The Crude Barrel

Wind Chill Motorcycle MythListening to the news before I began my commute from Menifee to Orange County, I heard them announce that the price for oil is going to go up again. -Article-

Big surprise. But what makes this different than any other day? Well this is going to be a record high . Here we go. Not only is this affecting the daily commuters and the road-trippers, this is now going to affect airline travelers as well. American Airlines announced a plan to charge $15 to check the first bag for your flight. Geesh! What’s next? Good thing we live close to Lake Elsinore, us with boats don’t have to drive that far to have some fun.

Hybrid vehicles are looking more and more attractive as time goes on, despite the sticker price.


  1. Thank you Mr. Bush, once again you have done a great job....for you friends. $33 a barrel when you took office...