Is it the Environment or the Economy?

The Press Enterprise, today, ran an article citing a survey sponsored by Green Valley Initiative, that says residents of the Inland Empire are more concerned about protecting the Earth's environment than they are about building the neighborhood's economy...

More than half of Inland-area residents surveyed said they believe that protecting the environment is more important than economic growth in the region, according to a poll released today.

And many say they are doing their part by recycling, conserving water and turning off lights.

I question the authenticity of this study. I think it's been doctored up in an attempt to help a developer sell more homes at the Dos Lagos community near Corona.

People are recycling stuff because they get a special trash can for it, not because they're concerned about deforestation and the effects of strip-mining. I bet if you take away the recycling trash cans, you'll find that everyone will chuck their aluminum cans and newspapers in with the rest of the trash.

Everyone is conserving water to a lesser or greater degree because we're in a drought, and we understand that water is a life or death matter. And finally, everyone is having to reduce their electricity consumption because we can't afford to pay SoCal Edison hundreds of dollars each month.

These are all economic and practical reasons, not environmental.

I'm sure, however, there are many people concerned about the environment, I'm one of them. But economics are much more important to me. I try to cut back on gasoline use because it's expensive to drive, not because of global warming. I recently put up window tint on my house drop my electricity bill, not because I'm concerned about carcinogens bellowing from electricity plants.

This organization called "Green Valley Intitiative" was created by the developer who built Dos Lagos, that community south of Corona where the old mining operation used to be. GVI is supposed to foster the growth of "green technologies" in building master-planned communities. But I can't help wondering if GVI is more like a front to create media hype for Dos Lagos. I don't really see anything substantially green about Dos Lagos. They could have turned it into a greenbelt, or a regional park. Instead they built homes and shopping centers, inviting more traffic. The Press Enterprise today has done what GVI had hoped, help Dos Lagos sell more homes.

And I guess I just did that too.


  1. I agree completely with your take on the motivation for conservation. I do all those things because if I don't, I can't put food on the table. We go out to eat maybe 5 or 6 times a YEAR because we just naturally know we need to conserve our resources (cashflow) and we recycle because it's easy. However, in OC, before we had the recycle trash can, we still brought our recycling to the recycling center to get the cash, not because we're afraid of landfills.

    I don't think we should trash the place because we want it to stay beautiful and livable, and I think we should all be better stewards of what our Creator Jesus Christ has given to us to take care of. I don't believe our trash or waste is going to destroy the planet by any stretch of the imagination, but who wants to live in a trash bin? That's one of the reasons many of us left where we came from.