maybe that would convince them how serious their actions are; BEFORE they claim a life driving drunk in their stupidness. Do we have a local MADD Chapter? Don't know who took the picture, but thankful someone is alert to the goings on in the community. Obviously, he knew this would be going on or he wouldn't have taken his camera. Anyone old enough to remember the popular TV series..."Smile, you're on Candid Camera"?

  10. Can someone please explain how a College police department would have ANY legal jurisdiction off of the actual campus?

  11. Why is everyone making a big deal out of this? Maybe they are having there own type of "tail gate" party, or celebrating a victory on the ball field? As long as they picked up the beer cans before they left, who did they really hurt? Has no one reading these comments ever drank a beer outside a bar or in your home? Give them a break! In fact, if I knew who they were, I may join them for a beer next time myself. One person says it's illegal, another person says it's legal to drink in the location photographed. Why not get the facts before all the bitchen starts. As for driving under the influence, maybe they had a designated driver? :-) Go for the Gold, go for Bud.

  12. I want to party with these guys haha - let's just not drink and drive, we can walk it's freakin' Menifee :-)

  13. The MSJC officers are state of California police and have jurisdiction all over the state. They should only be patrolling within a 1 mile radius of the campud unless requested for further by the RSO.

    As for everyone bitchin about grown men drinking in the park after a softball game, gimmie a break. If they clean up after themselves, don't cause any damage or disturb anyone and aren't driving under the influence then let them be. I think we have bigger problems like car burglaries and other crimes against people to worry about.

  14. Oh Great! Don Harris, the idiot who friviously sued

    1. every homeowner in Menifee Lakes,

    2. The Riverside Sheriff's Dept.,

    3. Sheriff Bob Doyle,

    4. Sheriff's Deputy, Nelson Guzman,

    5. Riverside County,

    is now targeting softball players who enjoy a beer after a softball game? You have to be kidding me!

    Who gave Harris the right to secretly record individuals having a BBQ? Isn't this illegal?

  15. Is this a joke?

    Are we really going to make a fuss about grown men having a beer after a ballgame?!

    Give me a break!

  16. I count approximately 25 silver cans on the ground. The average softball team has 15 players.

    If all those cans are indeed "beer cans" ( of course we can't tell), that amounts to less than 2 beers per player.

    And how do we know this photo was taken at Wheatfield? Why no faces in the photo?

    The author admits he has no idea of any oridinance against having a beer in the park.

    What is the point of this article?

  17. This "story" needs to be broadcast nationally!!

    Once it's known that Menifee's biggest "crime" is softball players having a beer after a game; our housing problem will be a thing of the past.

    Start the presses!!

  18. Hey Steve,

    Call Vince at Valley Wide/Menifee or Sam Geopp at Valley Wide District Office.

    Do a little research before throwing innocent ball players "under the bus",

    You have just been "played" by your pal Harris!

  19. WOW, did anyone else read the post about the sex scandal cover up as MSJCPD? WOW, WOW, WOW. Guess they need those fancy cars to get their on duty action! Can anyone conform these accusations against the Chief over there? Sounds like lots of crazy stuff! Steve do you know anything about this?

  20. Steve,

    This "story" about ballplayers and beer; was it submitted by an anonymous author?

    If so, you have lost the respect of your readers as this site is no more than a "gossip" magazine.

    If the "author" did submit by name, you need to publish it.

  21. Seems to me, the real culprit is the guy who jumped out the bushes to record this team relaxing after a game.

  22. Menifee 24/7 is for discussing the issues in and around Menifee, not for retribution. I'm simply presenting a topic for discussion. If you want to turn it into a inquest, start your own blog.

  23. It's Tuesday night, 9PM. OMG-there's a softball team having a beer....Call the FBI!

    Get a life, and leave the camera at home!

  24. Steve,

    What, in the photo you posted, proves beer was being used? Could the empty cans be Diet Coke?

    What, in the photo you posted, proves this took place in Wheatfield Park?

    How do you know this occurred at 9:00pm; on the date you say?

  25. I was in attendance at the Menifee Lakes Board Meeting and this subject NEVER was brought up!!

    The only thing discussed at the HOA meeting was the HOA proposed 2009 budget, that's it!

    The Menifee Lakes HOA has nothing to do with Wheatfield.

    This whole story makes no sense.

    What is going on here??

  26. This is a topic of discussion, it's not an inquest!! This is a "Letter to the Editor" just like you would see in the newspaper. It's not about proving that it actually happened. It's about opening up public discussion.

    If you want to launch your own personal investigation, please feel free.

