Perris Sues LAFCO to Get Back Land

The Press Enterprise reports that the City of Perris is filing a lawsuit against the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to get back t...

The Press Enterprise reports that the City of Perris is filing a lawsuit against the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to get back the 35 acres that was taken away from its sphere of influence.
At the Oct. 25 LAFCO meeting, Perris officials voiced concerns about the removal of 35 acres south of Matthews and East of Trumble roads in Romoland from the city's sphere-of-influence and said further review was needed.

But the city's interests extend beyond the 35 acres. Study areas 2 and 3 in Menifee Valley's fiscal study are northeast of Interstate 215 and off Ethanac Road in Romoland.
You can read the Press Enterprise article here...

This land is not within the City of Perris, but is within it's "sphere of influence". LAFCO is the authority on defining the borders for spheres of influence.

Perris was given plenty of notice and opportunity to respond regarding the secession of land, but failed to do so. Hence, it was ceded to the proposed city of Menifee.

By extending its borders all the way out to Hwy 74, it gives the future city of Menifee an opportunity to cash in on a transportation corridor that will one day generate a lot of taxable income. Perris recognizes this, and wants that land for itself.


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  1. I think LAFCO should tell Perris, "You snooze, you lose." Rings true!

  2. Who wants to be "Under the influence" of the City of Perris who isn't already under the influence?

  3. Heritage Lake will now become a part of Perris. Congratulations!

  4. Don't worry Heritage Lakes, we can throw a case of spray paint their way and get you back in a trade.

  5. @ the last anonymous

    lolz i love you!

  6. The Perris Good Ole Boys sending an attorney and a member of their inexperienced, kiss-up management(it appears that the City has not conducted open recruitment for some new management positions) to the LAFCO meeting at the last minute is typical of the way they handle or mishandle business.

    Just a thought, if I was a County official maybe I would back the Mayor of Perris in a quest for a longer term in office. I could then hint around to see if it was possible to get some help in stopping an area like nearby Menifee Valley from seeking to form their own City. Because they would be coming out from under complete control of the County. It makes you wonder and it could explain the sudden concern and why Perris did not annex the area in the first place!



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