Randall Freeman, MUSD Candidate Statement

The following is a statement from Randall Freeman, candidate for Menifee School Board... I have filed papers to seek election to the Governi...

The following is a statement from Randall Freeman, candidate for Menifee School Board...
I have filed papers to seek election to the Governing Board in the November 4th election to fill Mr. Twyman’s seat on the Menifee Union School District Governing Board. I am requesting that you consider supporting me for this very important position.

My wife, Karen, and I have lived in the Menifee area since our marriage in 1993. Our four daughters are attending schools in the MUSD – Daniela will be attending Bell Mountain Middle School and Sarah, Holly, and Megan attend Freedom Crest Elementary School. My desire is to serve the school district in which they are students as a volunteer. This is an excellent way in which to do so.

I am a parent and a veteran educator. I have served as an elementary teacher in a neighboring district for what will soon be my 20th year with them. My particular area of expertise is in the area of early childhood education, expertise that I believe will well serve the Governing Board. I am a National Board Certified Teacher, Early Childhood Generalist (2002) and am well into my fourth year of my doctoral program in early childhood education. I will complete my doctorate in May 2010.

I am a contributing member in the local community. Since 1998, as Public Schools Chairman for the local Masonic Lodge, I have supervised several programs which have benefited our children and our schools in the MUSD. We have a Child ID Program which has identified over 4,000 children free of charge. We have provided backpacks to over 400 kindergarten students in the MUSD and have done cornerstones for several of the Menifee USD schools, including Freedom Crest Elementary School and Oak Meadows Elementary School.

It is my desire to better serve our community, especially our children. I can think of no better way in which to do this than to serve as a member of the Governing Board. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Randall Freeman
If you're a candidate for a school district that serves Menifee, submit your statement, of any length, and I'll publish it here.


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  1. I see your credentials , but you gave no statement about your goals, plans, and desires for the future of the district.

  2. Mr. Freeman,

    When I picture the people that are represented by the Governing Board for the Menifee Union School District, I see a wide array of individuals. The school district is comprised of students, teachers, staff, parents, and those that are not associated with a school at all. As a teacher, how will you be able to represent every group of individuals equally? Are you not naturally biased to teachers and thus may vote for items that are beneficial to teachers but not the district as a whole? How do relate to those that have no ties to schools at all, but are affected by the continuous stream of Measures that are passed? Why does being a teacher make you more qualified than someone else?

    These questions can be for anyone of our candidates or members of the Governing Board not just Mr. Freeman. But since he posted his statement first they go to him.


  3. Maybe he doesn't have time - he mentions that he is a father of FOUR daughters. :-)

  4. I hope you get zero votes. The whole purpose of a school board is to represent the voice and interests of the people against the interests of the entrenched school officials. As an entrenched public school official you would gladly support every item on the agenda that benefited public employees no matter what the cost for the students and parents. You and your ilk will be happy to bleed the public dry to support your hidden agenda.
    I say no to your kind. We have been putting more and more money into the schools but our payback has gotten less and less. It is time to have the board composed ONLY of parents that have nothing financial to gain from their actions.
    People like you sicken me...

  5. You folks are very critical in nature. For those of you who do not know, the former and successful board member, Mr. Twyman, is a teacher. Not only was he successful on the governing board, but Menifee residents voted for him for City Council.

    Teacher's are just like you and me. Many teachers have concerns and issues that by bringing them forward, will benefit the children and parents.

    Because of folks like you, qualified individuals do not step forward to run for the board. Come on folks. I do not see the likes of you running for the board.

    Mr. Freeman seems like a sincere individual, who as a father and experienced teacher has what it takes to be a successful member of the governing board.

  6. Let's see, what have we obtained from the current school board? Lunch's that aren't fit too eat, free lunch's for alot of kids who's family's can afford them, I know this because they live near me. Parents spending money to supply classrooms with materials. Wasting money and time trying to teach kids to speak English. Filthy restrooms that the children won't use. Oh yea, don't forget the 'FEEL GOOD Teaching System'. Don't give one child an award (who has earned It) with out giving the others one, you might hurt the others feelings, even If they don't deserve one. I've seen teachers that won't let their class go to awards assembly's because the children not getting awards might feel bad, how ridiculous Is that????

  7. Respectfully Mr. Freeman and any other former Teacher applying for this position..you have all let the parents and children down..for your personal wealth and ambitions. I agree with the previous comments, we need parent representation, and you do not fit the bill. Fred Twyman was on there and still we are no better off. Teachers give awards to students who do not deserve them and teacher's kids consume the majority of them. I am truly disqusted with MUSD and their propaganda how our children are first. They are only first if it fits their pockets. The test scores Menifee from 06 feel in the average range. Menifee Elementary who received the most outstanding acolade was given Closure for their great work. Thank you school board.