  27. It's my understanding that the guy who tok this photo was barefoot, appeared to be under the influence, and hadn't bathed for many days (he smelled very bad).

    The reason he was upset, was NOT because of the drinking, but because no one offered him a beer.

  28. Steve,

    This is NOT a "letter to the editor", this is YOUR story, with your name to it. YOU decided to post the photo.

    You bear the responsibility for unproven/unsubstantiated allegations that tarnish the reputations of those who are in the photo.

  29. Steve,

    The last I checked, "Letters to the Editor" required a name!

  30. To the anonymous morons in the last 2 posts. Read the comments that Steve placed. "A reader submitted this videotape still of folks drinking beer at Wheatfield Park". Then he states "Here's what the reader wrote". Then he placed the comments of what the person submitted to him. This is not Steve's story what-so-ever. Get your facts straight. In addition, there are no faces in the photo. It's just a story that a reader sent to Steve, period. Maybe the last two posts were made by individuals under the influence?

    FYI, In order to submit information to Steve it must come from a valid email address and he just passes the information on to us here on the website for us to read and comment on.

  31. Issues like this are the main reason I moved away from Menifee. Too many nosy people with too much time on their hands, with nothing better to do then stir up hate and discontent. You can ask anywhere else in the area and Menifee is known as somewhere you don't want to go to.

  32. Oh my god, someone is drinking a beer, why don't you worry about all the drugs and gangs in the area rather than messing with some guys relaxing after a game.

  33. Beer is OK!! But not this kind of Beer Drinking. It looks more like Thugs getting a little Drunk at a place where our Kids play.
    I understand a couple of Beers and putting them away, but this is not what we want to see around Menifee.
    They should go to Perris if they want to do that!

  34. This "story" and it's photo was submitted by Don Harris.

    The same Don Harris who was fired, according to Harris' own lawsuit, from Menifee Lakes HOA because of his "anger management issues".

    This is not the first time Harris has stalked this ball team. Harris seems to have a fettish for some of the players on this team, and this is the reason he was stalking this team on Oct. 28th.

    Camera phones are very sophisticated these days. The one used that night caught Harris in all his glory. The video is quite amazing.

    It's my understanding that Don Harris has been disiplined for his stalking this team on this specific night.

    My advice to Harris is to spend less time stalking people in the Park and spend more time in anger management class.

  35. "They got rowdy and pushed and shoved you a little bit"? You're lucky they didn't take your head off!

    What kind of a whack case would walk around the park taking videos/photos of softball teams enjoying a beer after a game at the park??!!!

    We've got some real wackos out there. Unbelievable. You need to get a freakin life or do you plan to have a short career as the Wheatfield paparazzi?

    There must be something more to this -- no one randomly goes around taking photos like this and then sends them in to be posted on a website. This guy has to have some sort of agenda or vendetta against someone there. Maybe he was once the kid who was always the last one to be picked for a team or maybe he was kicked off one of these softball teams. This is just plain weird and here Steve allows this wacko a forum.

  36. Hi Max and Christy in Vegas,

    Rest assured, that no KIDS are at the ballfield at this time of weeknight. I sincerely hope your kids are not, as they would be in violation of curfew laws.

    As for "thugs", think about how this photo was taken:

    A ballclub is having a beer and hotdogs, and an uninvited man in barefeet and looking homeless intrudes their privacy to make accusations and record them.

    According to the homeless man, the team left the Park.

    "drunk thugs" would have pounded this guy, but this team just walked away.

    Give credit where it is due, the team that understood this intruder was unstable and left him alone.

  37. Ahhhh. This is starting to make some sense now.

    If it was this Harris guy who took this photo and sent it in, I bet there was someone there who was/is involved in his firing or his lawsuits.

    I've heard about this guy and how he tries to intimidate people with threats of lawsuits and making secret recordings that he tries to use as leverage to get his way. Wow, this guy HAS got problems. No wonder he was fired.

    But, I thought this guy was sent to jail in 2007?

    Wasn't he the guy who had his house raided by the Sheriff's office and had all of his computers seized?

    I found this story on the web:

    Is this the same guy?

  38. For the past ten years, Don Harris would audio tape and photograph unsuspecting people walking around Lake Menifee. Harris always "armed" himself with a recorder and a camera in order to harass and intimidate.

    Now that two Lake Menifee contractors have Permanent Restraining Orders against Harris, Harris can't continue his surveillance of those around the Lake.

    It appears he has now made Wheatfield Park his new territory to harrass and intimidate innocent people.

