Dan Stephenson - Buying a City Council

The Press Enterprise also ran an article last February, regarding Dan Stephenson, through his company, Rancon Real Estate, and his history of buying Temecula's city council...

Three of the five council members also have other financial ties to Stephenson: Councilman Jeff Comerchero works for him; Mayor Michael Naggar's consulting company works for Stephenson on some projects; and Councilman Chuck Washington has invested in a Stephenson development north of Temecula.
Read the full article here...


It goes on to say that Stephenson helps get his city council reelected by organizing fundraisers for them, such as trips to sporting events, where you get to rub noses with council members for having donated money, and ultimately, get your projects moving forward.

Rancon real estate, is of course, the most influential player in the development of Menifee. They were the ones behind the communities built here, and they have more holdings in Menifee yet to develop. I don't necessarily blame the company for creating homes and retail centers here. Some could argue that they like the way Temecula has grown, while others could argue that they don't like it at all.

Either way, it's time to stop letting developers be our mayor and city council, and take control of our own community.

That is after all, why we are talking about cityhood.


  1. Right on STEVE! I agree wholeheartedly. Let us elect people without ties to developers so that we have a chance in setting up our own foundation ethically. Rancon threw Stone a few fundraisers too. I think the county is corrupt, Temecula is corrupt and Murrieta is corrupt. Let's be different! Only vote for candidates with no developer contributions or chamber associations!