Deane Foote versus Jeff Stone

While the cityhood debate has been the hot topic in Menifee Valley, there is in fact a race for the 3rd District Supervisor seat.

Incumbent Jeff Stone is being challenged by Deane Foote.

Therese Daniels of Menifee Valley Talk Radio announced that Deane Foote will be a guest on the show for Monday, June 2, at 8:00pm (an evening show). Here's your chance call in and ask Mr. Foote why he thinks he'll make a better Supervisor.


  1. This I got to hear. Maybe Dean Foote will keep his massive promises, unlike Jeff Stone. Hey... maybe, just maybe, Dean Foote is free of Rancon and Dan Stephenson. If he is, Dean has my vote!

  2. Yea, if you look at Stone's campaign disclosure, you will see that EVERY DEVELOPER in Southern California has bought him off about 12 times through his monthly fundraisers that began one month after he took office.

    Jeff Stone needs to go! Anybody would be better than Stone.

  3. Kudos to Therese Daniels, Steve and Julie. Great job in bringing out some special details that I didn't even think about. Really informative show. I hope this show continues even after the election!


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