Cityhood Inaugural Event Committee Seeks Members

Mayor Pro Tem Darcy Kuenzi is chairing the Inaugural Event Committee which will plan Menifee's cityhood inauguration. She is reaching o...

Mayor Pro Tem Darcy Kuenzi is chairing the Inaugural Event Committee which will plan Menifee's cityhood inauguration. She is reaching out to the community to find people interested helping out with some event planning.

Interested persons are invited to attend the initial meeting, Tuesday, July 29, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Boston Billie's Restaurant, Banquet Room, 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City, CA 92586. Boston Billie's is located inside the Sun City Shopping Plaza.


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  1. Gee, they are throwing a party for themselves?

    I say save the $$.

  2. I support the Cityhood Inaugural Event, because it is not just about our city council it is about WE THE PEOPLE of the CITY OF MENIFEE. I for one am excited about becoming a city and all the positive things it will mean for all of us.
    This event does not have to be about spending money, especially when you have local clubs, organizations and citizens donating to this exciting event and celebrating together as a CITY !!

  3. Will be interesting to see what names from the volunteers are actually selected and be given spots on this new committee. I certainly hope its some new, fresh names with fresh ideas. To stay with names already familiar (the old familiar "its who you know, not what you know" mentality) is played itself to death in the community. Maybe it should be published as to how many names volunteered and how many were chosen and by what methods. And by all means, have the committee made up of a good cross section of the areas and ages!

  4. To the above poster,
    I'm not sure I understand your comment in regards to Volunteers being selected because they know someone. I have been a volunteer in the community of Menifee Lakes for 18 years, and I can tell you that Volunteers are RARE indivuals, and anyone who volunteers is a GIFT. Do you really think they would turn away volunteers because they don't fit a certain criteria?? I have a representative going to that meeting, so it will be interesting to see how the meeting is conducted.

  5. You guys are party poopers!

    Complaining about money and special treatment of volunteers?

    Come on, it's a party to celebrate our new city. You must really hate fireworks on the fourth of July!

    "I can't believe they spent money on those imported fireworks from China"


    "That Uncle Sam would never be what he is if his nephiew wasn't a senator."

    Come on! Not everything is a boondoggle or conspiracy.

  6. Well said Lite'nup!

    This is a big deal! How many brand new cities are most of us going to have the chance to live in during our lifetimes? It isn't just about officially swearing in the city council members - it's about our community and celebrating our accomplishment. And if you don't think becoming a city is an accomplishment, then you either haven't paid attention, haven't lived here for longer than six months or you really are as lite'nup said, "party poopers".

  7. To the Menifee Lakes volunteer of 18 years: "Sending one of your representatives to scope the meeting"?? Whats the purpose behind that? Weird indeed. Unless....the representative is checking to see if it is worthy enough for you to lend your time?? How pious you sound...stay in Menifee Lakes where they must really need you. Lord knows they're short on happy campers.

  8. To the above poster:

    Were loved as a child? Come on, what is with you people?? You knock someone because they give back to a community in which they have lived for 18 years. You call them "Pious" because for some reason you think they are for living in Menifee Lakes!! That is so far from the truth. But the truth is that it's not a bad place to live and raise a family, maybe not perfect, but not a bad community and some people are proud to volunteer to make things nicer for EVERYONE in MENIFEE. You missed the point by becoming quick to judge and name call.
    Sending a rep to a meeting is called "getting involved", taking a step to see where you might be of help, not to decide it's worthiness based on some kind of hidden agenda. Since the organization I volunteer for is a NON-PROFIT club, we have no interest but to be of help....period. Remember we GIVE BACK to the residents of MENIFEE.
    So sorry that in your eyes that is a NEGATIVE.
    Signed.........just another "Happy Camper" who happens to live in Menifee Lakes !!!

  9. Your question about being loved is sick. Why would an adult(?) ask that question in defending himself ? What's the application?? NOW for a REALLY sensible question, did your "representative" you sent to scout the meeting for you come back with 'yes chief its worthwhile' or no, chief,don't waste your time??? I'm just one of the "you people" you see as inferior.

  10. It was NEVER a question of worthiness. That was your take on the situation.
    Again, you are so far off base.
    We will offer our time with no expectations, just the chance to be of help where needed.
    Maybe if you would start to look for where you could be of help yourself, you'd stop knocking everyone else who is out there offering there assistance to our community.
    I get the feeling that you scan posts just to see what negative comment you can make. You need find better use of your time.



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