Valley Health System - Board Meeting - Oct 27, 2008

The board of directors from Valley Health System are meeting on Monday, October 27, 2008, 7:30pm, at Menifee Valley Medical Center, in the e...

The board of directors from Valley Health System are meeting on Monday, October 27, 2008, 7:30pm, at Menifee Valley Medical Center, in the education center. The education center is located by the cafeteria.


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  1. It would be interesting to see if any of these board members have ever conducted a independant anonymous audit of the care received at these facilities.
    The only way to get to the root of a problem and resolve it is too witness the lack of care firsthand and then start firing people that do not provide the best care possible.

  2. Hey Anonymous! I have worked for VHS for nearly 25 years. If someone sees 'me" doing something wrong or not doing my job, I would hope they would bring it to my attention. Or go to my manager rather than post "anonymous" comments on a web page! IF you have legitimate complaints, take them to the proper person(s). The administration of both facilities would be happy to listen. IF you have something worth sharing, then do it correctly and at least have the "moxy" to use your own name. Cindy Weiand

  3. Hey Cindy,
    You obviously have not been paying attention to this website. There was a full comment section a few weeks ago about all the problems at Menifee Valley Hospital. Numerous people complained and even stated how they went to management and nothing was ever done. Everyone commenting on the section stated they had nothing but problems and the level of care received or lack thereof from Menifee hospital was overwhelming. I have been to that hospital and would never go again. I've had emergencies and requested the ambulance take me to any hospital except for Menifee Valley. I'm not alone in this and you are obviously biased considering you are an employee. The public spoke and there is obviously issues that everyone has complained about.

  4. I was looking for the post about the lack of quality healthcare in Menifee and it appears the entire article and all the comments have been removed.
    It would be nice to have that link so that this person Cindy could review it for herself.

  5. Maybe Cindy hid it.

  6. Wow, are we on a witch hunt or what?

  7. . The hospital could have great workers with too much assigned to them. There is always a limit to how much even the best can do.
    Doubt a board member (VIP) would ever be allowed to witness poor treatment if they needed treatment.
    Wish I had a solution. We need our hospital and the dedicated workers.
    Anyone know what is on the agenda for board meeting?

  8. Anyone interested in the "Agenda" for Valley Health System Board Mtg. scheduled for October 27, 2008 can go to the VHS web site. The "Agenda" is posted for everyone to see.

  9. Gee I couldn't help but notice you put the word AGENDA in quotation marks twice. Are you trying to "say" something? If so then "say" it.

  10. I had the same question about the "Agenda".

  11. You can follow this link to the agenda for today's general board meeting.

    I've only had three reasons for using the facilities here in Menifee. Two emergency room and one life threatening. I'd have to say that the emergency room experiences were lackluster and it would have been cheaper and easier to go to an independent urgent care facility, however I believe the doctors and staff in charge of intensive care are very aware of their abilities and limitations. They were competent enough to save a life and offered great referrals for extended care and followup.

  12. The valley heath posts are here:

  13. I have had a couple of visits myself to Menifee hospital. Both were quite adequate.One time I waited quite awhile, but they obviously had some very sick patients who needed "emergent" care sooner than me. I did notice a few "what appeared to be", patients who maybe could have used an Urgent Care. I think some people do use the Emergency rooms as Doctor offices for things that any Urgent care could handle. I heard one lady say she uses the ER because Urgent care makes you pay "up front". It's a difficult situation. All in all, I had no complaint and would go there again.

  14. More layoffs. What will be left?



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