County Plans to Build Communication Towers in Menifee

communication towerThe County is planning to build more communication towers to increase radio contact between law enforcement officers.

The project, dubbed "Public Safety Enterprise Communication System", will add 51 more towers across the County to supplement the existing 20.

Two of these towers will be located within the Menifee Valley, including one on Wickerd Rd, near Murrieta Rd, and the other in Quail Valley, right on the border with Canyon Lake, along Barry Ct....

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The Menifee tower will be 100ft tall, while the Quail Valley tower will be 60ft tall, according to the Environmental Impact Report. A couple of the towers in other parts of the county will be 330ft tall, taller than the Morongo Casino tower.

You can read more about this project here...

The County launched a public comment period on June 9th, and ends on July 23. You can actually tell the County what you think about this using their online form...

It's supposedly going to take 3 years to get the 51 towers into place.


  1. I think this is great. The ability of the police to have radio contact at ALL times is IMPERATIVE to their safety and the public's safety.


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