Romoland Voted Overwhelmingly for Cityhood

Joe Daugherty, who chaired the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee, passed around a handout at the city council meeting last night showin...

Joe Daugherty, who chaired the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee, passed around a handout at the city council meeting last night showing statistics of how people voted on the cityhood issue.

He obtained data from the Riverside County Registrar of Voters which broke down the vote tallies by region...

Sun City
3,647 for "yes"
2,891 for "no"
55.78% for yes
57% of total voters

2,831 for "yes"
1,218 for "no"
69.92% for yes
35% of total voters

414 for "yes"
151 for "no"
73.27% for yes
5% of total voters

Quail Valley
268 for "yes"
136 for "no"
66.34% for yes
3% of total voters

To read this data, if you look at Romoland for example, 414 people voted yes, 151 voted no, for a ratio of 73.27% in favor. Romoland voters accounted for 5% of all the people voting on the cityhood issue.

You could argue that most of the Romoland voters were from Heritage Lake. Daugherty says he doesn't have enough granularity on this data to show from which parts of Romoland these voters came from.

But you can also see that Sun City still commands the largest share of voters, yet they were much more evenly divided over cityhood, with 55.78% voting in favor.


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  1. Help me understand: So Romoland voted unanimously for cityhood yet only PART of Romoland gets to ? How, pray tell, will the Romoland residents OR the rest of us know who is and who isn't? What will the Romoland 'left-behinds' be called - 'Rejects', 'disinherited siblings', or just 'tossed aside'? This makes me sad....I want everybody included!!

  2. Anonymous, let me see if I can explain:

    Only a small portion of Romoland was included in the new city boundaries, not all of Romoland. Only those individuals living in the affected area got to vote on cityhood, not everybody living in Romoland.

    And for the record, they voted overwhelmingly, as opposed to unanimously. The difference being that a unanimous vote would have meant everybody voted the same.

    As to what the area will be known as, I'm guessing it will still be known as Romoland. The people living there are not "rejects", they are not "disinherited siblings", and they have not been "tossed aside".

    On a related and possibly positive note, a gentleman living in the area of Romoland that was NOT included in cityhood addressed the city council the other night and requested that all of Romoland, Homeland and Green Acres be included in Menifee's sphere of influence. I don't know if this specific area will be included, but the interim city manager did mention they are already looking at creating a sphere of influence. You can read more about that in Steve's article that he wrote covering the city council meeting.

    Hopefully this provides a better understanding on how Romoland was affected.

  3. Thanks Todd!

    I was a little “foggy” on the definition of unanimous. Thank you for clearing that up.

  4. Hey Todd since you are so great at definitions...

    What does a "shere of influence" mean?

  5. To Anonymous @1:44,

    You are welcome. And after reading my post, I decided I sounded rather condescending when I pointed out unanimously. That wasn't my intent.

    To Anonymous @6:38

    The term "sphere of influence" is used in many ways - in politics, science and business to name a few. In this case, it's basically being used politically. I understand the term in its various meanings when I hear it used, but discovered while I was preparing this response that I actually have a much easier time explaining the scientific or business meanings than any of the political meanings. So I consulted my trusted advisor - Lo and behold, there was the perfect explanation.


    In California "sphere of influence" has a legal meaning as a plan for the probable physical boundaries and service area of a local agency. Spheres of influence at California local agencies are regulated by Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCO). Each county in California has a LAFCO.

    So in this case, it basically refers to the City of Menifee having or creating a plan to absorb surrounding unincorporated areas into the city's boundaries, or at least bringing the areas under the city's control.

    Hope this helps.

  6. City of Menifee should be city's own boundaries come first which should not involve with Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland to vote for cityhood. That's it!!

  7. To the above poster...

    The boundaries are already drawn and voted upon, the parts of Romoland included, Sun City and Quail Valley will ALL be "City of Menifee" as of October 1.

    Your point is mute

  8. That poster from 12:53 AM sounds an awful lot like the poster that kept making similar comments just before the election.

    The city's boundaries DID come first - those boundaries included Sun City, Quail Valley and part of Romoland.

    The previous poster is correct - the point is moot, stop bringing it up.

  9. That poster needs to take an English Learners Class.

  10. Well its been a year and menifee still sucks! I still write Romoland on my mail and that's the address I give out to people, as suspected, all we have seen in the menifee police over here writing tickets to increase revenue for menifee that sure the hell won't be spent on anything over here, so once again Piss Off menifee!!!!!



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