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The Menifee Valley Humane Society has this pretty kitty up for adoption. Sara is a 1 year old, beautiful Flame-point Siamese mix. This gir...

The Menifee Valley Humane Society has this pretty kitty up for adoption.

Sara is a 1 year old, beautiful Flame-point Siamese mix. This girl is so affectionate and friendly - definite lap kitty! If your home is fairly quiet and you're looking for a loving friend, please consider this powder blue eyed girl! She is spayed, current on shots and ready for her new home.

Contact Pamala at the Menifee Valley Humane Society: or (951) 246-7960.

Sara Pet of the Week

Sara Pet of the Week


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  1. This looks like a demon cat with its red eyes.

  2. Looks like Dr. Evil's cat Mr Bigglesworth

  3. I'm sorry if this is an improper way to "advertise" something but I'm desperate here...

    It never seizes to amaze me what people do to animals!! Yesterday I was showing property and FOUND A BEAUTIFUL FEMALE BOXER (about a year old)abandoned on the property.

    Yes, left out in the cold, the rain, no food, no water....since December!

    I took the dog home (yes I checked to make sure she was abandoned). She was very skinny (to the bone). But she is the most loving dog! She will sit, shake & is potty trained.

    I cannot keep her as I have 2 boxers already and for some reason, my female boxer (who is VERY attached to me) just won't have it! I'm having to keep them separated.

    This is a beautiful dog, all fawn with brindle stripes, pure boxer and very friendly! She desperately needs a home.

    I will give her to someone FREE as long as you prove you can provide a good home for her. Boxers are primarily inside dogs. They do not take the cold well.

    I'd be happy to email some photos of her.


    CONTACT JAMIE CURTIS ANYTIME AT (951-834-4392) or email at (for photos or info)

    to the owner of this site - sorry if my post is inappropriate. I would be happy to pay for an add but I'm desperate to find a home for this poor baby.

  4. Okay people, grow up. It's an effect of the camera (red eye). She is a beautiful, sweet cat and your comments can jeopardize her chances at adoption!

  5. Jamie, bless your heart for saving this sweet dog! When we moved into our house 2 years ago, there were 2dogs and 3 cats INSIDE the house, abandoned. I know it's happening all the time because of all the refi's! I CAN'T believe that people do this to living beings! Errggh

  6. That is so sad that they leave their pets behind. I just recently read an article on the North County times about pets being abandon because of all the recent foreclosures. It was so sad! I would never leave my dog behind, he is like a member of our family. Good luck finding a home for the boxer & the cat...which by the way is a very cute cat. People its just the camera that gave the cat red eyes.

  7. Left outside in the cold, rain, with no food or water since December? It sounds to me like boxers take the outdoors just fine!

    Good luck finding her a home.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who inquired about the abandoned Boxer and to "Pamela" at the Human are awesome!! Thank you so much for all your help!!

    I'm please to announce this beautiful baby has been adopted by a wonderful family.

    To: "Anonymous" No...Boxers do NOT take the outdoors just fine!... This dog was muddy, wet, cold, shaking, starving & near death when I found her. But I guess you're entitled to your opinion....thanks for your concern.

  9. Jamie, thank YOU for taking this precious dog under your wing and making sure she was well taken care of and found a new home! Most people would just take her to the pound and dump her off, if that. I wish more people were as kind, thoughtful and unselfish.....

  10. Animalhlpr,

    Well thank you very much for your kind words. Honestly....there was just no other thought in my mind but to take care of her and I will do it again IF the situation arises.

    I agree there are a world full of uncaring people out there as we're seeing more and more the disgusting abuse of "those" depicted on the news day after day.

  11. We found a sweet little apricot poodle in the Murrieta area Halloween weekend, I know she is being missed by her family. Help us find her owners.



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