Parking Overflow from Christensen Ranch

I received an e-mail a week ago from a local resident concerned about protenial parking overflow from the new Christensen Ranch townhomes c...

I received an e-mail a week ago from a local resident concerned about protenial parking overflow from the new Christensen Ranch townhomes currently under construction at the old Bogey's Bar & Grill site.

Specifically, there's belief that the townhome units at Christensen Ranch offer inadequate parking for residents and visitors, and that these people will park their cars at nearby homes...
I was talking to someone at my work and they said that they were looking to move to Menifee. One of the places they went to was Christensen Ranch. she said that after talking to the sales people and looking at the "future" pictures of the ranch, she noticed that there was a very limited amount of parking spots on their property.

There are 2 car garages and a driveway that you have to share with your neighbor but besides that, there was a very small amount of extra outdoor parking and almost no visitor parking. I was thinking you can do a story about how that will effect the local houses that are right next to the condos, that after people move in, how bad will overflow / street parking will be.

I live a few blocks away and I drive by that area about 6 days week. I am and I think the people next door to the ranch would like to know what the ranch has planned, if any, for traffic and parking issues in regards to the area around but off of their property.
So I contacted Brenson Communities, the builder of Christensen Ranch, and forwarded them a copy of the above. I received the following response from Justin Brennan, vice president of Brenson Communities...
I am surprised by that comment as it is far from accurate. Every home has a two car direct access garage. Many have an additional drive way. On top of the driveway, the county of Riverside has mandated that we fulfill a parking requirement along the streets in a parallel fashion. I am not clear as to the exact number of parking spaces, but it's sufficient to handle homeowner guests and overflow to the community. I appreciate your email and I will speak with sales staff.
It sounds to me that if there's any concern, it'll be cars parked parallel on the side of Antelope and Craig Rds.

Brenson Communities offers a map of the new Christensen Ranch, but it's hard to see the parking spaces...

I used to live in a condominium complex in Lake Forest, and every now and then, they'd repave the driveways within the complex. On those times, no one was allowed to park their cars within the complex, but usually only for about 12-24 hours. So, they had to park on the side of the street, and this created a long line of parked cars. However, they'd only repave a portion of the complex at a time, to minimize parking disasters.

So what do you all think? Is this a legitimate concern, or not? Anyone want to chime in, click on "Post a Comment" at the end of this article.


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  1. I think parking is going to be tough. Yes there are 2-car garages for each unit. Yes there is driveway parking. Yes there is street parking. But that only fulfills the county requirements, not real-world usage.

    I used to live in an apartment complex where 80% of the apartments had a 1-car garage and a 1-car car port. What was in the garages? Stuff. Everything but cars. People parked on the streets in the complex and as a result guest parking was almost non-existent. The neighborhood I now live in has 3-car garages on most houses and most people are lucky to be able to park 1 car in their garage (I park both of my cars in my garage).

    Everything sounds good about any condo/townhouse project with garages but it never works out. Within a few years many of the units will be filled by renters who couldn't care less about CC&Rs and the streets will be packed. Even owner-occupied units will have an abundance of stuff and push cars out to the streets. This will be just another typical condo/townhouse project in this regard.

    If you live around this development you better put Code Enforcement on speed dial now. It's the only hope you have.

  2. One other thing I remembered after making the above comment is something I heard from a comedian a while back:

    People will gladly leave a $30,000 automobile outside to store $500 of junk in their garage.

    I can't remember who it was but I know it wasn't George Carlin.

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