Menifee Valley Talk Radio

Get ready, Menifee is about to go live.

Well, on the Internet anyways.

Therese Daniels and Chuck Reuter, two Sun City residents, are hosting a live radio show focusing on the cityhood drive. Therese is a former member of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, and founder of the Menifee Sun City Chamber of Commerce. Chuck is a former board member of the Sun City Civic Association.

You can access the show here...

The goal of the show is to provide a "point/counterpoint" approach to the issues facing Menifee Valley, with Therese and Chuck taking opposing sides.

But with the cityhood vote upon us, they'll be dedicating their next few shows on cityhood.

The first official show is scheduled to go live Wednesday evening, at 10:00am, on May 21, and lasting about one hour. If you miss the show, you can download the broadcast from their website. I'll try to announce each show here on Menifee 24/7.

City Council Candidates Wanted

Therese and Chuck would like to invite candidates for city council to come on the show with them and talk about their candidacies.

Contact Therese at (951) 672-9551. Or e-mail her at:


  1. Could someone please tell all of us out here why anyone would be against cityhood? Why would anyone want to have the county tell them what they can and cannot do? Why would anyone want to wait over 30 minutes for a 911 response by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department? Why do you want to keep your head in the sand?
    Let's all get together and have a say in the direction our valley will head into the future...VOTE YES FOR CITYHOOD!

  2. I believe that most who oppose cityhood are misinformed. They believe that LAFCO made a mistake in their assessment of the areas fiscal feasability. They believe that voting no means they can maintain the status quo until 'things get better'. I've read their stuff and attended a meeting. I couldn't bring myself to respond because there was so much mis-information going around.

  3. Mieke,

    I would agree with you. I'm probably voting no. My feelings are not strong either way, and I must admit that the reasoning is that unless compelled to take an action, I tend to not push for change (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

    My primary concern after having read the LAFCO analysis is that they may be overstating the fiscal feasibility (as you mentioned). Although the report clearly states that they purposely were conservative in their figures, I have a hard time believing that 2 years ago someone would have been able to see the extent of fiscal decay (although temporary) in the local economy.

    The number of foreclosed houses, and lower values on existing home sales are a concern. I doubt anyone would have projected that this far along, and not a single house is near completion in the Audie Murphy area.

  4. When Perris comes knocking on your door it will be too late to action!

  5. We recently received the “Survey” from the Menifee Union School district asking us to vote on whether we would prefer to move to a modified traditional school year. In the letter it states that the survey is being conducted by an “Independent” Agency and the school district will not know the results until they are made public to everyone. What is interesting about the letter is that it asks you to bring the survey to your children’s school and drop it off. Why does the school district want the survey before it goes to the “Independent” agency? It sounds like another fine job by those in working in the school district.

  6. "When Perris comes knocking on your door it will be too late to action!"

    I suppose that's a feeble scare tactic? I think people with the ability to think critically will form their own opinions.

  7. It is not a feable scare tactic. It is a very real threat! If you have been living in this area more than ten years, you have a background of Perris' land grabbing.

    Perris could annex large areas going south and esst into Romoland, Quail Valley and Sun City. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Perris was on the march. They annexed propeties in North Quail Valley and swoop close to Sun City by stopping at Ethanac Road. In 1993-1994, Perris had proposed an annexation attempt as far south as Rouse Road but it faltered. In addition, Perris' Sphere of Influence extended as far east as Briggs Road but Rivereside County LAFCO around 1990pushed it back close to I-215. I beiieve there has been little change in Perris' Sphere of Influence since the early 1990s.

    Perris has been involved in internal dissent since the late 1980s. There has been recall attempts and there were times in the 1990s and early 2000s that city managers were fortunate to last a year. As you guess it, Perris has had approximately ten city managers or more since 1988. In fact, Riverside County had to send a government recovery team around 2000 to keep Perris from going into bankruptcy. This team also helped to recruit a city manager that was fired in favor of the current city manager and his team. The city has been too busy surviving to think about annexing until now. They are ready if cityhood fails and are contemplating grabbing more land as indicated in the Press Enterprise article last week.

    Another reason that annexation haven't occurred in the past decade is that Menifee Valley has been designated as a unincorporated community. This designation blocked annexation attempts from surrounding communities. However, the Board of Supervisors no longer has this category for unincorporated areas.

    If the no cityhood voters are successful in blocking incorporation, many Sun City, Quall Valley and Romoland residents that includes residents at Heritage Lakes, tracts next to Kentucky Fried Chicken and other new tracts throughout Romoland may have the City of Perris across the street or have Perris addresses.

    Please consider the history of this area and read rebuttals of the 'No Cityhood" supporter's comments and fliers before voting. Please read the Voter Guide that all voters have received for good rebuttals. If you were to go to Menifee Live and then click on meet the Candidates. You will then find a listing of all the candidates. Scoll down to Scott Mann and then further scroll down to near the bottom of information on him. You will find a rebuttal to the flier passed around last weekend by the "No Cityhood" supporters.

    You also might want to read the Menifee Valley Incorporation documents on the Riverside County Local Formation Commission web site. All you have to do, is type in Riverside County Local Formation Commission in the white box next to your search engine search button.

    Read and get informed. Don't allow yourself to be bamboozled!

  8. If we don't become a city now Murrieta will come up from the south (they already annexed up to almost Scott Rd.) and Perris will come down from the North.(May 19th has all the facts on that!) We will NOT get a chance again to become a city if we don't vote it in now. We don't have a box to check on our ballots that says to raise taxes like some new cities had to do BECAUSE we have the feasibility (money) to become a city now. There are rules and regulations (LONG studies) that have to be done to DECIDE if you can even become a city. Menifee Incorporation Committee put an application in 2x before for us to become a city and we were not feasible then. We are now. So vote for Cityhood but more importantly vote for 5 good people that will represent YOU and not special interests!!! Look for the article Mieke said she was going to do about the campaign contributions
    candidates received after last filing May 22. Then you will get a better idea of which candidates have the best interests of the public!!!