An Outsider's View of Menifee

Steve Lopez, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, recently drove out to Menifee to see what all the "hub bub" was about.

That hub bub is of course, the recent news that Riverside County is poised to become California's second most populous county by the middle of this century, and the fact that Menifee is going to sit in the heart of it.

Lopez ended up writing a very interesting article that paints of picture of Menifee from the eyes of an outsider, from someone who's more used to looking at downtown highrises and high-density urban life. He visits new home developments in Menifee, the local school district, and talks to a local Realtor. But don't figure on Lopez seeing Menifee as a sight for sore eyes, he has a much different opinion...

I drive past several of them before entering a "master-planned community" called The Lakes, with nearly 1,000 homes built or under construction. Near the sales office I see workers landscaping the shores of one of three man-made lakes.

"Where's the water come from?" I ask two laborers, wondering if "The Dunes" would have been a smarter concept than "The Lakes," given the state's water shortage.

Read his entire article here...,0,2590766.column


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