Search Menifee 24/7

I added the search form at the upper-right corner of the page.

This searches all articles and comments going back to when Menifee 24/7 started.

The search engine is powered by Google, so that it displays ads (more ads!).

The bad news is that this is a "free text" search, meaning it searches for words on the entire page, including the side columns, not just in the articles. So if you searched for "animals", you'll get about 800 hits, because that word appears in the side column under the "Archives by Subject". I can't filter the results by just the articles.

You can try surrounding your search query with "quotes", to find a string of words that match exactly that. If you searched for Menifee Lakes (without quotes), Google will return pages that have Menifee and Lakes appearing individually. If you search for "Menifee Lakes" (with quotes), Google will return only pages with those two words together.

So far, this is only available on the main 24/7 site, and it only searches the main 24/7 site. It doesn't find content on the other sub-sites. I'll implement separate search forms there.

With almost four years of content on this site, this should help you find every page where your name was mentioned.


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