Menifee School Budget Meeting

The Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees is holding a public meeting to discuss possible sources for additional revenue as well as budget cuts in response to the Governor's recommendation of making a 10% cutback in State spending.

The district staff will be making a presentation on their proposed cuts and revenue sources. The board will not make a final decision at this meeting.

The meeting will be held this Tuesday, February 19, in the Multi-purpose Room of Menifee Valley Middle School, at 4:00pm.

The public will be allowed make comments. There will be a comment session before the presentation, and another after the presentation.

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  1. How about another Bond!

  2. With the other school districts placing a hold of building new schools and reducing operating cost due to the governor budget cuts how does Menifee school district plan on coming up with the money to pay for operating expensive for the three new schools. If the Menifee school district says that the schools are a business then why don’t they pass some of the expenses to the parents of the children who are attending instead of hitting the homeowners every time they need more money?

  3. The meeting was today at 4:00. I was unable to attend. Anyone have any news? I heard they were thinking of not opening new schools, scrapping 20 to 1, as well as other options. That was all rumor. Any reality from anyone that attended tonight?