Fleming Ranch, Menifee

The Business Press reports that a home developer has purchased some 325 acres of land between Ethanac Rd and McCall Rd, along the I-215, and...

The Business Press reports that a home developer has purchased some 325 acres of land between Ethanac Rd and McCall Rd, along the I-215, and plans to build a 1,500 unit community...
A newly formed subsidiary of an Irvine land brokerage firm has agreed to help entitle a site in Riverside County for a proposed master planned community. TBJ Menifee LLC intends to build Fleming Ranch next to Interstate 215 in Menifee, said Damon Gascon, president of the recently formed Park Place Partners Development Solutions Inc.
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The article goes on to say that the developer doesn't plan to start building until the economy turns around.


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  1. Oh joy just what we need more HOUSES!

  2. Time will tell if this idea succeeds. No official proposal is likely until the city of Menifee takes control of land use decisions. I foresee a test of our fledgling government’s ability to control our destiny by insisting on less houses and more places to work.

  3. I agree - just what we don't need, more houses. From the article, it appears that this particular area had already been approved for more housing, as the current developer bought the land from K. Hovnanian back in 2006.

    I don't know how much power the city will have in reversing prior decisions the county made, if they will even have that power. But if they do, there are two things I would like to see happen:

    1 - The council may have already done this, but I would like to see them formally request that the county "butt out" of decisions regarding the approval of development projects that are going to directly affect the city.

    2 - I would like to see the council closely evaluate ALL of the projects previously approved by the county.

    I'm personally not opposed to growth, but let that growth happen on OUR terms, not the county's. So now, we have a 325 acre parcel that could potentially be put to a different/better use - a 325 acre parcel of that is going to sit vacant for a while.

  4. I absolutely agree with all the previous posters....we need more business, not housing...

  5. From the quoted article, it seems that no formal proposal has been made to the county. At this point it’s just so many acres of land changing or potentially changing ownership. Given the current housing situation, I doubt any company will be moving forward with plans to build large developments any time soon. By the time they are ready to proceed, the city of Menifee and not the county will be fully in control of approving projects.

  6. I like the idea. If you people don't want more houses than move to the country or even farther out.

  7. this is far out. You move back to OC or LA if you want wall to wall housing.

  8. To Anonymous at 8:38 - for many of us that have been here for many years, we moved here because this WAS the country. I agree with the last poster - if you want wall to wall housing and traffic congestion comparable to LA, Orange and San Diego counties, move back there or wherever you came from.

    Like I said in my post at 7:30 - I'm not opposed to more growth. Just let it happen on our terms.

    I for one enjoy the fact that you can still tell when you leave Menifee and enter Murrieta, or Perris, or any other city surrounding us. I don't want us to turn into another Orange County or LA County or San Diego County, where the only way you can tell you have moved from one city to the next is by the signs on the freeway.

  9. Why doesn't this developer buy the vacant land of the Audie Murphy ranch and finish the development, not to mention Newport Road.

    If he's going to wait for the market to turn around he might be waiting for quite along time. Why would people move here? Where's the jobs? Unless the homes are priced at a retail worker's wage there's no hope for success.

  10. To Anonymous, at July 25, 2008 8:38 AM, why don't you move out. This is the country, that is why I moved out here to get away from San Diego County. I've been out here for almost 20 years and I for one like the fact that I can commute to my job & come home to relax away from the big city. THIS IS THE COUNTRY! I don't want into turn into OC or San Diego. I like it just the way it is! If anyone disagrees oh well, go back to where you came from!

  11. Enough is enough, we are all here and not going anywhere so we might as well learn to get along.

    I for one would love to go back to where I came from in OC but I can't, its too expensive, so instead I would like to see this place that was once country become more convenient. I don't expect Menifee to be as hussle and bussle as OC but more conveniences would be nice.

    Maybe they could develop that area for business. I don't think it matters at this point cause we are probably talking 3 years down the road.

  12. well said above poster. Some people have elitest points of view .

  13. My point of view isn't meant to be elitist. My point of view is that I've lived here for a long time and I moved here to get away from "city life". I'll be damned if I'm going to let somebody else tell me to "move to the country" when, 15 to 20 years ago, this was the country. If I "move to the country" now, then what's going to happen in 15 to 20 years? Is somebody that doesn't live in the country now going to move there and tell me to get out because they want the country to have more "conveniences"? I can understand bringing in shopping and other businesses. In fact, I support that idea 100%. I'm just tired of seeing more and more houses being built that seem to get closer and closer together.

  14. I agree with the bloggers above, but I think we,as a new city, need to worry about selling and upgrading all of the empty homes in our community now, befor we worry about building more homes.

  15. I'd like to see the “Audited” Financial Statements of the Developer before they blast any existing mountains, put up hideous traffic control, turn our local roads into unsafe driving conditions, & "Walk Off the Job".

    With the Audie Murphy Ranch Project such a bad seed, there should be a little bit of apprehensiveness.

  16. Posting a bond is supposed to be a guarantee in lieu of having to conduct a financial audit of a developer. However as Juan Perez noted, trying to collect on that bond is difficult.

    One reason why there is so much home development, is because the county never had the money to pay for improvements. They welcomed in developers, and made them pay for the improvements. The City of Menifee is in the same boat right now.

    What we need is to build up a tax base. Countryside Marketplace will help. But we need more taxable revenue to pay for improvements, and not have to rely on developers to finance new roads, parks, sewage, etc.

  17. I understand completely the insurance of a Bond. Boy, that insurance is working well with Audie Murphy Ranch.

    I'm interested to find out this Developers Bonding Capacity(didn't the article read they opened their doors on July 1?). Not only should they be able to have enough bonding capacity, but be able to have enough financial stability to finish the projects that just might go "sour". How many projects have they completed on time and under budget? How many other projects will they have open during the same time as this one? Has any party ever collected on their bond? What about liquidated damages, if the project does not stay on track with the schedule, will liquidated damages be enforced?

    I'm not asking these questions to get an answer, just to get maybe the right person thinking...

    I drive by unfinished projects on a daily basis in Menifee, just like everyone else, and I wonder how many unfinished projects can our community withstand?

  18. We are over capacity on unfinished projects right now.The west side of the 215 is worse than the east.Driving on Newport Road is an embarassment from Canyon Lake to Murrieta Rd., and then it is just as bad on Murrieta Rd.

  19. Yes, it is an embarrassment! That deteriorated green material that is begging for grafitti and desinterating into trash and is an unsightly wind ripped mess! The developer should be collectively sued for damage to property value. Tax base and improvement money is understandable we need it to improve but these housed have 2% taxes already and then the developer paid for the improvements? Where is all the money going. 2% on 450 thousand dollar homes is incredible. No wonder there are 3 or 4 foreclosure signs on many streets. OC is more affordable when you look at the taxes over the long term.