Sobriety Checkpoint Nets 45 Cars Impounded or Towed

That sobriety checkpoint the Riverside County Sheriff conducted in Canyon Lake, along Railroad Canyon Rd, back on Friday, June 27, here'...

That sobriety checkpoint the Riverside County Sheriff conducted in Canyon Lake, along Railroad Canyon Rd, back on Friday, June 27, here's the results from the Department...
On Friday, June 27, 2008, the Canyon Lake Police Department conducted a DUI / traffic safety checkpoint on Railroad Canyon Rd. at Sorrel Ln. Enforcement action began at 7:00 PM Friday evening and continued through 3:00 AM Saturday morning. The checkpoint was staffed by 16 deputies and several volunteers including citizens on patrol and police explorers from the Canyon Lake and Perris explorer posts.

During the course of the checkpoint, 67 citations were issued for a range of vehicle code violations which included; unlicensed/suspended drivers, no insurance, child seat violations, and several others, resulting in 45 vehicles being towed or impounded. Nine drivers were arrested for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Additionally, one arrest was made for drug possession and one warrant was served.

The operation was considered successful in sending a message that DUI drivers, unlicensed drivers and other unsafe vehicle code violations will not be tolerated. The Canyon Lake Police Department is planning more DUI and traffic safety checkpoints in the future.
Is it just me, or is it an abuse of force to impound a vehicle because of a child seat violation?

Violations of child safety seat laws should just be a warning. To impound cars, means that everyone will become too worried about driving through a sobriety checkpoint. We have enough "gray laws" on the books that allow LEOs to bust us for anything they want.

Now that you know the Sheriff will impound your car for something as innocent as a child safety seat violation, OR ANY OTHER vehicle code violation, do you feel confident that you will pass that checkpoint unscathed? Or will you do everything in your power to avoid that road?

These sobriety checks are not sending the message of DUI, they scare the crap out of every decent, well meaning, citizen.

Law enforcement should go after criminals, the guys who actually threaten public safety, the guys that take a lot of hard work to apprehend. Not busting moms and dads for "vehicle code violations".


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  1. impound your car for what? That's

  2. good! they should impound cars for that. IF you can't follow the laws about child safety then you shouldn't have KIDS...and you sure as hell shouldn't put them in cars without the proper safety seats! IDIOTS! they get what they deserve.

  3. Of course it's alright. I am a RN in pediatrics, do you know how many kids are hurt because parents don't use a car seat or use it wrong. There is no excuse! Their is always some community thing where they show parents how to restrain the car seat. So Yes it;s ok.

  4. I don't think there's a section in the vehicle code to impound a car because of a child safety seat violation. You can for not having a license/having a suspended license, being arrested for any misd/felony, and having a registration over a year/or maybe 6 months out of date

  5. Steve you really misread this article. You can't impound a car for a child seat violation, you can read the vehicle code for yourself here...

    I am glad to hear they made arrests and impounded cars for violations, people who don't obey the law should pay the consequences, it really isn't that far fetched of an idea is it?

    And you can have your car impounded if your registration is 30 days past due.

  6. I agree with the above posters. Who suffers in an accident when a child is not properly restrained??...THE CHILD! I see people driving around with their kids on their laps when I pick up my kids from school and I yell at them. If you can't be responsible for your kids...then by all means teach the parents a lesson. The kids are the ones that end up hurt. Shame on them!

  7. You yell at them?? That's ghetto, do you also yell "Get off my Lawn" at the kids. One of these days you're going to yell at the wrong person then you'll be posting on here about how violent people are.

  8. Good for you chatty cathy. People driving with kids that aren't restrtained should be charged with child endangerment. Kids don't have the ability or knowledge to choose to sit in a car seat or keep their seatbelts on. It is up to parents to teach their kids what the rules and laws are and what is right vs wrong. This law is in place to keep kids safe because clearly not all parents are capable.


  9. I wonder what the results would be if they'd move the check point down before the Canyon Lake turn-in. The last one I saw, they put it near the newly paved road (Newport realignment road).

    This sort of isolates the check to people other than residents of Canyon Lake doesn't it?

  10. This law is in place to keep kids safe because clearly not all parents are capable.

    So are you saying that my mom was never able to keep me safe?

    Laws need to be respected, no argument there. I'm asking if the punishment fits the crime. Code violations should be "fix it" tickets at worst, or better yet, let go with a warning.

    Sounds like you are a 100% perfect driver and parent, never making any mistakes at all.

    The rest of us will make innocent mistakes, oversights, or will be distracted, and that's when the police will bust us. I just hope the police will understand that we're just "Human", and not criminals.

  11. you are an idiot. There is no excuse for a child to not be properly restrained. It has nothing to do with being a perfect is common sense.

  12. How do you know the person with a child unrestrained wasn't also a DUI? Children, not in car seats, during an accident are called projectiles. Do you know the stats on people, children or not, who die because they're not retrained?
    You should go on a ride along someday.
    Usually, I'm in agreement with you. Here...not so much.