  39. Good point. If these guys were so "drunk", how come they didn't pummel the guy??!!

    I spend alot of time at Wheatfield and have never had any bad experience with any of the softball teams or players. Beer & softball, what could be more American? ....and what could be any less American then walking around taking pictures of people having a good time and then making it seem like they are bad guys.

    Is this guy former Gustapo? Law enforcement wanna be? Former National Enquirer photographer? Was he abused as kid? What the heck?

  40. I found this:

    Wow! This Harris character HAS not been behaving!

    Seems to me Menifee would be much better off if we left the softball guys alone and instead got this troublemaker Harris outta' here.


    1. "The consumption of alcoholic beverages by individuals or groups in District park facilities is permitted..."

    2. "Park users must not conduct themselves in such a manner so as to disturb the public peace or to materially disrupt the quiet enjoyment of such park unit, facility, open space area or nearby properties by any other person who is lawfully present..."


    The ball club is having hotdogs and a beer, minding their own business, when Harris "crashes" the BBQ and causes the ball club to leave.

    Guess it was Harris who violated the Law.








    Pat Cameron, Ellen Schnoor, Susan Vejar, George Moffitt, Judy Hyneman, Phil Spataflora, and Slyvestor.

  43. Leave the softball players alone! Just dont drink and drive!

    I am more concerened about the sex scandal at the college police and the allegations made against the Chief. I knew these guys were corrupt when they pulled me over in September!

  44. I followed the link to the menifeetruth website and saw the picture of this guy and I knew I had seen that picture before.

    I am a member of an online dating service called "Thai Date Club" and this guy has actually communicated to me through this service!!!

    Check it out his profile for yourself:

    Glad I was able to find out more about him here before I pursued any relationship with him.

    I've seen him on this other online dating website too:

    Does anyone know if the facts he states about himself on these online dating services are true?

  45. Whoa....the college scandal seems intriguing....

  46. So does this Harris/dating service scandal.

    WOW! Menifee is very interesting!

  47. If Harris has a thing for Asians so be it. Having my local police officers having sex on duty and the Chief of Police. lying about his credentials and then firing people to cover it up! That is certainly more interesting!

  48. My oh my,

    We have the menifee board weighing in on this one.

    Here is some interesting info to add to their comments.

    Menifee Lakes Board Vice President Jim Roach is on this team of players. I heard the name of the team was either "12 or 20 pack". Sounds like their objective is to drink, not to play ball.

    I think the author of the original post said he was assaulted by one of the players who had had too much to drink.

    I read another report where the author observed one of the team members urinating on a tree.

    And according to the author, there were definitely young children present, and are can be observed (from the rear) in the video tape.

    I think it is funny to see how Roach and former players (members of the Board of Directors of Menifee Lakes)or others can 'put the spin' on their own illegal activities, and try to turn it around to make Harris the bad guy.

    Here is a word for word quote from the 2006 Valley Wide Brochure:

    Referring to ALL ValleyWide Parks:

    "In addition, smoking and alcohol are NOT ALLOWED in the parks at any time."

    This sounds like one of the 'good ole boys' rules that the local site supervisor ALLOWED against published valley wide policy.

    Here are some other potential violations that occurred:

    20. To act in a riotous, boisterous, threatening or indecent manner, or to use abusive, threatening, profane or indecent language in such a manner as to disturb the public peace.

    14. To make or kindle a fire except in stoves, fire circles, or other facilities specifically provided by the county or district for such purpose

    16. To cook any meal except in areas authorized and provided by the county or district for such use;

    24. To urinate or defecate in other than a permanent or temporary restroom

    3) Any person who uses offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate violent reaction.

    It appears that the article was submitted to get public opinion on the issue of alcoholic beverages allowed in a family park where children ARE present, or could be present.

    I believe that one concern expressed by the author is that it had been reported to him that an individual or individuals drinking alcoholic beverages at wheatfield park offered alcoholic beverages to one or more minors.

    I believe that now that Menifee is a City, we need to be concerned about the kind of activities going on in our parks. Allowing people to drink in the parking lot, or on the field before, during or after is only inviting problems like those observed and reported in this case.

    Apparently there is some confusion over the actual law governing the consumption of alcohol at wheatfield park and other valley wide parks.

    I am sure the issue will resolve itself soon.

    But shame on the 'boys' from Menifee Lakes for not owning up to their own actions, and trying to get us all to focus on Harris again.

    Hey Roach, why don't YOU get a life! You and your buddy Savard are a real joke!

  49. First off - none of you are any better -accusing "Don Harris" of taing the pictures! No one even knows who took it - your assuming - just like the picture taker did. So your all guilty. Move on and who cares!

