Gas. It's Gonna Get Worse

It's that feeling you get lately when you are driving a long distance. It kind of feels like the life is slowly being sucked out of your body when each piston fires. The vehicle that we have once loved for its durability and comfort is now our nemesis. Sometimes, I voice my dislike of the poor mileage I get out of my compact SUV when I'm sitting in it. I even resort to talking to it, threatening that I am going to go buy a hybrid.

Does it listen? No, it just keeps sucking the life out of me, one spark fire at a time.

But there are little things that we can do to maximize the usage of gas we mindlessly pour into our tanks. One thing I have recently started doing is turning off the air conditioning and rolling the windows down. The air conditioning is horrible for MPGs. Another thing that I have started doing is changing from my work clothes (I have to wear slacks and a nice shirt) to shorts and a t-shirt for the commute home.

Here are some other tips that I've found on the Internet. You may find something useful. Let's face it, there ain't no hope for the prices to come down in the next few months.


  1. Actually, I read a study that said to use your windows around town at lower speeds. The air conditionaer is better for freeway and higher speeds.

  2. Windows down saves gas when driving under 40 MPH. AC on and windows up saves gas when driving over 40 MPH. In fact, driving with the windows down at 55 can reduce fuel economy by 20% or more.

    Here's my source.

  3. I ride my motorcycle anytime I need to go out for something. My Harley gets about 45 MPG, and my Yamaha gets about 40. The Harley has saddlebags and a trunk to carry stuff. Some of the smaller displacement bikes will get 50-60 MPG. You can buy freeway legal scooters that will get 70-80 MPG.

    The 91 toll lanes also allows motorcycles for free on most situations, by going through the 3+ lane. The only time you have to pay toll, is when riding eastbound, on Monday-Friday, from 4:00-6:00pm, in which you pay half-price....

    (scroll down to "Discounts")

    But in that case, you can stay on the free-lanes, and split between cars.

  4. This is so funny that you bring up this topic, look up the archives @foxnews. THey had a lady on there yesterday saying that the window down thing doesn't help. SHe gave tips to help and no it's not hyper miling. It was on yesterday in the business segment. Think you might like it. BTW she said any gas your saving with the windows down is only pennies due to the fact that when you get your car over 50 MPH your car is not aero dynamic with the windows down thus you waste more gas trying to maintain a speed.

  5. Heard the same thing about the windows down/AC thing in the newspaper. Click and Clack say "no"!

    Anyway, anyone who is trying to save gas by putting your car in neutral and coasting with an should stop immediately, you can destroy your tranny.

    Yes, I got good gas mileage driving over Ortega in neutral, but blowing close to 3000 dollars in repairs sure didn't help. I should have spent the money on gas. Dumb me.

  6. find this a subject hilarious! We are all bitching and moaning about gas prices,
    my approach is dropping my speed limit down 5 miles. As I'm getting ran over on the roads and freeways anyways. Have you been at a light and watched the person next to you act like they are in Nascar? Does that person not care about gas mileage? LUCKY HIM or HER!

  7. That's very interesting, but makes perfect sense. I have always heard that you should drop the tailgate of your pickup to increase the aerodynamics of your truck. That would make sense that the wind coming in would cause resistance that would affect your gas mileage.
    What about convertibles?

  8. Too hot to roll the windows down! The faster you go - the hotte rit gets! LOL I need a/c! I drive a lifted gas guzzling SUV - gets about 9 mpg! Not enjoying driving too much right now. I did have to chuckle though - because I too dread the thought of driving anywhere. I think it going to bring people back to their roots- eat at home more and probably lose weight, spend time with their familes AS families. Might be a good thing we all need.

  9. I've heard the tailgate thing is also kind of a myth, at least lately. The trucks are designed to be aerodynamic with tailgates up, and if you drop the tailgate, in short, that messes it up. A tonneau cover might help though.

  10. Mythbusters did an experiment on tailgates, and found that tailgates up is actually slightly more fuel efficient. When it's up, it creates a wind eddy in the bed. That eddy acts a solid, and forces the wind to flow over the cab and over the bed. With the tailgate down, there is no eddy, and the wind actually pushes down on the truck bed.