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Shop Locally Shopping locally has never been more important than now, Menifee, in light of the current circumstances surrounding our soon-t...

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Shopping locally has never been more important than now, Menifee, in light of the current circumstances surrounding our soon-to-be city. Why? Because of the slow third quarter, many of your local business people are seeing a significant drop in their revenue. OK, but what does that mean to me, the Menifee resident?

The small businessperson, who probably chose to invest their life-savings in a business in Menifee, runs on a very tight budget most times. Rent costs more than the average consumer would think, attaining product usually comes with a certain amount of difficulty, and advertising is sometimes expensive to be effective. Add all of this together, and you have more expenditures than your local business owner anticipated. Couple this with the fact that many Menifee residents don’t think twice about hopping on that freeway to shop in Murrieta/Temecula, simply because they didn’t know that the items they sought were available locally for a fair price. Many of us don’t even know all that Menifee has to offer in the way of goods and services. We simply drive to our neighboring cities because we know that we can get it there fast. But really, how much extra are we spending in gas, and how much time are we taking to drive out of our way, just to get it fast at a fair price?

Perhaps we did shop around, via Internet or phone, and found that we could save a few dollars by going to a neighboring city. What did we save ourselves, really? Those Menifee business owners made a choice to bank on you, the Menifee residents, to be their shoppers. If we all sought goods and services out of Menifee, the local businesses would cease to exist. Wouldn’t that in turn, lessen the competition for neighboring city business owners and then, in turn, drive up prices? Doesn’t every business that dies in our city decrease our options, and put money into a city that isn’t doing anything for Menifee?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying “Never shop out of town!” But, when available at a competitive price, why not shop here? I am just asking that we all do our homework before taking our hard-earned-dollars to another city. Invest in the businesses that chose to invest in you. Give these little guys a chance!

The fourth quarter is looking good for business valley wide. Sales are up, believe it or not, and people are shopping again. The busy holiday time is really just around the corner, and with the new center opening in Menifee, many dollars can and will be spent at home. As homeowners and residents of Menifee, you have chosen to make an investment in this small soon-to-be city; make even more of an investment by keeping your dollars local when you can.

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