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Therese Daniels chats about "What's Your Gripe" this evening on Menifee Valley Talk Radio... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/men...

Therese Daniels chats about "What's Your Gripe" this evening on Menifee Valley Talk Radio...

Media lies, censorship and convolution of the news? HOA Power Abuse? Not enough good restaurants? Taxes too high? Too much trivial code enforcement? More youth activities? Obama? McCain? Useless age restricted communities? The declining economy? The was in Real Estate? Lenders? Homeless people? Irag? Child abuse? The usual "stuff"!?

For those of you who have been following this program since we began with thunder and lightening last May, you know I have plenty of gripes. Among my most well known are the abuse of power of HOA's, the stupidity of age restriction in non gated communities, the corruption of politicians, the watered down pudding the media calls news, and my latest favorite is Obama-nobama-pompous windbag. Airing gripes is part of the reason I created Menifee Valley Talk Radio. I discovered often what bothers me bothers you. With that in mind, it occurred to me if we shared ideas we might also discover solutions. So don't forget to listen tonight and call in with your favorite gripe!
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  1. You mention Obama. One note on this topic. If anyone saw the meeting he had with McCain at the Saddleback church this weekend you'll know that this guy is all talk. Every single questioned asked him was answered with a long drawn out answer. He couldn't even answer simple questions without trying to make everyone happy and not been one sided. Whether or not you like McCain at least you know where he stands on everything. All of his answers were concise and quick. I don't know about the rest of you but I would rather have a president that sticks to his words and not making things up as he goes along.

  2. He really showed his ignorance in things he either supports or doesn't, i.e. when asked the question on abortion, he's pro-abortion but yet admitted he doesn't know, or hasn't even bothered to find out, WHEN life actually begins...saying "it's beyond his 'pay-level' or 'grade-level' or whatever dumb thing he said. To blindly support something without being interested enough to find out exactly what you're doing (in this case-aborting a LIFE)shows he's just anybody's dog that hunts with him. These two men were so far apart in their 'leadership skills' its mind-boggling. Apparently Michelle dictates just what Obama will believe, how to dress, and when to go potty. SHE is the real danger in this election, as was the dictator of Jimmy Carter, who the world knows was Rosalynn.

  3. Perhaps our greatest relief will be to watch Hillary back-door Obama and steal his standing, for what its worth. Bill & Hillary (the Bonnie & Clyde of politics) has their 'as-usual' covert agenda to "use" Obama to accomplish what they want. They are very clever what they're doing, and Obama is not smart enough to know it until its too late. I guess I have to be fair to Obama in his bowing down to Hillary, his wife has him convinced that only women wear the pants in a situation, and he'd better listen up.

  4. For the first time since the the unknown Obama caught national media attention I feel validated. Many months ago, I recognized Obama's golden rhetoric as astral puke. It was so obvious to me he was nothing more than plastic glitter, a 5 year old child could see through him. Yet every information given by national media painted Obama as the glorious savior bringing miraculous change to a desperate planet. It's been the classic case of the Emperor and his new suit of clothes. All I could see was a naked man while the press kept describing the gorgeous new suit of clothes Obama was flaunting. Believe me that was unnerving. I kept asking myself what was wrong with me? What was I missing?

    Praise be the heavens! There is a God! Reverend Rick Warren held his forum of the candidates n Saddleback. I watched it. You are all so right. Obama looked like the naked Emperor he is. McCain looked and sounded like a man ready to be President. The best reward of all for me is the public saw the same things I did. They saw Obama for the naked fool he is. At last, I have been validated. I no longer feel I was the only one who saw the Emperor naked.

    Therese Daniels
    Menifee Valley Talk Radio

  5. I tend to think that Obama is NOT naked, and that McCain is the one who is transparent. Obama is vague on specifics, mostly talks in general terms, and seems to change his mind often. McCain seems to say what he feels. Both can be sins or virtues.

    However, we elect Presidents on their on their character and ability to manage. Presidents themselves don't make any detailed decisions, and they don't do any detailed work. They delegate all that stuff and make sure their people are on top of it. That's why we elect Presidents on their ability to appoint the right people.

    In that sense, Obama hasn't provided much of a look into his character, other than this association with Reverend Wright. At one time he said he's against off-shore oil drilling, and now he says he'd support it in some limited degree. At one time he said he would pull our troops out of Iraq immediately upon taking office, and now he says he won't support a full withdrawal if it causes the enemy to rise back up. The only thing we know about him is that he doesn't seem to have any solutions, but that he wants to change everything around.

    McCain is the one who has spent all his time making himself transparent. We seem to know a lot about McCain, but we seem to know less and less about Obama, and only get more confused as time goes on. A lot of people can criticize McCain because they know what his opinions are. On the other hand, people are getting excited about Obama, not for his positives, but because they don't know what his opinions are.

  6. Point and counter point--if a negative is posted about Obama the person is immediately
    assassinated by being called a racist, redneck, or pro McCain. True, there have been far too many extremely ignorant racists, conservative, non conservative, hate for the sake of hate remarks made by those on either side of the fence. McCain claims Obama is playing the race card. Obama claims McCain is focused on race and not on the issues. So the slings and arrows fly in both directions.

