Menifee Gas Prices - June 22, 2008

Menifee-area gas prices as of today...

Green = Lowest price
Red - Highest price

Menifee gas pricesRegularDiesel
Chevron(Murrieta Rd & Newport Rd)$4.59$4.99
Shell(Murrieta Rd & Newport Rd)$4.59$4.99
Mobil(Winterhaven & Newport Rd)$4.53$4.99
ARCO(Bradley Rd & Newport Rd)$4.49$5.07
76(Haun Rd & Newport Rd)$4.53$4.99
Shell(Antelope Rd & Newport Rd)$4.59$5.05
Sun City gas prices
Valero(Sun City Blvd & McCall)$4.75$5.39
Chevron(Bradley Rd & McCall)$4.67$4.99
Valero(Antelope Rd & McCall)$4.59$5.19
Romoland gas prices
ARCO(Menifee Rd & Highway 74)$4.47$5.27
Perris gas prices
Exxon(Ethanac Rd & I-215)$4.53$4.99
Murrieta gas prices
7-Eleven(Antelope Rd & Scott Rd)$4.59N/A


  1. Man, what happened to Valero in Sun City? It used to be one of the cheapest... now it is the worst!

  2. Thanks again for the update!

  3. It was 4.439 at Costco on Friday.

  4. AM/PM needs to stop charging .45 per use of debit cards, if you think of it, when you buy 10 gallons of gas you are adding 4.5 cents per gallon. It seems petty but something to think about at least. I personally ONLY buy gas at Costco. I just wish we had our own store.

  5. Then just pay cash at AM/PM and you won't have their service charge, and you forgot that you pay for your annual membership at Costco, are you adding that in also.

  6. You get a lot more that just gas savings with a costco membership. Access to the store is worth the membership alone. Also, you can just use any American Express credit card at costco without a membership.

  7. * That is, for Costco Gas, I mean. Sorry...

  8. captive audience in sun city..thats why valero and chevron can charge those prices

  9. Isn't it sad that the gas stations in Sun City take advantage of the seniors? Now they have a sign out front that says something like (I'm paraphrasing) American gas company. All the vets that don't drive further than a 5 mile radius are getting screwed by that "American gas company". I live in Sun City and NEVER go there! Not just because their prices are outrageous but because it smells AWFUL inside!

  10. Mobil(Winterhaven & Newport Rd) just passed it and it was $4.49 as well as the Arco next to it. I was so excited to see gas under $4.50 this week.

  11. nice that your posting prices..but that was 4 days about some updates

  12. Why are we wasting space posting gas prices?
    I really don't think any one is taking advantage of seniors specifically. We are all getting screwed.


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