Wal-Mart Coming to Menifee

A couple of years ago, Eric posted a short article here about Wal-Mart coming to Menifee. There have been several comments posted, includin...

A couple of years ago, Eric posted a short article here about Wal-Mart coming to Menifee. There have been several comments posted, including one today from an anonymous person claiming that Wal-Mart is slated for the corner of Ethanac and I-215.

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I just want to chime in that my information still says that Wal-Mart is slated for Scott Rd & I-215.


Wal-Mart 8991643126779697824

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  1. I hate Wal Mart

  2. Yesterday I wrote. "Wal-mart will be the demise of Menifee Valley" And now it's gone. If it was purposly deleted, someone has some serious problems with censorship. If that was not proper, this site censores opinions. If it was not deleted, I apoligize for the rant.

  3. Your comment wasn't deleted. You're just looking in the wrong place.

    You posted that comment on an older article of ours dated, August 2005...


  4. I've just gotta laugh when I read comments like I hate Wal Mart, and Mal Mart will be the demise of Menifee Valley. Is Capitalism that bad??? If the majority of Americans love it, the company has got to be doing something right. If the company truly did stink, then they wouldn't be able to find employees to staff their stores and negative sales would cause the store to go out of business. America is America because of capitalism and the publics right to decide for themselves what is good and what isn't. Anything else sounds too much like communism, the minority telling the majority what to do

  5. You do know that 90% of Wal-Marts product come from Communist Countrys. Supporting Wal-Mart IS supporting Communism. Who knows, it might be true about the small children handcuffed to machinery.

  6. Does anyone know what the latest news is on walmart at scott and antelope? Nothing seems to be happening there for some time.

  7. okay, we are new to Menifee, and we love living here. However, wal-mart sent a flier in the mail. We are opposed to the wal-mart opening, due its history of sucking away business from the what we have already. They will take business from big-o, target, ross, tjmax, lowe's, pappa johns, subway, doctors of optometry, bring in more illegal alien workforce, hire on part-time basis, and is non-union, and that is just some of it. Menifee, is growing and we have a wonderful community for our older people and young families, The business owner's that live in the city deserve our support. Big O tires will sell less tires when Wal-mart comes and target will be a big empty store as wal-mart will temporarily drop prices to attract more business and rid itself of competition, while it will not pay a living wage to our residents. It will not use E-verify and those people will come. We live in Menifee for a reason and quality of life, we are diverse, we worship, we are respectful of our neighbors, we came for a safe place to raise our families and we have it now. But what will we have when Wal-mart, brings in low-wages, no union job protections, and peddles its China made products and exploits workers. That is why I am opposed as a new citizen of your citizen to Wal-mart.

  8. No to walmart...every walmart I've been to attracts the wrong crowd. I too received that flyer in the mail claiming it would bring on so many jobs and great prices-bogus! why don't they mention that the longest the average employee lasts there is on average 6 months. Their turnaround rate is terrible. Their items are crap and so will menifee be with the type of people it's low price scam attracts. If we really need a walmart we can go to either one in Hemet or murrietta.



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