  50. Hey Don,

    What's up with the dating profiles?

  51. I count 30 tall beer cans, and four men. That would be about a six pack per person assuming there was another guy somewhere.

    Also, i read that one of the men took videos of the person taking this photo. So I guess there is no complaining there.

    And no one complained of Harris touching or assaulting them, yet I heard they admitted putting their hands on Harris.

    Board VP Roach is said to have used much profane language towards Harris, while calling him "sweetie"
    (At least Harris is interested in girls if in fact he has posted as alleged by somebody.)

    It is common knowledge that "someone" (believed to be menifee truth owners) posted false profiles of Harris on more than one site. (includng my space) So that is a no brainer. This was reported to the authorities almost a year ago.

    Bottom line is these "men" who supposedly contain several pastors, school teachers, and other 'respectable' members of our community, as well as the VP of the ML Board, were drinking multiple beers in the parking lot BEFORE ten o'clock at night.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. And if you were offering beer to minors, you ought to really be ashamed.

    Someone should take this up with the School Board as well as Valley Wide, if there was a teacher there.

  52. I am very concerned that the Vice President of the MLMA board would be using foul language like the writer said, and making obscene gestures.

    What kind of representation is that?



  53. Don Harris now concedes that the softball team may have been within the Law when having a beer with their hotdogs.

    Will the RSO prosecute Harris for making a false Police Report?


    Harris should try and make a few friends instead of pissing every one in Menifee off.


  54. Oh my god, this is so ridiculous.

    We have a beautiful park, that so many enjoy, from kids to adults. It is well run, hasn't had any problems and this guy Harris shows up, secretly records some pictures without consent and it becomes an issue?

    If the softball teams enjoying a beer and a hot dog in the parking lot after a game had been a problem, it would have been corrected long ago. But is hasn't been a problem.

    Now we find out, all of this is motivated by an individual that is an angry former employee of Menifee Lakes and is still trying to get back at any who had anything to do with it.

    Why doesn't this Harris guy just move on and move in with one of those Thai girls he wants so bad in Los Angeles?!

    The last time this guy was involved on this blog, he made a fool of himself, now it turns out he's a married man (and claims to be a christian) and yet he is trolling for a "good Thai girl" on the internet!

    Why Steve allows this is beyond me.

  55. Now that it has been established that there is NO policy against having a hotdog and a beer after softball games @ Wheatfield Park, maybe Harris should apologize to those he harassed.

    Maybe offer to cook "brats' for the guys, and bring whatever beer he likes, I know he used to enjoy Coronas!

    There, problem solved!

  56. First off it is foolish to confront a group drinking about their drinking if you are one person. Next time walk by and then call the police you might get better results. Go to the Valley wide management and ask them to clarify and post the rules regarding consumption of alcoholic beverages at their centers. Your lucky to have not received a good old fashioned butt whoopin!

  57. I am sure they would require that he agree to be frisked for recording devices!!!

    Now, how many people do you know that you would have to frisk (and would enjoy it) to be sure you weren't being recorded?

  58. If Harris shows up at MY team's BBQ, that camera of his will visit a place it has never been before!

    I assure you that Harris WILL be walking very funny!

  59. Teachers are obligated to report Child Abuse to the authorities. Providing alcohol and tobacco to minors is abuse.

    If a minor was observed drinking alcohol and smoking at Wheatfield, after 10PM the parent(s) of that minor may have some 'splaining to do!

    Camera phones are very good these days.

    I'd hate to be a parent of a minor who drinks, smokes, and breaks curfew.

  60. to: November 09, 2008 5:29 PM

    Are you kidding me? Vote for Hyneman? She is an idiot who uses her position on the Board for her personal agenda- that to be a private Security Guard in her own back yard, paid for by the association. NO THANKS!

    Besides the above, I heard her husband moved to Columbus, Ohio and she will be moving soon, why vote for her, as she will not even be around long?

    Also, I've seen her at the Board Meetings. I'm not impressed. She is always one step behind (she is a little "slow").

    Don Harris? This guy ripped off Menifee Lakes for years and continues to expose the association to extreme liability for his actions. Isn't this article proving this point?

    Additionally, Harris has an "anger issue" as shown by the two Permanent Restraining Orders issued against him to protect innocent people. He is also a little "off". I've seen photos of him, detained by the RSO. He is very unstable and have you seen how he looks at Board meetings?

    Unshaven, tee-shirts, ragged shorts, barefoot, etc. He looks homeless.

    Someone mentioned he smelled bad. This is true, I actually had to move my seat at a meeting because of his stench.

