Wilderness Lakes - at Thanksgiving

Wilderness Lakes is an RV campground located at the eastern end of Menifee, near the Tierra Shores community. It's part of the Thousan...

Rose & Greg at Wilderness Lakes, MenifeeWilderness Lakes is an RV campground located at the eastern end of Menifee, near the Tierra Shores community. It's part of the Thousand Trails system of RV campgrounds.

Rose & Greg are "full-timers", having begun their home-on-the-road in January of 2006, when the couple finally retired. They call Wilderness Lakes their "home park" because it was the place where they bought their Thousand Trails membership.

After having trekked all across the United States and Canada, they're back here in Menifee, at Wilderness Lakes, having just arrived yesterday from Palm Springs. Sounds like they'll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in town.

I've never been to Wilderness Lakes, though I've driven past it many times. I kinda wonder if its days are numbered. With housing tracts creeping in, it'll be just a couple more years until folks in their cookie-cutter homes can peek out of their bathrooms to see what the RV folks are grilling on the BBQ.

But according to Rose, it sounds like it's still a serene place, with good fishing and a variety of wildlife waterfowl. But the biggest the problem they have right now are the flies from the dairy farm across the road...
As much as I love this park, it has its drawbacks, as a huge cattle farm across the road attracts almost every black fly in the entire state, and, depending on time of day, they can literally coat the motorhome, its windows and screens, making it impossible to enter or exit without inviting many of them in.
You can read Rose's full blog entry about this...

I'd recommend a bug zapper.

Well, a happy Thanksgiving to Rose & Greg, we're glad to have them celebrate this day here in our community. And a happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers!


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  1. I've been going to Wilderness Lake for years. I now live in Menifee and still enjoy going. It's also well known for the flies and has earned the nickname of "The Fly Farm" by many RVers.



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