    Is it possible that people who are not pro McCain, not racist, and even quite liberal can disapprove of Obama because of what they see in Obama? It isn’t Obama’s funny name or the color of his skin (which I personally think is a beautiful color) that is frightening rational people. It is the man himself with all his contradictions, his anti-American actions, his loyalties to suspicious characters around the world, his consistently getting caught in his own exaggerations, outright lies, his extremely controversial family and the unknown or unsubstantiated details of his birth and even if he is really African black or Arab? Is he actually legally able to be president? Obama unwittingly reveals his ignorance about all the major political issues every time he publicly speaks. I will not tally all the details in the blunders, contradictions, lies, and exaggerations, mistakes in his statement as there are literally thousands of highly intellectual writers who are doing so and publishing them. I am merely stating that Obama’s golden voice only spews astral puke. He doesn’t have one original idea or thought the world hasn’t already heard and knows doesn’t work. This is what is disturbing rational voters.

    Obama claims he will bring CHANGE to America. So will McCain bring change? No matter how many people want to call McCain --McBush, it will not turn McCain into George Bush. They are two different men with two different backgrounds in the same way Obama and McCain are also two different men. Change is here. If McCain knows one fact, he knows very well that the last thing people want is another four years of a Bush type administration. It isn’t going to happen if McCain is elected. Change will come regardless who is elected. The big question is what kind of change?

    Everyone knows that no one man or president can solve all the world’s problems in one or two terms. The world is realistic enough for that. Voters are simply worried that the man they do put in office won’t make matters any worse than they are.

    When I was a little girl attending a Catholic school, the nuns had a slogan; “Give me a child until he is 12 years old and he will be mine forever.” The years passed I married and had a little girl. I deliberately refused to raise her under the guidance of any religion. I chose instead, to instill human decency in her. Years later she grew up, and became a Catholic and had a Catholic wedding. All I could think of were the lines of Zero Mostel from the movie The Producers; “I did everything wrong. Where did I go right?” So asked my daughter who told me very clearly she became a Catholic because I raised her Catholic. I proceeded to deny that claiming she was never introduced to catechism, sent to church, partook of the sacraments, or sent to a Catholic school, and so on and so forth. She agreed that was so. Then she informed me even though I didn’t do those things, my entire point of view and philosophy was catholic, and thus I instilled in her the basic catholic fundamentals of thought and purpose. I gasped. She was absolutely right. I raised my daughter a catholic even I had not intended so. This is why it is so important to know a candidates educational background as a young evolving child. Chances are these influences will guide the person unconsciously the rest of his life.

    Basically all people are the same. All people have basically the same needs for survival. What separates one person from another or one group of people from another is the sum total of their thoughts which govern their dogma, philosophy, and ultimately their actions. That is why nothing can be more important to understand than the religious dogma, educational background, and basic philosophy of any person applying for any position of great power. Just as important is to understand the attitudes and belief systems of the person’s mate. Not only is it every voter’s right to look into such issues
    Of a presidential candidate, it is the duty to do so. How else can an objective voting decision be made?

    This is why people who chose to place themselves in the position of the most important job in the country have to be squeaky clean in everything that pertains to their family background, religious beliefs, philosophy, loyalty to the country they are going to serve, and birth. The person applying for the job must have a proven track record of a successful past performance and not glittering rhetoric of nothing. These and more are the basic issues that voters need to see before they can expect the man to solve the issues of the country of the world.

    Never in the history of American politics has there been a more controversial character than Obama. Obama is a Muslim who wants everyone to believe he is Christian. He denies is Muslim background. Then –for political reasons only—he disenfranchises himself from Reverend Wright’s Church. He literally insults both religions. If it reaches a point there is overwhelming controversy about a candidate—to the point his advisors must continual deny and claim they are lies. Then the candidate is literally too controversial to run and should withdraw. Because it finally reaches a place it no longer matters whether they are lies or not—the persistent controversy has got to stop. It will never stop as long as that candidate remains in the lime light.

    Some people say Obama is disliked because America is not ready for a black president. Not true. America was more than willing to accept Colin Powel if he ran. Colin Powel’s background and character are impeccable. Others even thought Condoleezza Rice would have been great. No one considers her an anti American. Others objected she was too close to Bush—not that she is a woman or is black. I will never vote for Obama because he lacks good character and integrity. Obama’s core philosophy is Muslim in the same way mine is Catholic. Though, I like Muslim people, I cannot agree with their ideas and philosophy based upon the Koran. That doesn’t mean I am pro McCain. I may vote for an independent.

    America has come a long way, baby. I fear an Obama vote would one day force American women to wear Berkas. If it is to continue to grow, it must take a hard look at Obama and ask if he is really in the highest and best interest of American?

    Therese Daniels
    Menifee Valley Talk Radio

  7. Well with Russia mocking us at the moment and ready to make a move that coud be disastrous - lets hope Obama doesnt get in office. If so - Russia is going to pounce and it wont be pretty.

