Goat Hill in Canyon Lake to be Clipped

Cutting off your nose to spite your face.

That might be what the City of Canyon Lake is doing with its consideration to approve a development project on top of Goat Hill.

Goat Hill is the hill along Railroad Canyon Rd, at the intersection with Canyon Hills Drive.

Canyon Lake is in dire straits, with only enough cash reserves to last them maybe two more years, until they face a possible bankruptcy. They don't have any land to build out more retail, and the sluggish economy, combined with falling property values and foreclosures, have put the tiny city into desperate times.

goat hill canyone lake california

And so, comes this idea to mortgage off one of its natural landmarks, slicing off the top, grading it, and terracing it, to build some luxury homes and commercial centers.

This operation will take place over three years. As the Press Enterprise reported last month...
The excavation and grading would result in more than 3 million cubic yards of granite fill being hauled from the site.

Loader trucks would make 300 round trips a day on the city's main thoroughfare, Railroad Canyon Road, to haul the fill to a yet undetermined location. The traffic would be equivalent to an additional 900 daily car trips on the road, according to the initial environmental study.
And where to do they plan to dump this dirt? I hope not in Menifee!

Linda Freeman writes to The Friday Flyer, pointing out that this three-year excavation project will make it tough for homeowners to sell their properties, causing further declines in values...
If this project is approved, will all potential home sellers have to disclose that the hill that is visible and aesthetically pleasing today will be degraded in three years time? Will sellers have to disclose that a rock quarry is operating five to six days a week with on going explosives and a rock crushing plant that makes noise five to six days a week in a residential neighborhood?
Once the project is completed in three years, will it provide enough tax revenues to save the City of Canyon Lake? Will Canyon Lake already be in bankruptcy before the project is complete?

Or, is the city about to cut off its nose to spite its face?


  1. If Canyon Lake truly is in danger of bankruptcy in two years... then this expensive construction project will kill them before it is finished.

  2. This is horrible for prospective home buyers looking to establish themselves in the area soon. Sounds to me like they want the money from the granite and not to help the community to thrive.