A True Family in Menifee

Eric and Alicia True are planning to move to Menifee next year with their two sons, and attend Grace Bible Church, here in Menifee. Eric runs a dental lab out of his house.

Eric True recently posted a couple of blog articles about his endeavor to help Grace Bible Church set up a second church in the area, in which he'll become pastor...

Beginning in 2008, we plan to spend two years serving as an assistant pastor at GBC in Menifee, helping to strengthen that ministry and prepare that church to start another church. Then sometime in early 2010 – GBC would send out a team to a nearby area to start another church. I would be the pastor of that church plant. As needed, we would seek support from Church planting organizations like GFA Missions to help get that church going. As that church was able to begin paying us (and with help from GBC in Menifee), we would not need the outside support anymore.

Read his entire blog post here...

Tim Lovegrove, current pastor at Grace Bible Church, has composed a timeframe on setting up this second church...

Eric believes that SoCal doesn't have enough "indigenous" churches, referring to churches created by locals for locals, and he hopes to help change that.


  1. What great news! We'll be praying for you, Eric and Alicia (and your boys Brandon and Jonathan). You'll love living back in SoCal!

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