  8. OMG!!! Theresa Daniels is really out there. Obama would soon have women wearing Berkas?? Are you kidding? Are you trying to scare the little old lady next door. That is the most ridiculous statement, almost as crazy as Obama’s core philosophy is Muslim.
    Yeah, maybe he's not for you. No problem. But get the facts straight he is NOT muslim, never has been.
    Check out her rants on spa-shout.org. Goes on and on and on. I have never met Ms. Daniels but from everything I have read from her and about her she is one negative person. The kind that loves to stir the pot. NO THANKS!!!

  9. Has anyone ever wondered, with his 'let-me-please(save)-you-whatever-it-is'; if OBAMA could just be; could possibly be the Anti-Christ for these last days??Read the Word, he fits it very well. SCARY !!

  10. My gripe is chunky peanut butter. Butter is suppose to be creamy not crunchy hence the term peanut BUTTER! Chunky peanut butter is evil.

  11. Senator McCain, now the presumptive Republican nominee, has staked his candidacy on the promise that American troops can bring stability to Iraq. What he almost never says is that one of them is his own son, who spent seven months patrolling Anbar Province and learned of his father's New Hampshire victory in January while he was digging a stuck military vehicle out of the mud.

    Two of Jimmy's three older brothers went into the military. Doug McCain, 48, was a Navy pilot. Jack McCain, 21, is to graduate from the Naval Academy next year, raising the chances that his father, if elected, could become the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower with a son at war.

    I chose to share this with those who I believe will pass it on, to others who will pass it on. We hear so much inflated trash out t here. How about a simple act of kindness ... and dedication to others placed above
    Has Barack Hussein Obama served in The American Armed Services? NO

    This is for all you Barack Obama voters.

    From Barack's book, Audacity of Hope:

    'I will stand with the Muslims

    should the political winds

    shift in an ugly direction.'


  12. This election should be interesting. Scary thing is that we have a lot of Dumb *ss ppl in this country who will vote one way or another soley based upon stirring up controversy. In my opinion there will be people voting for Obama just to see what happens. Then they willbe going "uh oh!" down the road. Lets hope the smart people outnumber the dummies. Unfortunately....I dont think that's going to happen.

  13. Right, lets get war crazy McCain in there. In no time we'll be in Iran with another 4000 men and women dead and another billion spent so our ecomony can get in further down the toilet. Come on people we don't need another 4 years of BUSH!!!!

  14. "Lets hope the smart people outnumber the dummies. Unfortunately....I dont think that's going to happen." I am worried about that too. But it seems like the Obama fan club is slowly coming to realize he is a good speaker...and that is about it. I really hope once they start debating, those who are for him will see what a bad decision they would make if they vote for him. I am so scared for us all if he is elected president.

  15. If Obama voters are dummies, then I guess the people who voted for TWICE are ignorant!! The thought of McCain as President is terrifying. He is a stubborn Hot Head.

  16. Just the thought of Obama running our country is terrifying. Did you see Obama's half brother on the news today? He lives in a shack in Nigeria on $1 a month!!!

  17. Did you see that on the cartoon network

  18. The story about Obama's half brother ran I believe on the channel 4 news in the afternoon. They actually spoke with him and he is ashamed to admit that he is his half brother. They went on to tell the entire story that they share the same father, different mother. http://www.usmagazine.com/news/barack-obamas-half-brother-discovered-in-hut-in-kenya

  19. Here is the story from a more reputable source.

  20. Well Enjoy your little rant, because when the dust settles, all of you will have a new President it will not be Insane Mccain, but a Black Face....Oh yes you are Racist, Right Wing, run this country down, refuse to accept anyone but yourselves...well Cry Cry Cry Baby. You fear mongers afraid of your prejudice ways coming back to haunt you, It is time for America to make the change needed to get rid of your racist ways and hopefully move to a United States.

    Oh yeah stop using religion to justify what you do, God has no color he is 1 God for all people and he is not your pocket God. The more you try to block change the more it comes....Obama 08 12...Get over yourselves..oh yeah he doesn't need your vote! :)

  21. The commenter boasting about getting a black president to put all the white people in their places is just the mentality awaiting the nation if this happens. And then he/she has the gall to call white people racists?? This radical needs to quit listening to Obama's pastor Wright (sure can't call him a 'reverend') and get the over being a pitiful racist themselves! VERY Pitiful....

  22. The women Obama loved most, his mother and grandmother were both white. The election shouldn't be about race, but if you want it to be then wouldn't he be the perfect person (part white/part black)? One poster made mention of his lack of integrity and character. How about McCain calling his wife the "C" word? Talk about a lack of intergrity.
    I agree with the previous poster that McCain is a hot head. We don't need another stubborn president. See where it got us? In the crap hole. And on the half-brother thing. You can't pick your relations. Just think about how embarrassed the former pres. Bush is that his son turned out to the the worst president in history.

  23. Isn't Obama just as much white as he is black?