Menifee Valley Talk Radio - Show #4

This morning Menifee Valley Talk Radio ran it's fourth show. You can hear a replay here...

Therese's co-host, Chuck Reuter was not there taking care of some personal matters, so Julie Johnson sat in his place. Julie was the former CEO of both the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce and Menifee Sun City Chamber of Commerce, as well as a former legislative aid for 3rd District Supervisor, Jeff Stone.

Mid-way into the show, Therese listed off her picks for city council, Wallace Edgerton, Sue Kristjansson, Chris Thomas, Scott Mann, and Darci Castillejos.

She also named off her list of "definitely not" for city council.

Much of the discussion focused on countering arguments put forth by Anne Pica, who was the special guest of last Monday's show, and who chairs the Citizens Against Cityhood campaign, as well as talking about the laundry list of campaign contributions from developers.


  1. I got some good information, but I'm still undecided. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Steve: Thank you for being on. I only got to listen to the first quarter or so, but you, my friend are the right man for the job you're doing. Your site is getting more attention and being talked about with respect for its open stand on letting comments be made and serious discussions take place at this critical, transforming time we're in out here. You have a very nonjudgemental way of speaking and I applaud you. I'm sure you take no haughty pride in my saying that, it just needs to be said. You're good at what you do; when I came across Menifee 247, it almost became my newspaper for the day, only better.

  3. It was Sun City Chamber of Commerce for long time which recent changed to Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce in few years ago WITHOUT Menifee Residents vote for new name of City (Chamber of Commerce)in first place. I oppose that named of "Menifee Valley" Chamber of Commerce even wood stand sign "Menifee Valley" set up earlier WITHOUT authorization before vote by June 3rd. Menifee Valley is not official both!!! What going on with Riverside County? Please vote for "Menifee" on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008.

  4. I think more people are concerned with WHO will be the new council than they are if we become Menifee OR Menifee Valley. Regardless, we're all, for the sake of unity in our new growth, going to have to resolve to accept the outcome of Tuesday's vote. I just hope they have fireworks ready to celebrate the passing of the citihood. If it actually happens. Again, only Tuesday will tell.