Menifee Teenager Wanted in Connection with Double Murder

Riverside County Sheriff department released a photo of 17-year-old Elias Urquiza Contreras of Menifee, identifying him as "person of i...

Elias Urquiza ContrerasRiverside County Sheriff department released a photo of 17-year-old Elias Urquiza Contreras of Menifee, identifying him as "person of interest" in connection with the Sun City double murder that took place on July 7th.

Anyone who may know the whereabouts of Contreras is strongly encouraged to call the numbers listed below.

The double murder case involved the death of Orlando Hernandez, 30, and his son, Larry, 11, who were found dead in a home in the 25000 block of Kuffel Road, in Sun City, about 3:15 p.m.

This investigation is ongoing and the Sheriff's Central Homicide Unit is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Investigator Waters at 951-955-2777 or Investigator Glenn Johnson at 951-940-6200 during regular business hours and after regular business hours contact Riverside County Sheriff's Department Central Dispatch Center at 951-955-1099.


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  1. I find it so funny that the poster puts "WANTED" in the header, when all this person is being posted for is a pperson of intrest. Never seems to amaze me how people blow things up!

  2. Ok, so should we use "sought" instead of "wanted", would that make it more politically correct for you?

  3. It's not so much a matter of being PC as it is a matter of conveying the correct message. "Wanted in connection with..." and "person of interest" communicate very different messages.

    Nevertheless, I hope the police are able to track him down.

  4. Just an update: Elias Urquiza Contreras, the kid whom the Sheriff says is wanted is now on the lam, having fled to Mexico. The NC Times says that Contreras borrowed someone's car just a day before the killings, and that the car was later found at the Mexican border.

    So much for just being a "person of interest".

    Read the NC Times article here...

  5. Wow! ar'nt we special now! Time to start that new job as a detective...Mr. Joe Citizen!

  6. Where are you whiny ass comments now Mr. Anonymous. See, people like you are the problem with our Country. You are more concerned with offending criminals and THEIR rights than you are with the Victims. The headline should read: WANTED: SCUMBAG FOR QUESTIONING IN DOUBLE MURDER

  7. To the guy above me:

    1. You also posted as "anonymous."

    2. You need to brush up on your English skills. Right now, you sound like a hick.

  8. The kid's a scumbag and you stick up for him because??? You're probably a criminal yourself which explains your offense to this post.

  9. Does anyone know this kid? Did he go to Paloma? What about his parents???

  10. No body cares about this dirtbag! I am all for putting dirty criminals in jail. I just find it funny to find you joe citizen's so interested in crime in your neighborhoods. It's like a bunch of wannabe cops in here. You are all so interested in finding these killers and dealers but the first time you get a ticket from a cop your the ones putting BS posts on this site about how horrible the police are and how you all cant stand law enforcement. Look at these forum topics....Sheriff, Police, College Police in Menifee and how they all are so bad an horrible.

    You all dont know the first thing about being a cop but you are all so quick to jump on the band wagon and judge law enforcement and then turn around and show your support in a different fourm rgearding putting some crap bag in jail.

    Hipocrits! As for Mr. know it all, when is the last time you pushed a black and white and shagged calls in a dangerous job such as law enforcement, but your so quick to post a POSER line about how you are glad this kid is in jail......Sad!

  11. Sounds like you have some deep rooted issues!!!

  12. To Mr. Anonymous with the long post:

    I'm saddened to see you have become so jaded toward the general population. I, for one, have a great appreciation for the role of our law enforcement officers. I have several family members and friends in the force. However, I have great reservations as to your ability to appropriately perform your duty when you publicly display such hatred toward the unsworn masses. I noticed that the Menifee Police cars don't have "To protect and serve" on the side. I guess it's fitting.

  13. Menifee Police cars? Menifee does'nt even have police Mr. Know it all MATTSX!

    Just goes to show how much you all know. What police car were you looking at? Too funny.

    "Great reservations about me performing my duty!" Does my blog even say anything about me being a cop?

    Look how lame your thoughts are. Do us all afavor and don't think out loud anymore!

  14. Dude, chill out and see if you can't get that chip off your shoulder (or is it "you're" shoulder?)

  15. You are more offended by a mispelled word than you are by some young killer out on the loose in our city. I, for one, do not like the police in general. Most are good, some are bad. I don't see how wanting a killer locked up makes anyone a POSER cop. You sound really immature. You have no clue what anyone else on here has done in their life as we don't know what you have done.

    MATTSX: I may sound like a hick, I am more like tattooed biker trash. You are a keyboard commando and Mommy needs to put you over her knee.

  16. Keyboard commando... haha, that's funny!

    And of course I was referring to the MSJC College Police who think they are (and so many seem to accept as) the Menifee Police.

  17. Menifee Police...accept as? what? What are you talking about, you pop-belley pig biker! Stay out of the garage, you've benn cooking too much crystal cake brother.

    Amazing how everyone thinks in got one guy who calls concerned citizen's posers and another questioning someones ability to carry out their job. Amazing...I could think of