Candidates Speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio

This morning's broadcast of Menifee Valley Talk Radio welcomed five city council candidates who got to speak on the show.

You can listen to a replay of the show using the player below, (click on the arrow to the left)...

Marc Miller spoke about his involvement launching and running the cityhood incorporation movement, and expressed his desire to retain the rural aspect of Menifee Valley.

Fred Twyman came on to speak about why he chose to run for city council, citing his frustration with trying to address County officials, and also spoke about his plans to increase public parks and recreational facilities. He'd like to convert the entire Salt Creek into a useable public park, with picnic grounds and walking trails.

Sue Kristjansson expressed her master plan to make Menifee "awesome", bringing in sports and recreation facilities, and talked about the need for more public transportation options in Menifee.

Chris Thomas talked about his background as a financial auditor, having audited public entities like municipalities, companies, and various public institutions. He said that the new city of Menifee will be required to honor all development projects currently approved by the County, and that when cityhood appeared to be eminent, developers came crawling out of the woodwork to get their projects approved by the County.

Scott Mann talked about his long background as a Naval "Mustang" Officer, and expressed his character as being one of integrity, and of strict protocol. He talked about the lawsuits that the City of Perris slapped on LAFCO, which requires the future city of Menifee share revenue with Perris, and said that he doesn't believe that what the newspapers reported is accurate, and that Menifee could possibly find a way out of that.

The show's special guest was Mieke Jacobs, who writes articles for, and moderates their forum. She had the pleasure of asking several questions to the candidates.


  1. Interesting show... I think Miller sounded like he didn't know what he was talking about. Twyman sounded better and Sue sounded pretty good. All in all, pretty good show. I like Chuck's comments in which he asks the candidate to respond.

  2. Your 5/23 posting says that, "Fred Twyman [said ... he'd] like to convert the entire Salt Creek into a useable public park, with picnic grounds and walking trails." Doesn't Salt Creek run through the Menifee Lakes Country Club?

  3. Clarification,

    Yes, and I would like to make the rest of the Salt creek channel as usable to the public as the Menifee lakes is usable to the private members of the association. I was not proposing that Menifee Lakes be changed or open to the public in any way.

  4. Lord help any of you who want to use Salt Creek or try to break into the cherished Menifee Lakes area and have the audacity to think you can step foot on it.
    After all, the little old lady riding the golfcart and demanding to see your ID will take your picture if you don't have one and tell you to vamoose off the lake. Suppose that's the security we will all have if the Menifee Lakes candidate gets on the board? Elderly ladies with baseball caps riding herd over the community? And getting paid for it?