    All around us school districts cut teachers salaries, expanded classroom sizes and we kept all teachers from their whinning and phony lies how expanded classroom size would hurt the kids.

    No more hype or political jargon from you bureaucrats. Also, I noticed he never mentioned what school district he teaches. We do not need another out of district educator dictating to us what is good for our children....Enough is Enough. Let the position stay vacant until general election..cause if you don't who ever is in....will be in..think about it everyone. We have a lazy board. that takes the path of list resistance. It's their no wave no splash policy..keep the teacher's happy and the heck with your kids.

  8. Hello Mr. Freeman,

    I have several questions that I submitted to Mr. Bowman. For consistency, I am asking for you to answer the same questions. These questions are as follows:

    Will you give the same prioritiy to Unification that Fred Twyman did?

    Will you seek legistlative and gubernatorial help to pass special legislation, if ncessary?

    Will you push for a plan to break off from Perris Union High School? Explanation: A plan would promote separate facilities for an "Academy" or school for problem students, an Adult High School and facilities for Special Education.

    I hope that are public forums to hear and meet the school board candidates.

  9. Dear Mr. Freeman,
    I would like to know where you stand on Arts education, particularly the music classes and band classes in the elementary schools (3rd - 5th grade).

  10. I am very saddened when I read many of these posts. I would hope that citizens of this community would want to pursue the positive aspect of our school district rather than shoot arrows at someone they know nothing about just because they are a teacher. It breaks my heart that people would judge the entire school district on one negative incident that they were either involved in or 'heard about' happening to someone else. There are many many fine teachers and administrators in our district. Of course there will always be problems here or there, people are only human. But to judge hundreds of teachers at 10 different schools based on one incident is unfair and, in my opinion, ignorant. I used to be one of those ignorant people who had opinions of different schools in this district based on my own uneducated prejudices. But as my own children have grown up and I have become more involved in different schools in the district, I have met and worked with so many wonderful people who care so deeply about our children. To negatively judge Mr. Freeman, or any candidate, just because they have dedicated their lives to working with children is not understanding who the person is or listening to what they have to say.

    Menifee Elementary will open again and will still be a Distinguished School. Students in Quail Valley now have a beautiful local neighborhood school they can call their own. It didn't make sense to eliminate other positions in the district just to keep an entire school open with only 320 students on one track. Our Governing Board and District administration were able to keep all the teachers in our district employed - nobody lost their job.

    Can we please stop the negative bashing and lets focus on making our district stand out as a shining example of what a GREAT district should look like!

  11. To those people who are upset about how their child's experience in school has been... Might I suggest that you volunteer your time in the schools and help to make a positive contribution?

  12. First of all Steve please do not censor my comment unless it is offensive..I wrote an earlier post that was not Pro Freeman or any candidate that is currently working or retired teacher. These political yahoos have hurt this district so badly with their own personal wants placed in front of what is best for the children. Fred Twyman was a teacher and we are no bettre for it. As previously posted the lunches are disqusting..same crap day after day after month, the teachers give more awards to their peer teachers kids then those who really deserve..oops earned them.

    Teachers dooped us in believing that if we did not keep class room size down the quality of our kids education would be compromise. Well look at 06 STAR testing results..and you will see that MUSD feel into average range..nothing spectacular. Only thing that was got closed by whom the School Board, that was Menifee Elementary..a Title 1 school that received distinquished honors. Good Job Menifee El...now get the heck outta here..their reward..Yeah...No more lies and poltical propaganda from these elected and self appointed league of teachers. I say leave the post open until November then we can vote for a new person that will not skate in under the radar..Our school board is lazy they will keep whomever comes in now beyond this short term..give he or her a pat on the back and say they are doing well. Mr. Freeman sorry but no way.keep teaching wherever you are..since you failed to mentioned that tidbit of information..on purpose I'm sure. Either way no more politics as usual Parents are fed up with teachers and school boards using their children as tools for their political and personal agendas.

  13. Randall T. FreemanAugust 20, 2008 4:24 PM

    To Mike,

    Thank you for possessing a basic understanding of my motivations for running for the Menifee School Board.

    To those anonymous individuals who villify me simply because I am a teacher - wow! Such hatred and rude behavior! To claim to know who I am and what I stand for simply because of my profession is amazing. Naive I may be but this is something to behold.

    My priority is what is best for children. It always has been and always will be. Whether I win the election or receive zero votes (which won't happen because I will vote for myself), I am for improving the future of children. If I can prevent one child from becoming a disrespectful hatemonger as appears on this website, I will have done my job.

    To those who have demonstrated that they actually care about my positions on issues, I will begin now and will be more than happy to expand on them in the future.

    Unification will happen in our district and it will benefit us. My employing district went through it in 1991 and it has made us better. I don't demand that it happen now but I will work toward the smooth transiti