Who is the Menifee Maniac?

For some reason, a nickname like "Menifee Maniac" seems to conjure up images of a wobbly-legged six-foot tall hillbilly chewing on a stalk of wheat, and driving a tow-truck through a wheat field chasing down a herd of sheep.

But it's actually a guy named Fernando Gonzalez, an extreme cagefighter in the World Extreme Cagefighting league. He's going to be taking on Hiromitsu Miura on August 5th, in Las Vegas.

Here's what it says about him on a fight card...

Hard-nosed battler Fernando Gonzalez (12-4) has only one speed in the cage, and that's all out. A boxer and jiu-jitsu fighter out of Temecula, California, the 5 foot 8 "Menifee Maniac" is 2-1 in the WEC, with wins over Alex Stiebling and Jimmy Dexter. He will be looking to notch his third win at the expense of Miura on August 5.

Fernando Gonzalez the Menifee Maniac
You can view more photos of the Maniac in action on his WEC Fighter Detail page...

It may turn out to be Fernando himself who'll put this town on the map.


  1. Awesome...Good luck to the Menifee Maniac

  2. Right on Fernando! Kickin' a*s in the morning and taking names in the evening! Good luck!