Hospital Layoffs and Cutbacks Begin

41 employees at Valley Health System hospitals will be laid off according to a newspaper report by The Californian yesterday...

Valley Health System, the public health-care district that owns the hospitals, plans to lay off 41 of its 2,000 employees, including about 10 people at Menifee Valley on McCall Boulevard in Sun City, chief executive Fred Harder said.

Harder said in an interview Tuesday that he doesn't foresee cutting services at the Sun City hospital, though a press release from the district stated it would "begin seriously evaluating the closure of underutilized services" at one or more of its facilities.
Read the full article at The Californian...

For some reason, stuff like this always seems to happen around Christmas.


  1. The VHS System planned cuts no matter if the hospital sold or not, so this is no surprise. Seems every 6 mo or so we go thru cuts....