Reminder: School Busing Available for 2008-2009

The Menifee Union School District wants to remind parents that school busing is available to qualifying students for this upcoming school year.

While school busing had been cut out of the budget for this coming year, it's now back, but in limited availability.

Busing will be available for elementary students who live outside of a 1.25 mile perimeter of their school. Students living inside of that perimeter cannot ride the bus.

For middle school students, that perimeter is 2.0 miles.

Maps showing walking distances (measured aerially) are posted on the District website, in school offices, the Transportation Office and at the District Receptionist Office. You can views the maps online...

For questions, call the District Receptionist at (951) 672-1851, after you have reviewed the maps linked above.

Bus Passes

Students taking the bus must have bus passes. Bus Drivers will now enforce this requirement. Passes will be available free to qualifying students.


  1. I would like to question the boards decision to offer only quarter and annual bus passes. What was wrong with the ticket books that were previously offered?

    This is not prudent for many families who only occasionally use the bus service. There is no RTA bus line that services our schools, so the District bus is the only alternative families have when scheduling conflicts with car pools and walking isn't feasible.

    Does anyone know what prompted this? What would the steps be to get RTA service between major intersections and our middle and high schools?

  2. Have you called the Menifee district office? I believe the books of individual tickets are also available. The passes do save some money if a student is going to ride the bus every day.

  3. They are no longer offering individual bus tickets, just trimester & yearly passes. I'm just happy they brought it back and am willing to pay increased costs as well...

  4. Ooops. I was wrong. There are no books of single tickets being sold this year.

  5. The district is only bringing back a portion of the bussing previously offered in an attempt to make everyone happy. They are offering it to families who live 1.25 aerial miles from their elementary school and are only selling trimester or annual passes so that they have a good idea of who will be taking the bus. A half empty bus is wasting money.

    Is anyone aware that bringing back bussing is using up money that could be used in the classrooms. Teachers paper and copy supplies are being cut for next year because of the budget. Also school supplies, like pens, pencils, glue, crayons, markers, etc. are being limited. Some may not think this is a problem but I do. With all the cuts our kids are going to be affected. I wish the district would work harder to keep the cuts out of the classrooms!