    Phil Spataflora? Sorry, never heard of this guy, therefore I have nothing to say about him.

    I personally know Pat Cameron, Susan Vejar, George Moffitt, and Ellen Schnoor. Most of Menifee Lakes know these four candidates and know that each one of them have volunteered many hours to their community.

    I say that Harris and Hyneman have no business on the MLMA Board, elect any of the other 6 candidates!

    P.S. I voted for Stamper, Roach, and Savard last year and that group has been awesome. Dues remain low, and they have run the business of this association well. They made promises they have kept!

  61. You know why all the cans are in one big pile in front of the guys? Because they clean them all up when they're done.

    Big deal. Go find a life.

  62. I see Harris already deleted his photos from his Thai Dating Club profile!! A cockroach can't stand the light of day!

  63. has saved copies of the profiles Harris had at the Thai Girl websites. He can run, but he can't hide.

  64. Savard and Roach, you guys should try disguising your posts a little better.

    But then COWARDS always try to do thing at night, when they will be unaccountable.

    Like calling a ten year old little girl and then using vile and vulgar language on the phone when she answers.

    Or calling to harass a woman who is home alone with her children.

    Or like putting real estate signs in peoples yards.

    Or like lying and trying to cover your tracks.

    Or like using your position on a board of directors to FUND your own personal vendettas.

    It appears that Savard, and Roach and their whole team is a bunch of cowards.

    That is why they were all mouth with Harris. Harris was not worried about them, because they are COWARDS.

    COWARDS never do anything in the open where they can be seen. It is always under cover of darkness.

    How about offering alcohol to a minor, better yet two minors. Then getting a teacher to try to get them to sign a paper saying it didn't happen.

    You guys just keep digging yourselves in deeper and deeper. And the sad thing is that it won't be you who pays for your careless and COWARDLY behavior.

    What is this 'sweetie' stuff that comes from the mouth of board VP Roach.

    What is that all about Mr. Roach?

    See you later COWARDS

  65. So now that the photos of Harris have been deleted from his Thai Dating Club profiles, I'm guessing this were HIS profiles. After all, why would the photos be deleted if they were fabricated profiles??

    Seems that the posters are on to him. I wonder if his wife is?

    I bet it sucks to be Harris right about now.

  66. Harris, instead of using this website to call people names (like "coward") I suggest, you contact Roach and offer to settle your differences like real men.

    I know Roach, and I'm sure he will indulge you.

    I challenge you Mr. Harris, call Roach. Or or you the real COWARD?

  67. I propose that Harris and Roach "duke it out" at Wheatfield Park.

    I'll watch with my friends and enjoy a hotdog and a beer.

  68. I think it was a good thing that whoever posted Harris' pictures to a web site took them down.

    Posting someone's photos to an internet site is called impersonation and it is not just a local offense. It is a federal offense.

    Creating a false account using someone's identity is unlawful. Or impersonating someone to gain access to private information about that person is also a felony.


    For all of the reasons stated above and for a hundred more.

    And that's just who they are. Nothing will change that. We have had two years as a community to follow their antics, and observe how they wage campaigns, intimidate children, and women, and how they govern our community.

    Cowards is putting it lightly.

  69. Nope, I still want to see Harris and Roach square off!!

    The sooner the better!

    Drinks on me.

  70. So Harris, you allege someone impersonated you to create a dating profile? Call the cops; I'm sure you have them on speed dial, you call them every week.

    And every week, they ignore you.

    Why, because they and everyone else knows you are 5150!

  71. Hey Harris, what is the Law about unauthorized access to an email account? Is it illegal to hack into a political website?

    Please explain the NC Times article that we all saw regarding the raid on your house.

  72. I guess that since Don Harris has made such a fuss about softball players having a beer at Wheatfield, this activity will soon end.

    I also guess that those of us who enjoy the Menifee Lakes' Concerts in the Park at La Paloma Park, in the Summertime, won't be able to enjoy the concerts with a glass of wine.

    One would have thought that this activity would end with some sort of "problem", not because Don Harris decided to cause the problem.

    Thanks Don!! Thanks for making an issue when there isn't one!

    I'm glad I waited to vote. Don, you just motivated me to get my ballot in, and your name will not be checked!

  73. For the guy I assume is Harris- It's easy to call people "cowards" when you sign as "anonymous".

    Be a man and sign your name you coward.

    (yes, I'm one of the ball players you harassed last Tuesday! and one of the guys you photographed)

  74. I'm closing comments on this article since no one wants to discuss the topic at hand, and instead indulge in their obsession with Harris.