National Night Out 2008

The 25th Annual National Night Out is a nationwide event promoted by National Association of Town Watch. The NATW is focuses on getting residents to take control of their neighborhoods and ward off crime.

The National Night Out for 2008 is officially scheduled for August 5th. However, there will be an NNO event at Heritage High School on August 2nd, at 3:00pm, inside the gymnasium.

Patricia Glaha, who runs the Harvest Valley blog, has more information about it... night-out-against-crime-august-2-2008.html

She says...

This event will have Representatives from County, and State Governments, Various Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, and Safety Organizations, Agencies pertaining to the well being and safety of all people in the community.
Steve Vitamanti, who is a 4th degree black belt in martial arts, will be providing free personal defense training for kids, teens, and adults.


  1. Sounds like a great idea, we need another Venue to get information..not everyone looks at this site!

    Honest Jon