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Bryan Kuhl is one of Menifee's newest residents, and beginning with the New Year, he'll be commuting to Newport Beach each morning t...

Bryan Kuhl is one of Menifee's newest residents, and beginning with the New Year, he'll be commuting to Newport Beach each morning to get to work.

So as part of his way to give back to his newly adopted community, he launched a blog to document his morning travels...

Here's what Brian thinks about commuting 3+ hours each day in his car...
What makes everyone cringe at the fact of commuting such a distance? These are the days of comfortable cars with climate controls, CD players, MP3 player hook ups, etc. Why would it be so bad to sit and drive for lengthy periods of time? Truck drivers do it. Field technicians do it. Why can't I?
I used to do it, commuting from Menifee to Santa Ana, by the 405 & 55 freeways. If I took the 91 freeway into OC, I would have to get up at 4:00am, and be out the door by 4:30am, and then hit the 15/91 interchange by 4:55am. By that time, the interchange was already a parking lot. But I could get into work by 6:00am.

And of course, that allowed me to leave work at 3:00pm. And YOU HAVE to leave OC by that time, if you wanted to get back to Menifee before the big rush hit.

You can also take Ortega Highway, which I did many times. The Ortega route is further in miles, but a little shorter in time because the traffic moved more quickly. The problem is that if an accident occurred along the Ortega, you'd be stuck there for an hour or more. And I got stuck there a couple times.

But right now, and for another two more years, construction on Ortega is causing lines of cars, several miles long during peak commuting hours.

I moved out to Menifee from Orange County with the intention of quitting my job there, and starting my own business here, which I have done. But it still took me two years later to quit that job. I recommend Brian look seriously for jobs around here, or, start his own business. Otherwise, the commute will turn you into an angry man.

Just look at me.


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  1. When I moved to Menifee in 2002 I was also driving to Tustin every morning. Thankfully I was able to carpool with a coworker and the commute wasn't too bad; traffic on the 15 usually backed up at Magnolia and since there were two of us we could go east on the 91, get off at McKinley, then get back on going west, hop in the carpool lane and completely avoid the long lines on the flyover ramp.

    Then more and more homes were built along the 15 and the traffic got worse and worse. My carpool partner decided to move back to OC so I was left to drive solo. Ortega Highway became my friend.

    Thankfully, 3 years ago I got a new job in Vista. While I'm still driving the same 50 miles each way I rarely hit any traffic. I'm able to get off the 15 before the 78 and so I miss all the Escondido/San Marcos traffic.

    But the 15 going to SD County is much like Ortega: One little accident and the whole thing comes to a grinding halt. That happens 2 or 3 times a year (the last time was during the last big rain storm and there was a sigalert at Winchester) but the good commute the rest of the time makes up for it.

    Now if there were a bunch of white-collar jobs in Menifee... Someday... :)

  2. There are also commuter vans/busses that depart from Sun City and other places that take you non-stop directly into South Coast Metro area et al. Cost is like $5 or so. Not a bad option from time to time. My neighbor does it 2x a week and loves it.

  3. Brother,
    Join the commuter club. Try going south into San diego! Pick your poison!

  4. It would be nice to see jobs coming to Menifee just as the amount of houses being built here.

    My commute is to the Center City exit in Escondido. Though not a bad commute, I would like something closer to home, hopefully in the near future.